Scientology: How delusional can you get?

This is sadly how off the rails one gets from remaining in the Truman Show.

First a definition; IAS = International Association of Scientologists, an organization created to facilitate donations from Scientologists for no service in return. Scientologists are required to donate huge chunks of money to remain in good standing with the church as they move on up the Scientology levels.

Here’s a quote from an e-mail intercepted by Mike Rinder:

…”what would the planet be like if there was no IAS?”. Great question, isn’t it? When you really take a look it does not take long to realize that without the IAS the world we live in would be way worse than what it is today, that probably the majority of the population would be on psych drugs and maybe worst of all, there would be no hope for the future.

When you start believing that Scientology in any context has a real impact on society outside of being a media joke, you are delusional.