Bits of This & That

It got real busy here the past few days with lots of visitors, e-mails and other communications. Final leg done on my book, and it’s heading for production. A new calculator on its way through the customs – a prime looking HP-65. And Stein Halvorsen and I will be on the air with another Midnight Magic show tonight (Radio Nova, Oslo). Enjoying an old book on particle physics from 1965. The kids are enjoying summer holidays and in two weeks we’ll be heading north above the arctic circle to visit my dad. Had a great chat with Brendan today – he gave me a new perspective on Scientology… you don’t join Scientology to remain or become a rebel. Conformity rules. And it may just boil down to Scientology’s stress on duplication. Chew on it and see what happens. What I want to see is people regaining and exercising their free will. More nonconformity, please. And more crazy. And on that note, I leave you with something very crazy (at least if you can understand Norwegian) – DJ Broiler: