I believe there is much to gain through control of one’s own dreams.

On one hand your dreams can be your future reality. Gaining control of those dreams and ambitions will serve you well.

The other types of dreams happens when you are asleep. These represent your own imagination, your own universe if you will. Gaining control of these nightly activities may prove quite useful as they are the gateway to creativity and to imposing your own on the common reality around you. Maybe the two types are but aspects of one.

Ever since I was a child I had some control over my dreams at night. I could conjure scenes and populate them with people, things and monsters. I could sometimes decide I could fly. Or be invulnerable. But often the dreams got out of control and happily so. Except when the monsters got out of control, then it became a nightmare. I would often know that I was dreaming, and sometimes I could press myself to wake up from a nightmare.


A maze

The coolest experience I ever had while asleep was when I conducted an orchestra while I on the fly composed the music – violins, cymbals, clarinets and the rest of the ensemble. That was incredible. In fact I couldn’t believe I was doing it, so I decided to wake up to find out if I got the music as an external influence from outside my dream. As I woke up, I could hear the silence of the night. No music. Nothing. So I got back to sleep and picked it up from where I left it, only this time I decided to up it a few notches; I decided to mix the classical orchestral piece with Billy Idol’s “Hot in the city”. That was freakin’ amazing.

A few notable out-of-control nightmares kept returning – stuff that just wasn’t controllable. I would say there was a 30% chance in any given week that I would have a nightmare – pretty constant throughout my life. Until I finished OT 8 (a spiritual level in Scientology) four years ago. Since then, I have not had one single nightmare. If that would have been due to sheer chance, it would compare to picking up one single predefined proton on the way between our Sun and our nearest neighboring star (Proxima Centauri) (the chance is roughly 1 in 4*10^31). Albeit one of the very small gains from doing OT 7 and 8, it is still a distinct one.

I would argue that one of the symptoms of gaining more control of my life has been how well I can “play” my dreams – both while asleep and awake. Both are cool – but playing out my dreams with others in the game of life is the coolest.

10 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. What a cool ability to have gained, Geir.

    When I’ve been my most keyed-out, my (sleeping) dreams have been the most vivid and the most fun. I especially love the dreams where I can fly. I don’t have much control over them, but I did notice that, when I was really keyed out, I would be aware that I was dreaming and it was just a sort of thing I was “playing” with, as you describe.

  2. We spend a large time of our life in sleep. It is wise to utilize those long hours – which finally add up to years – well. Controlling your dreams is a large step forward ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I think I stopped dreaming after OT3,perhaps before. Instead, I would allow my body to rest while I floated through my imaginations which I created. It is very useful to use this “sleep” time to postulate realities and to create art, which can be put into the physical world later, for others to enjoy as well. Growing up, sleep to me was leaving the body while it slept, and I played. But even now, I slam back in. I do hope to resolve pulling back in as it is pretty automatic.

    It was a usual practice for Salvador Dahli and I believe Picasso to wake up after a dream to remember it for artistic inspiration; putting coins on the stomach so that they would make noise when they fell off. I find this Zen like, you know, when the Zen Master taps the monk on the head with a wooden stick while the monk is mediating so as to inspire cognition.

    LRH is correct suggesting using B1 for nightmares, if anyone has them.

  4. I have been teaching myself to play the guitar.

    I was doing “ok” but at a point I had a dream about playing the guitar. It started out like one of those nightmares where you are “naked at the school play on stage and can’t remember your lines.”

    But I was in public on a sidewalk on a downtown street corner; with my guitar; my clothes were on and I was like a panhandler but I wasn’t panhandling. I had that moment of dread of “what am I doing here?” But then something clicked and I began to play – I could really play. The playing made sense. I knew where to place my hands and all… people walked past – made eye contact – and smiled and kept going. It was such a pleasure moment.

    Since that night about 1-1/2 years ago, I’ve been able to play. By play I mean if I can whistle or hum a tune (hear it in my head) I can play it.

    I’ve conjectured that at exactly that moment in my dream I was thinking about playing and feeling anxious about my progress. Under pressure from “me” a brain-cell circuit switch (synapse) closed and a part of my brain that was running my fingers and remembering my practicing – finally connected (sync’d) with a part of my brain that remembered tunes.

      1. hahaha! yes! but the interesting part is the part where two knowledge groups – one of ability and one of data – came together to conjure a new ability for me! Unlike so many things we talk about and refer to, this occurred in my brain. It is akin to linking a program to a database.

        PS: I sooo wish I could pilot a sailboat!

  5. Hi Geir, I would ask you a bunch of a interesting questions about dreams and sleep:

    1.Why do you think a person has so often so many great ideas after he wake up from the sleep?
    2.Do you think that the content of dreams is manifesting into the MEST universe?
    3.Do you think that there exists a correlation between a quality and/or quantity of dreams and the level of his consciousness/power/creatitivity?
    4.Do you believe that some dreams are the visionary dreams that could show the future incidents?
    5.What usually happened when you were running a dream in the session?
    6.What do you think the control of dreams is indicating?
    7.Do you control your dreams to some degree now?
    8.Have you ever been exteriorized during the dream?
    9.Do you think it is possible to come in to a dream of some other person?
    10.Why do you think that you have so clear and controled dreams and then that ability lowered as you were growing up?
    11.Why do you think some dreams are repeating again and again and other are just once dreamed?
    12.I personaly cannot recall any my dream of the last week. i usually remember dreams quite cool. What do you think could be a cause? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you very much for your answers. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. 1. The creations (dreams) are more unrestricted (by others).
      2. They could – depending on the motivational strength of the person.
      3. To a degree. The better the quality, the more the person would be motivated to create cool dreams.
      4. They could show good predictions. I have had such.
      5. I haven’t run a dream in session.
      6. Consciousness while asleep – ability to consciously create.
      7. Yes.
      8. Yes.
      9. Possibly.
      10. More external stress and responsibilities.
      11. Obsessions. Automaticities showing up.
      12. No idea :-/

      You are welcome. And thanks right back for the cool questions.

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