My current motivation

When I left the Church of Scientology almost one year ago, I had three distinct motivations:

  1. To help stop the human rights abuses in and around the church
  2. To help the general public differentiate between Scientology and the Church of Scientology
  3. Get the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard freely released on the Internet

Since one year I have been quite active on the Net, first with my Scientology blog, then with The Scientology Forum and other forums and blogs, and now with this blog right here.

Looking at my motivation during the past year, it has gone from “getting out there and letting everyone know” and “let’s handle the abusive church” to something different in the present.

I do not feel compelled to stop the abuses by the church. Actually, I feel a stronger motivation for helping people in Somalia (as an example, albeit not a far-fetched one).

I feel the urge to help people, create, to do art and to communicate to individuals, to do amazing stuff one-on-one and to generally kick ass in the good sense. The urge to make a difference – not by stopping something bad but by doing something good. Nah, forget good. Doing something zesty, something excellent.

More later.

19 thoughts on “My current motivation

  1. Yes! I feels better to the heart and to the soul to concentrate on helping and starting and creating vs. stopping as one always has to fight and fight and out attention on the “bad” which is wearing. The human rights abuses have to stop but just leaving the church of Scientology and not continuing to donate to ot is a huge step in stopping the human rights abuses.

    1. Wow, sorry for the typos. I meant:

      Yes! It feels better to the heart and to the soul to concentrate on helping and starting and creating vs. stopping as, one always has to fight and fight and put attention on the “bad” (which is wearing). The human rights abuses have to stop but just leaving the church of Scientology and not continuing to donate to it is a huge step in stopping the human rights abuses.

  2. I believe that doing positive work is just as important as the work to eliminate sources of abuse and criminality. Actually, the latter is important as a finite cope action to support and strengthen the former.

    I just went over at ESMB and read about the going ons in Australia as regards tax benefit hearings. I like the prospects of Church of Scientology activities being closely scrutinized. Those activities should become totally transparent. I applaud the actions of those who worked hard to bring about these hearings in Australia.

    Historically, organized religion has always ended up being oppressive. I believe that Religion itself needs to be freed from organized veted interests. Personally, I would like to work to bring about a grass roots movement with free and simple technology that will make the Church of Scientology unnecessary.


  3. I understand where you’re coming from, Geir. I think the point has come now where the Church is imploding on itself. Now, time to create! Let the fun games begin! ML, Songbird

  4. You have great new aims! 🙂
    I personally beleive that you and all of us who experienced and opened their eyes have some responsibility to warn those who otherwise can fall into the “trap”.
    And this is not about battleing evil or attacking Scientology. I personally advocate religious freedom. Including the freedom to practice Scientology. But first: a religion must be a religion not to use the status for profit. Second: Scientology in the end has the aim to eliminate all other religions. So in order to advocate Scientology or not to warn against the dangers of Scientology, I would say it needs to adjust itself and stop being a Trojan. It needs to let people depart peacefully. Otherwise I consider it a dictatorship which can endanger the future of mankind regardless how weak it seems today.

    1. Of course. All while Somalia is in dire need of help. More so than any Scientologist in the church. Of course.

    2. I really think that too much focus on “fixing” the current Church of Scientology is an exercise in futility. There have been too many “purges” intended to obscure what actually happened and substitute them with “shore stories.” This includes purges of the materials and of LRH’s life story. The people who are on the inside are only aware of the shore stories, and have no experience of how things once were and should have been. Consequently the perceived “attacks” from “apostates” are seen as highly suppressive and provide a reason for uniting to defend the Church. So we get demands for donations to defend the Church and those still in trying to create a united front. They mostly don’t know any better. How could they?

      On the other hand, publishing the information about the actuality of the Church’s past, the good, the bad, the ugly widely and without hatred and publishing the original works of LRH have a clearing effect. When you add to that getting the auditing technology in full use outside of the Church, freely and easily available, and using the core materials to good effect, one creates a movement that is difficult to target, is self clearing and capable of massive expansion that is virtually uncontrollable. Like the Internet, which was designed to propagate endlessly and now cannot even be stopped, corralled or controlled by its own founders. And what would be the end purpose of all that auditing? Freedom. Freedom to create. Create what? A new civilization. It won’t result from some big game outlined by any Church. It will result from the countless actions of many people, moving up and on to create…

      I had a generation X person remark to me that within a few short years the world will have gone completely digital courtesy of the new cell phone capabilities. That generation will grew up with digital communications and the Internet is as familiar and normal to them as breathing. And the Internet, with its vast communication capability does spell the end of “shore stories” when people communicate. And our auditors, God bless them, are leaving the Church or being kicked out, are moving on — auditing others and teaching others how to audit.

      And the rest of us? We just need to get on with creating something we love, something we care about, something we can be proud of, something exciting, something great, something humble, something that creates a future that can be fun and expansive.

      Sometimes I wonder if someone(s) has hit the reset button!

      Hmmmm…. maybe that’s what the auditing was all about in the first place!

      1. Yes Maria, very good comments. Talking to an old Scn friend the other day he, being IN, said that my data was 20 years old and that his good opinion of the Church was based upon more recent data and experience was more fresh and therefore more valid. I just wanted to hold him like a little child and stroke his hair and tell him “it will be alright.” His thinking is so very small and controlled. His data is so very carefully contrived and spoon-fed to him by the Church. To his credit, he doesn’t “disconnect” from me and therefore I carefully nurture our friendship so that I will be able to be there for him when he cognites. Meanwhile, life is sweet and delicious and tangy! When a person splurges on creating and lives in and is aware of the moment and is happy, he truly has unlocked as you say “what the auditing was about.”

  5. Oustanding, Geir, and congatulations on the smoothest and fastest transition to Stage 3 I have ever seen (there may have been others, but I didn’t witness those). 🙂 This is TRUE liberation, and there is much in the world that needs attention and assistance and art and creativity and YOU. You are no longer defined by Scientology – for or against.
    10 out of 10!!! 🙂

  6. This one’s for you Geir —

    To my mind, you have not gone through any “stages” nor are you “recovering.” I have always seen you as living (not paying lip service to) the true legacy of the auditing technology. Your own self, with renewed integrity, creating new worlds. My hat is off to you, for you act in a way that speaks to me of what I hoped for, what I dreamed of, and what I worked for in all my many years of applying the best of Scientology the best I could to improve conditions.

    My hat is off to you.

    1. Thank you. And you paint reality here, because it is true that there is no recovery of anything for me regarding Scientology – it is a continual adventure. It simply is continuing into new vistas, new horizons.

  7. Stages – this does not refer to the demeaning concept of recovery, how patronising!


    Stage 1 – realising that all is not well with the Co$, leaving, and maybe speaking out or not, hooking up with the community opposing the Co$

    Stage 2 – realising that there are traps embedded in said community. While the Co$ is a closed system, and more rigid, the opp-term counter-community also has some of the same traps embedded, and a small fanatical segment of it also dictates how you should think, although it is an open system, and there is more flexibility. However, you can still get some nasty bites from that area.

    Stage 3 is true liberation – total freedom, if you like. It means you are no longer DEFINED by Scientology, either for, or against. It doesn’t matter either way – you can use bits of it you like, or discard it all, it doesn’t matter. Stage 3 is when you view that magnificent horizon in front of you, realise that you and only you can create your life, and you see only beauty, fresh new challenges, and a myriad things to do, none of which involve for or against Scientology, but rather involve actually living LIFE!

    The stages are not fixed – they overlap and interchange, some people get stuck and entangled in the earlier stages for years. Which is why Geirs’ transition to Total Freedom is impressive, and empowering to many others! Inspiring, is the word.


    Thanks Geir!

    PS – The above model is a framework – a model, a map, a guide. It does not claim to be absolute.

  8. Ha! I completely agree with you, Geir. The Scn game is just so damn small compared to — well frankly — just about anything else. Continued success, light and love to you.

  9. Hi Geir – thought provoking, as always, my friend.
    Sometimes I think that Scientology is simply better left behind. While LRH was still alive, it could remain one large homogeneous organisation. Now there are so many conflicting viewpoints, I can’t see one coherent organisation remaining. Perhaps we should each take what we have gathered from the experience, and move on. That is mainly what we are doing here on our farm in New Zealand. We are preparing for a very different future.
    Love, Robin & Adrienne

  10. Yes Geir, me too. The game of “getting the Church” has lost interest to me and I rather spend my focus and energy on other pursuits (games.)

    The statement that “all the truth you ever find lies within you” has taken on momentous meaning for me. Embracing this thought has resulted in my increased acceptance of myself and of others. My tone being raised allows me to have peace. Now as I interact with others, I do so with fewer “buttons” hence less abrasiveness, more compassion, and oddly or not more efficiency.

    Regarding “recovery,” there WAS recovery for me. Insidiously, I had gradually adopted out of valence points of view from which I could not “as-is.” Getting over this, or “recovering” my original point of view was for me very beneficial and necessary. Today, I feel refreshed and genuinely back on track and enjoying again the adventure of life.

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