Wikileaks: Transparency vs. Privacy

One needs to answer to those one is appointed to serve.

By this, a politician and government official serving The People need to answer and be transparent to The People.

A business needs to answer and be transparent to its shareholders, employees and clients.

A family member needs to answer to the other family members. A family transparent to itself is a Good Thing.

I need to answer to me. Me being self-transparent is a matter of personal integrity.

This gives the gradients of transparency and privacy.

And of course, a politician is only a politician when he does politics.
When he is in the bathroom, he is private (and answers to himself).

5 thoughts on “Wikileaks: Transparency vs. Privacy

  1. But how are those answers interpreted? There is a safety issue here.

    LOOKING must be practiced by all before the idea of transparency could be considered safe.


  2. In my opinion, transparency is an ideal we are looking for. In the present state of world affairs decency, honesty and goodwill would be as well ideals but the first necessary steps towards transparency.

  3. My ex husband grew up under the ultra-secret repressive Communists of East Germany and was locked up for 2 years as a political prisoner. No person is safe when the government operates covertly.

    1. I totally agree… I lived all my teenage in the communist Romania under Ceausescu and his wife Elena’s dictatorship and there is no worse danger for democracy and freedom than lack of government’s transparency.

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