OSA hypocricy

The Church of Scientology Central Intelligence Agency (OSA – Office of Special Affairs) is busy sending out adHom e-mails from an anonymous e-mail account over at Hushmail (auto421@hushmail.com, auto422@hushmail.com, etc.). The very same Central Intelligence Agency responsible for the infamous shutdown of anon.penet.fi.

OSA supposedly the PR strong arm of the church. Now busy creating a strong negative public impression of the Church of Scientology and consequently the subject of Scientology itself.

A few examples from the e-mails should suffice:

“Marty is such a putz that…”, “Marty and his squirrel squad…”, “Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder have now built a record of abusing their own followers.”, Amy Scobee and her husband Mat Pesch are liars.”, “It’s just a nightmare for Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder that never ends, and never will – until they come clean.”, etc.

It boggles the mind how a PR arm of any church could think that this would somehow work in their favor.

9 thoughts on “OSA hypocricy

  1. “It’s just a nightmare for Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder that never ends, and never will – until they come clean.”,

    That’s a rock slammer.

    Interesting when you arrive into Scientology you are asked what is ruining your life and told how Scientology will handle it. And you end up instead working to ruin someone’s life.

    The people that fall for bait and switch….. Pathetic.

  2. I opened up a German blog and the famos Snowhite appeared on my blog. So I had some comments from them which are similar to what is the content of the mails.
    I got them too.
    OSA does not care at all Scientology . It only cares to make people down. This people who work for OSA are the ideal robots for DM

  3. The OSA Handbook of Caving in Suppressive People hasn’t changed for decades. They were trying the same childish tricks on Stacey Brooks a decade ago, she used to post them to ARS.

    They don’t do any of this for PR purposes. It’s internalised, aimed at pleasing DM.

  4. I know. I gave up on them a few years back. Now I do more than ever. They are dead and not the future of the tech.

  5. One should keep in mind that there will be free-riders acting in the scene to strengthen
    the 3P and the enturbulation. The real psychotics. Sadly it can´t be proved. The action itself is for sure destructive an inaceptable.

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