The NOV CHAP module

Finally, after much work and testing, we are proud to release the NOV CHAP rom – the software companion to the HEPAX and NoV modules.

It includes both MCODE and FOCAL functions in four categories;

* NOV functions
* Advanced HEPAX functions
* Advanced Extended Memory (XM) functions
* Special utilities.

Try it out – and please report any bugs or suggested improvements by adding your comment in this thread or send an e-mail to Geir Isene.

Get the ROM, Source and User Manual at the NOV CHAP website

Sincerely yours,

Team IceAngel

(Geir Isene & Ángel Martin 🙂 )

PS: I do realize that this may fall outside of the fields of interest to many of the readers of this blog. But seriously, you need to get yourself an HP-41, and a NoV module with the new NOV CHAP.

8 thoughts on “The NOV CHAP module

  1. Please tell us what NOV CHAP rom means? And all other ‘technical’ terms for us non-techies….

    1. It is a software module for the HP-41 calculator (a calculator produced by Hewlett Packard from 1979 – 1990). The calculator has 4 expansion ports on the back where you can add software modules, printer, video interface, mass storage (like a cassette drive or hard disk), lab equipment and much more. The calculator is still very much in use by a great many users, and there are to this day still new expansion products coming out – like a box to connect the calculator to a PC via USB, a special module that can hold many old module images etc. And there is new software produced, like the new NOV CHAP module – a very cool project I have been engaged in over the past several months that gives the calculator many new and very neat features.

      1. I see that the HP-41 it is out of production. Is anybody making (or planning to make) new models of it? Is it in Public Domain yet?

        1. eBay is your friend 🙂

          There is an upgrade available soon – called the 41CL – a CPU board upgrade that fits the original casing. It will be X-Mas for sure 😀

      1. Thanks for fixing that. I found another dead link (its my magical power…) on the page, the link to MJUMP in this sentence is dead:

        Go to the MJUMP page for more information and for the program listing.

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