Sailing in Greece

Back to sailing in Greece – and this time for real πŸ™‚

The amazing Hydra

With our newly acquired sail boat, we are now sailing all on our own among the Greek islands, my wife an I and our three boys. The word Tranquility comes to mind. It’s something else to be so close to the forces of nature and not go against it like with a motor boat, but instead be one with those forces.

Being at sea is great, being on the islands is great. Handling the boat goes better than expected. It’s pure pleasure. This easter is a family-only trip. During July, we will have several friends visiting as we take the boat for a four week stint. The rest of the time, the boat is hired out to anybody wanting to go sailing in Greece (with or without sailing experience). Yeah, tell me if you want a piece of Tranquility.

The Oceanis 473

The inside

The boat’s name is Orama – a dream almost out of reach that is nevertheless reached. She’s a 47,3 foot beauty, majestically gracing the seas. Although my father was a seaman all his life, I never previously envisioned myself as one. I never knew what I missed out on. I am having realizations about life and the universe as I contemplate Quantum Mechanics while looking out over the ocean. Coupled with love for family, friends and Nature, this experience gives rise to another book project.

I am a work in progress and I gather inspiration from anywhere I can. From comments on this blog included.

Thank you for participating in the creation of this blog by simply reading it.

33 thoughts on “Sailing in Greece

  1. I envy you a great deal Gier. At this stage of my life that is only a dream for me. I doubt I will see the Venus Project this lifetime so I guess I try to be happy with what I have. It is blessing to have what I have but sometimes I could do with a lot more room and space in this world.

    If you ever manage to find your way to the great lakes look me up.


  2. You and your wonderful family deserve all the happiness the universe has to offer, my friend! Continue!

  3. Hey bro. You know I’m going on the next Isene family trip. πŸ™‚ Looks amazing. I’m sitting in a loft apt in Manhattan about to go out on the town for the night- showing a friend your blog. Have a great time. Talk to you soon

  4. To the Physicist: Space, Energy, Time, Matter

    Behind it~ Consciousness

    To the Yogi: Air, Fire, Water, Earth

    Behind it~ Atman

    The viewpoint of dimension and the postulations of the being into the space. That is the universe. That is the game. Its your universe my good friend. Go make it amazing. See you soon.

  5. Crete! Are you anywhere near Crete?

    I stayed on the beach at Matala, on Southern Crete, in the early 80’s. There is a big cove there, with cliffs honeycombed by ancient christian burial caves. There is also a ledge about 10 meters off the water where people jump in.

    A very beautiful place where I plan to return to someday.

    Way to go Geir!

  6. G-man, Fantastic! Look forward to seeing you and meeting your family after we move!

    1. That will be fantastic – I am really looking forward to you moving. Given some thought to my idea the last we talked over the phone?

  7. Oh, Geir, so nice! In fact, I’m much more interested in your route. Before coming in Norway, I worked in the Greek island of Corfu (Kerkyra), in the northern part, in a triangle between Greece, Italy and Albania. Amazing landscapes.
    I simply wish you sunny weather! Sail away and leave all the stress at the mainland:)
    I’m very happy for you, really!

    1. Route so far: Athens – Poros – Hydra – Ermioni – Spetses – Plaka

      Tomorrow we decide the next stop. No planning makes for training to handle change.

      1. I love to travel that way, too. All you have is your head and your hands in this world, and you have to make your way with those alone.

        Now, when you get to Athens, don’t be looking up any Socrates or Plato. I would not want you to be improving your logic, philosophy, and debate skills at their birthplace in the western world!

        No trips to the Parthenon!

  8. How wonderful for you! Reminds me that you will be publishing a book about your ideas on the OT levels… Any news on that, btw?

    Maybe your book will help some of us approach such a “good life” as you have created – although I know that who YOU are is largely a matter of who you are. πŸ™‚

  9. How great it will be for you, and your family to emphasize on second dynamic.
    Great for the boys too be exposed to new adventures too.
    Hope you have some romance too!
    Stepping out of the common box is great!
    It starts itching on me, wanting to do more of my unusual travellings too.
    I never forget my adventure trip with trailer trucks to Middel East, Jordan and the boat between Greece and Syria; One month in Israel, incl Kibutz; boat to Rhodos, Create (Kreta) and to Athens; hitch hike to north of Greece; reunion of truck drivers; monthly euro pass on train slowly going back home; get a visa for US; hitch-hike to the border of Belgium with a few stops to visit friends; train to London; air-plane to New York and finally landing in Washington D.C.. That was in my 80-ties and then eventually I got stuck with $cientology. A few years after I got declared I took my back-pack and I travelled to South America, mainly Chile several times until I got married. I went to Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Bolivia.
    1997 I got married and had my twin girls; twins was my wish that I told my female friend 10 years before I had them. My first 10 years of this centuary is not worth talking about; except for my personal wins and growing interests of many subjects.
    I don’t know what this new creation will take me. Maybe another different adventure?
    Who else has done an unusual adventure in life; travel or other things?
    I am so happy for Isene Geir to do something unusual.
    Good Luck!
    I hope he is contaigous!

    1. Thanks for relating your adventures. It’s nice to read other people’s stories here. Please bring more real life experiences among our philosophical ponderings πŸ™‚

  10. There is nothing like chartering a sloop and sailing on waters you have never visited before. I did that for two summers in the early Seventies. The memories of sunny days under full sail and the heart-stopping efforts to find a safe harbor on nights when the wind was not favorable are still with me.

    Have a wonderful trip filled with happy memories. You deserve every moment of it.

  11. Hello Geir, I admire anyone immensly that persue their dreams – big or small, realistic or not πŸ™‚
    The boat looks amazing. My fiance and I really want to go sailing in Greece this summer…. we can not handle the boat …yet, but would love to sail with a captain and spend a good week experiencing and learning.
    Please contact me if you have any oppertunities this summer.

  12. I am so very happy for you and your family to be traveling, and sailing is such a nice way. Plus you have the boat πŸ™‚

    The best and later parts of my life was the 22 years spent with my husband traveling to the UK, Paris, Costa Rico and USA. Besides working, we always had our mountain bikes, kayaks and motor home to get away to some distant or local park even for a few days. My mate taught me to always take time out, since work will always be there. I was of the American way, always work, and he was British and taught me the valuable lesson of holidays. We shared some of the best years of our lives together with traveling.
    So my heart goes with you, knowing how much pleasure, peace, togetherness and fun you will have.

    Every Day is a Gift!

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