Describe anything – plain and simple with WOIM (new version: 1.6)

Another update to your favorite descriptive system.

From the ad: “WOIM is an Outliner, a TODO-list solution, a project management tool, a Business Process Management aid, a data modeler, a Use Case facilitator, a way to describe the human DNA or the history of the universe 😉 It can also encrypt your lists and be used as a very structured  password safe.

WOIM (Warnier/Orr/Isene/Möller) is a plain text way to describe whatever. Used together with the greatest text editor invented (VIM) and the WOIM plugin, you have an elegant solution on your PC.

The new version 1.6 includes the possibility of adding pre-formated or literal blocks of text inside a WOIM list. With this you can add blocks of programming code or other fancy text without having to worry about WOIM markup inside such a block.

As usual, the VIM plugin for WOIM lists follows suit, and is now available in version 1.6 as well. Go frolic.

8 thoughts on “Describe anything – plain and simple with WOIM (new version: 1.6)

    1. Yes. I use it instead of MindMaps. I use WOIM when jotting down ideas with a pen on paper, when doing my todo list on paper or on the PC, minutes from meetings, rough outline of articles, book index, outline of a computer program, business process descriptions and lots of other things I write.

      1. Hello Geir, if you include relative importances on it to discard the less valuable data or false data ( given certain parameters in the important variables to protect ) you will find that huge amounts of redundant or destructive procecess will be automaticaly disregarded. Importances infer values that will make it hard to apply this procedure to the informatics field but can be used in the education and mental field.
        An example is the creation, back up and expansion of human rights programs and institutions. These actions protect the important variables on persons.

  1. Geir, WOIM really is dang useful.

    Properly learned, I think that even Duct Tape would start to get nervous as the most “dang useful” idea around.

    It is however, nerd-o-centric. Although anyone can learn it, the syntax doesn’t feel warm and fuzzy like an iPhone.

    I see what it can do, and I’m taking the time to learn it and let you know how my learning process learned the material afterward.

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