Amazing person: Dan Koon

I’ve only met Dan Koon for a few days total. But that’s more than enough to put him high on the list of amazing people I have met.

Dan is a legend in Scientology. He was the original character in a film about communication. Hubbard picked Dan to show the world what good communication is all about. And that is certainly also my experience with him – he is incredible aware and present and is a wonderful person to communicate with. He is pleasantly there, listening, understanding, warm and empathetic. He really gets you. Really.

And besides being the most wonderful communicator, he cracks me up. This guy has jokes and funny stories like I’ve never seen. When we shared a hotel room in Denver back in ’09, it was hard to get to sleep. Try sleeping and laughing at the same time.

Dan has been through so much. I was eager to tap him of knowledge and experiences – and Dan shares freely. He’s like an instant friend, and I can only imagine that many have felt it so.

Dan is highly creative with great artistic skills.

Even though he lives in Sweden now, I’ve tried to pull him up here many times. Dan; If you read this, take this as a solid nudge to come and visit Norway.

17 thoughts on “Amazing person: Dan Koon

  1. Great pic of you, Dan, Rinder, Marty, and….. Who’s the guy on the end, next to Marty?

  2. Geir, I like what you are doing with this series of amazing people – focusing on the positives instead of the negatives. There is so many fractures into different camps, and fractures within camps, and fractures within fractures… sometimes it seems that the longer the abuses within the Church of Scientology persevere, the more the people who try to do something about it persecute each other in frustration.

    So it is quite refreshing to see someone stepping back from the battle and pointing out accolades and accomplishments like you are doing. Sometimes it is helpful to see the bigger picture even when it comes from an alternative perspective. Thank you.

  3. Dan Koon is one of my favorite people in the Independent field and also one of my OL’s (opinion leaders). He’s a Class VI auditor and for years was Director of the LRH Technical Compilations Unit, which even further qualifies him as really knowing the tech. Actually, he knows it well enough to be very relaxed about the subject of Scientology – which, IMO, makes a lot of sense on various levels. 🙂

    In this 5-minute video, Dan expresses the same viewpoint as yours, Geir, about not getting too caught up in the negative aspects of what’s happening in the CoS but rather to get busy with using Scientology since it is fully available outside of the Church.

  4. Dan, I wanted to tell you how much I like your artwork. I was mesmerized by it. Actually wish it was larger, but was just fantastic and different to see. It’s the kind of art that makes one look at and see what they see. Keep up the good work and your videos were appreciated.

    1. deElizabethan, thank you so much. It is nice to know people enjoy the direction I have taken in painting. I really need to get a website that shows it better. Thanks again for the kind words.

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