Life. Make it happen.

Did some more experimenting with music and video, this time also using text-to-speech.

This is a small step toward an idea that Brendan gave me last night; That I should put together lots of quotes from the contributors on my blog, add some crazy music and make that into a video… But there are 20000 comments, so if you can help me out with some golden quotes from this blog – or at least some worthy for a video – then I would be very grateful.

Update: Added another – Drive:

12 thoughts on “Life. Make it happen.

  1. Hmmm…tough decision, Geir…It’s not so easy to choose, because there have to be a perfect match between music and “lyrics”, and this depends on the mood you feel when mixing both of them in your mind: meditation, sorrow, happiness, trance, poetry, relax. I think the right person to choose the quotes is you, Geir. For me, it can be the same like choosing the type of sand in the desert. The only thing I can say, video is very nice and Brendan’s idea very good as well.

  2. Wow, a novel idea and a nice start!

    I had imagined something similar, but pictured videos with you giving short talks (5 or 10 minutes, maybe) describing some of the ideas or viewpoints you yourself have written about – and of course new ones too – and perhaps drawing or writing on a blackboard as you went along.

    I get that you’ve done just such talks live, including ones on the same subjects you had already written articles about. Mind you, I don’t mean to lessen one tiny bit the value of your written posts and articles in and of themselves. And I assume you will continue with those too! Neither one, talks or writings, can actually replace the other, IMO, but in some cases one could enhance the other. And the art pieces are a further enhancement yet. 🙂

    1. I am not excluding anything. Short talks, a summary of quotes from this blog, a rap, a symphony, fireworks, a bed time story. Anything.

      Right now, I would like to get plenty of quotes to choose from and make some sort of medley with that and some music.

  3. A 20,000 comment video is too long? I suppose so. You may have to chop out as many as a thousand comments unless you do a TV series . . . hehe.

    That does sound like a really fun and creative idea though. I can’t help right now, but maybe in weeks my projects will quiet and I will have time to burn the midnight oil, though maybe Brendan should get started right away!

  4. In the ” Transcend Exchange ” blog post Rafael comments:

    ” Just give. I believe that is the core of life ” . To me it looks like a breakage of the mechanical and recursive aspect of life, a kind of injecting life into matter. Interesting concept to probe.

    and Geir answers:

    Indeed 🙂

    1. Oh wow, we both thought of Rafael – he is very creative and quotable. A poet, actually. Here’s another one of his:

      “When I was a kid, my purpose was to find the meaning of life.
      Now my purpose is to give life a meaning.” (Rafael)

  5. Here’s one of my all-time favorites, on the occasion of your 100th blog post:

    100 words of appreciation:

    The space
    Inside this house,
    Is clean and open
    Whomever enters becomes a guest
    This is a house of beingness

    The windows view
    Changes in shape and color
    Depending on the observer
    Suggesting infinity at the horizon
    This is a house of lookingness

    The people
    inside this house
    Are teachers while they speak
    And students when they listen
    This is a house of knowingness

    The knowledge
    Inside this house
    Is destroyed and reconstructed
    Evolving at every step
    This is the house of creation

    In the reflection of our creations
    Our secret wish is
    To catch a glimpse of …….

    (By Rafael)

    1. So glad to have shared it with you then, Val. Awesome is the right word for it.

      I really miss Rafael, but I got that he went onto his own continuing path. Kind of what Marty says in his book, that Scientologists who truly got the results of the Bridge would do.

      I assume you are reading that book or like me have already finished. It is bound to create lots and lots of good effects, no doubt in my mind.

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