Two small epiphanies

I just understand this:

“The flower of hope blossoms in the meadow of doubt.”


“Heaven is now. Hell is then.”

26 thoughts on “Two small epiphanies

  1. Hej Geir,

    Tak for det.. interessant.

    Har du set den HCOB der hedder Heaven?


          1. Thank you. The ad hom toward LRH was simply Gerry A’s post and not my covert slam toward him. I only wanted to provide the Heaven reference that Per referred to.

  2. “Hope springs eternal…” (Alexander Pope)

    And as another favorite poet once said:
    “…What’s done is gone.” 🙂

      1. Yes, you could. And I could add something Scientological to that but I don’t want to press my luck already today. LOL 🙂

  3. Let’s see: If you have doubt, you have some blossom of hope. If you don’t have doubt then you don’t need any hope.
    All that matters is now!

  4. Well sad to say but for me doubt has also been like a long deep valley with steep rises …

    But with reference to an earlier blogpost on an open mind, I’ve always considered a certain amount of doubt to be a prerequisite for an open mind …

    1. I see it as in PT, present time. Do like your scientological reference, it is interesting.

      1. Thanks deE’. Geir’s posts have a placebo effect on me. When I read one of his posts, I totally expect to be pointed in a direction to have a new realization. Sometimes it happens when I first read his posts and sometimes it has to percolate in me-brain for a while, and sometimes quite-a-while, nevertheless, expect something — I do. It has been interesting to me to notice the heavy expectations that I place on blogging here.

        1. Personally I try, and usually succeed in not thinking too much and just let the thoughts appear or not. I learned to never expect anything, therefore I’m never disappointed. Just Be and freely flow, and I don’t worry about it! But then I’m a simple creature and understand simple words.

      2. I agree with your comment about seeing heaven and here and now as PT. To be clear, you’ve probably noticed by now that I am quite the squirrel Scientologist. Regarding the language, I try to respect extant language and to use it correctly; however, in places like this, where LRH used some normal English words like valence for his own purpose and gave it his own meaning, then I give myself carte blanche as well to re-use these words so long as I give fair warning and try to be clear how I use them. I use a lot of analogies and metaphors when I write. Others say that I just write in circles!

      3. Currently, I am trying to find ways to write that the “time track” seems to me something which I actively do in PT. This seems to me to align with the OP. Any negative effects that it might have on myself in PT are things which I am actively doing in PT . Neutralizing these negative effects requires me to find ways to notice what I am doing and end-off on doing those repetitive and non-optimum iterations. I have several effective tools that I use for being mindful of this and my progress has been satisfactory to me.

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