Amazing person: Egil Möller

While we’re in the technical territory…

I know a guy who can whip up a prototype of any IT application in a few hours. Others plan and work it out on the drawing board and go “figure-figure” for days until they finally start coding.

Egil simply DOES. He’s one of the most intelligent people I’ve met – and he transfers that intelligence to a sharp understanding of the problem at hand. And with swift creativity and ability to think outside the box, he’s a virtual geyser of ideas, solutions and new ways to go about the task.

A folk music dancing and singing, vegetarian geek with a warm heart and hard core personal integrity. Egil is a die-hard freedom enthusiast fighting for freedom of speech, expression and sharing. We share a world view when it comes to intellectual property, but are very different in our views on the reason for life. That has made for some interesting and valuable discussions over the years.

Egil is the technical lead on the amazing product Etherpad.

My wife and I sold our company in February – I really miss Egil, I cringe when I realized what people he now works for.

It would be great to work with Egil again sometime in the future.

5 thoughts on “Amazing person: Egil Möller

  1. Geir, you’ve just sold your company or you are completeley out from the IT business? Do you think about changing the activity area? I cannot imagine you out of the technical field 🙂

    1. We may do projects in the IT field – but not in competition with my old company (that is, if they suddenly decides to uphold their part of the deal).

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