Amazing person: Svein Langholm

Completely off the rails but in a really good way. Wild and creative. A constant stream of crazy but highly workable ideas. Always focusing on the valuable final product. Relentless, all over the place, a duracell-bunny and freakin’ cool.

That’s Svein Langholm. A former professional cyclist turned marketing guru. This guy has done more high profile, high value marketing work than you can shake a stick at.

I have had the pleasure to work with Svein for some 7 years now. He never ceases to surprise me. Although he’s extremely extroverted, he is still humble regarding himself – but never regarding his customers. He brags about his clients, their character, their results.

Svein is crazy. I love crazy the way he is. A meeting with Svein is like a constant explosion – very inspiring, mind-filling.

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