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        1. I won’t take credit for this artwork but I will take credit for the work if art which is love, integrity and passion. And the Me-Geir-relationship is a perfect example of love, regardless of cost which suits the definition by far. ❤

      1. Sweet music coming all ways. Pure art of love. Splurge on creativity – I’m happy for you both! I have never seen such pure love quest. You must both really know each others potential. By the way – for both of you – in order to get Integrity to work properly, as ordered by a love doctor, you need to be humble first – a recent major cog on my part. The best of joyride to you both! .) 🙂

        1. But, Anette, I want one hour with your mate heads up on the other side of xmas. And so it was planted sufficiently, I hope. Sigh

            1. Good question. You just know when you encounter one.
              How many? I don’t know. I’ve met a few in my life both men and women. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a partner type of relationship. It can also be friendship on a deeper level.
              With Geir the match is 100 % in every aspect. I never thought a “perfect” relationship was close to possible. I’m now convinced it is. ❤

  1. To you, well wishes filled with love. The graphic speaks for itself. Astounding!

  2. My wishes for Geir & Anette:
    ♥ Freedom from endless implants and traps (descendent spiral) after leaving.
    ♥ Help each other above.
    ♥ Geir & Anette & Katrine & Katrine’s 2D super enjoying with kids.
    ♥ Anette & Katrine superb friends. Anette & Katrine’s 2D superb friends.
    ♥ Geir & Katrine superb friends. Geir & Katrine’s 2D superb friends.

  3. Sorry for delay, congrats to both of you! I was in a short holiday, just came back home. Dear Anette, (now I finally know who is OT22), it is so nice to read about such a nice feeling shared by both of you. You definitely deserve each other 🙂 Allow me please to cheer a glass of champagne for both of you! (I will drink it tonight at a party).

  4. I decided to put one of my “problems” here, maybe one of you can help me out. I am in a state of harmony most of the time, can view “reality” in various ways, with different types of “theta” perceptions too. There is yet one, which I just can’t “handle” and don’t know the source of. This
    only perception looks very similar to the picture above. Me, feeling inside no-thingness and a flow of love towards the beings and the environment around me “experiences” waves like in the picture, some of which are “moving” in my direction, also some are trying to “cover” “me” up.
    It’s not a bad feeling, kind of neutral, my solution so far has been to “get beyond” it, that is “rise” above it. Then the “flow” can flow on and the beings “get” it like pure theta. Can any of you explain to me what this phenomenon is?

    1. I see now what it is. Still, if you read the above comment of mine and you have an answer, we can compare our views of it. Once again this truth: when one can ask a question, one already knows the answer. The same is true for a problem, for a dichotomy….

      1. Thanks. Can you explain how you came to the conclusion that NGaF is a good solution in the view of the Triangles? Or whatever your solution is based on?

        1. The NGaF-apprach is based on my own experience. Whenever I have a problem and manage to Not Give a Fuck about it, it ceases to be a problem.

  5. Marianne, the first thought that came to me was that it might have been a being (or beings) who intended to commingle with you in your “space” as a being.

    My second “choice” was that it might have had something to do with you as a body as per the following definitions from the Tech Dict:

    BLANKET, to settle down over a mest body (one or more mest bodies). (5206CM26B)

    BLANKETING, this incident consists of throwing oneself as a thetan over another thetan or over a mest body. Blanketing is done to obtain an emotional impact or even to kill. It is strongest in sexual incidents where the thetan throws two mest bodies together in the sexual act in order to experience their emotions. (HOM)

    I also had a thought about you said here: “Once again this truth: when one can ask a question, one already knows the answer. The same is true for a problem, for a dichotomy….”

    That is like what LRH wrote somewhere – that he wouldn’t be able to teach us anything we didn’t already know.

    1. Marildi
      Thank you!!!! I will respond to your answer a little later in case there are other views….it is
      worth waiting as I see it now…’s really huge. To the benefit of all of “us”.

  6. Got it, Marianne. Then here’s my sister’s idea for you too. When I read your comment to her, without telling her my own thoughts, what came to her mind was the increasing spirituality that she feels is happening in the universe and that your experience was a perception of that.

    Looking forward to what you have to say! 🙂

  7. Marildi
    Please thank your sister on my be-half (another nice English word BE HALF)! Sending her also my love for her care to answer! Right track, it is really HUGE! Let’s wait for others for a while….also, my view of it has been expanding since I wrote it down and also with you responding…..

    1. “another nice English word BE HALF”

      I know! There is so much knowingness in words. That’s why I think the use of words can often point a person to truths they intuitively know!

      1. Marildi
        Thanks again! Seems others are not interested, so here is my brief answer. Both you (History of Man) and your sister (spirituality is expanding) are right. What looks more and more certain is that a “split” has started between those beings who identify themselves as bodies and are certain that MEST, mind are THE reality and those who have deeper and deeper experiences of levels of awareness/consciousness of the “existence” of the “spiritual universe”, even subtler than that, “other universes”. It may very well be the case that a total “split/shift” is going to happen (as if “communication” between 4th and 5th dimensions will be impossible).

        1. Marianne: “It may very well be the case that a total ‘split/shift’ is going to happen (as if ‘communication’ between 4th and 5th dimensions will be impossible).”

          I’m curious what you mean by 4th and 5th dimensions. Btw, those words are also used by LRH in HOM but I think in a different way. In HOM, the chapter “Capabilities of a Theta Being” he says:

          “A thetan, brought low enough to have a MEST body, may consider that he has been trapped by ‘time warps’ or that his universe is another dimension or some such thing. This is
          not the case. Thetans live in the same time stream with the difference that they can alter concepts of time and get future or past at will—it is THE THETAN who is altering his concept,
          not the time that is changing. So don’t go off on wild chases after fourth and fifth dimensions,
          time warps and other time-space universes: teleportation makes it look like these exist for the thetan. There is more to this but you don’t really need it in processing.”

          You also said, “What looks more and more certain is that a ‘split’ has started between those beings who identify themselves as bodies and are certain that MEST, mind are THE reality and those who have deeper and deeper experiences of levels of awareness/consciousness of the ‘existence’ of the ‘spiritual universe’, even subtler than that, ‘other universes’”.

          In that same chapter in HOM, like you LRH talks about a “split”:

          “There is nothing as wild in the books of Man as will probably happen here on Earth. And it will happen and be allowed to happen simply because all this is so incredible that nobody will even think of stopping it until it is far, far too late. Its incredibility is its best safeguard, so you needn’t bother to convince anybody who doesn’t want to believe it. It took the medical profession two and a half years to catch on to prenatals. People getting cleared of bodies don’t need any such time lag. And so, may I make this simple request: Don’t get spectacular until a few of the boys make it. You don’t want to be lonesome—and you’ll need reinforcements if a war gets declared on thetans here. The preclear may think he can do it alone if he gets cleared of a body. He’ll need more help and company than he thinks.

          “So, again, as a final note on this chapter. Let’s not go upsetting governments and putting on a show to ‘prove’ anything to Homo Sapiens for a while. It’s a horrible temptation to knock off hats at fifty yards and read books a couple of countries away and get into the rotogravure section and the Hearst Weeklies. But you’ll just make it tough on somebody else who is trying to get across this bridge. Let sleeping sapiens snore in the bulk for yet awhile. Then meet some place and decide what to do about him and his two-penny wars, his insane and his prisons. Tell people who want to invalidate all this, ‘Your criticism is very just. It’s only fantasy.’ Cure up the lame and halt and the incompetent with whatever display of technique you need. Protect Theta Clearing until there are a few.”

          1. Marildi
            You are a jewel to have put it here! It has always been one of my favourite parts! You are
            simply amazing in always finding the exact reference! Thanks!

            1. Thanks! Btw, I’m still wondering what you meant in by 4th and 5th dimensions when you said: “It may very well be the case that a total “split/shift” is going to happen (as if “communication” between 4th and 5th dimensions will be impossible).” Can you say?

            2. Marianne, sometimes you remind me of references and sometimes references remind me of you – things you have said – such as the following, which I was just reading in Scn 8-8008:

              “In truth, all sensation which he [the preclear] believes to come from these masses of illusory energy known as the MEST universe, are first implanted through agreement upon what he is to perceive and then perceived again by himself, with the step hidden that he has extended his own sensation to be felt and perceived by himself…

              “…In that the beingness of an individual is actually extended for miles in all directions around him, if not much further, any idea or thought or past thought (as there is no past) is part of his beingness, and so he must continually strive to be ‘faithful to his agreements with the MEST universe.’

              “To undo this state of affairs it is only necessary to rehabilitate the awareness of the preclear that he himself is capable of creating illusions. As he rehabilitates this faculty, the preclear, without any coaching or evaluation on the part of the auditor, begins to recognize that his viewpoint is expanding and that he is becoming all-pervasive, but that he can collect his awareness at any point, and that the ‘brutal reality’ all around him is continuously manufactured by himself out of agreements and association with other viewpoints. So long as he is fixed in a condition where he is in agreement with all spaces and viewpoints, he sees and feels automatically with all other such viewpoints. He is above the level of energy, if one can use the term, on the same wavelength with all other beingness, a condition which does not permit differentiation. As he rehabilitates his abilities in independent creation, he can change this ‘wavelength’ at will, and can go into or out of agreement with all other points of beingness. The matter of perceiving, then, becomes entirely a matter of self-choice.”

            3. Marildi
              In answering to your question, up to this point, I see the following. Don’t take it for granted, that this is so. It may change as I have so far spent little time in this direction due to jobs and other things. But I am about to change in this direction. So:
              ARK works for all three universes. Then there is the Field. “Beyond” the field there is only Affinity and Communication. In this Communication there are no “particles” but a kind of direct “exchange” of “Knowingness” (it’s not like telepathy, also there are no concepts, no “forms”, yet there is a kind of “fluidity” – not a good word, because it’s not that but can’t give you a better one). It seems that there are other “layers” above it and also, there is a kind of “Flow” coming from “above”. This seems to be the “Flow” which eventually “reaches” Human beings as well. That humans have viewpoints/considerations/concepts that they can exchange and agree or disagree with and cannot get off the “illusionary concept of the I ” makes it impossible to experience that only AC “layer”. The fact that in that AC layer there are no concepts and that human use concepts IS that makes the communication impossible. It seems that that “Flow” is getting “stronger” and has started to “shift” the two “layers” apart.
              Also: I experienced with two OT8-s earlier ( I try to visually describe it to you) a kind of very huge ” empty – clear – no energy yet “strong” “space” – which, as I look back, was still the “mind level” (perception without body, +telepathy as it turned out in the situations with them, both abilities were used helpfully towards me with the Heart). I mentioned this because the layer I am describing above is “beyond” that. That they had access to that, I don’t know, as those meetings were like 5-6 years ago.

            4. Marildi
              The above is a little experience of mine. Using my mind now, it looks logical too. It is through
              the Field that “mass” is produced. To eradicate mass, even thoughts, universal concepts in the MIND, one only needs to go backwards “up” and reach the Field. It seems that it is that
              Flow which “gets one there” after awakening. If it’s “strong” enough, general areas of Mind
              at the level of the 4th Dynamics can be “cleared”, that is people thus cannot be influenced
              and controlled by certain thoughts in this way. Hm. See what I mean? Looks like it works.

            5. Marianne, thank you so much for this very interesting information. Do you think it may relate to the first two Factors:

              1. Before the beginning was a Cause and the entire purpose of the Cause was the creation of effect.
              2. In the beginning and forever is the decision and the decision is TO BE.
              3. The first action of beingness is to assume a viewpoint.
              4. The second action of beingness is to extend from the viewpoint, points to view, which are dimension points.
              5. Thus there is space created, for the definition of space is: viewpoint of dimension. And the purpose of a dimension point is space and a point of view.

              (If you like, the complete list of The Factors can be found at this link:

              Btw, are you familiar with this website: ? My sister thought you might like it.

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