A bunch of rules for happy living

  1. Get up in the morning
  2. if you feel like it.
  3. Get enough sleep.
  4. Sleep with the right person.
  5. Eat
  6. drink
  7. but not too much of either.
  8. Don’t get drunk all the time.
  9. Play
  10. but not only with yourself.
  11. Laugh your ass off
  12. often
  13. Go bat-shit crazy
  14. now and then
  15. or often.
  16. Challenge the status quo.
  17. Challenge yourself.
  18. Drop the arrogance.
  19. Care.
  20. Get enough sex
  21. but not all the time.
  22. Eat chocolate.
  23. Get a telescope.
  24. Get an HP-41 calculator.
  25. Play with it.
  26. Listen to music.
  27. Get carried away.
  28. Exercise your free will.
  29. Be a rebel.
  30. Make trouble.
  31. Avoid permanent damage.
  32. Swim naked.
  33. Tumble in the snow.
  34. Tell wild fairy tales to the kids.
  35. Lose yourself in their games.
  36. Cry during movies.
  37. Love
  38. lots.
  39. Feel
  40. a lot.
  41. And disregard rules.
  42. Make your own understanding of Life, the Universe and Everything

146 thoughts on “A bunch of rules for happy living

  1. If you FEEL LIKE IT……that is my favourite ! I like these rules !
    Is it in your order of preference? How did this list come about? Wow !!! 41 ! So why did you write them down? (laughing)

  2. “bathe naked”???? hahahahahaha Of course naked, who can go to take a shower or a romantic bath wearing an Armani tuxedo?

    1. Dragos,
      ME ! I have just come out from under the shower where I thought I had never had it with clothes
      on ! Perhaps with a light silk dress on after a party on a hot summer night! And I even imagined a man with a kind of a shirt, Armani tuxedo and socks on ! Funny picture, still laughing ! Accessories can of course vary!

        1. Ferenc,
          You misunderstood, or you didn’t? You want me now to write down that I was naked? Perhaps my grammar, use of tenses? Thanks for finding this picture, but it is way too far what I look like!
          Or you want me to send you a picture? (just joking all along!) Puzzle, that is Geir’s and me too!

          1. Marianne, I didn’t misunderstood you. It was just the funniest clothed showering picture I found. 🙂
            (Bty, we – readers of this blog – will not mind if you post a picture of yourself showering 🙂 )

            1. I said so ! That was your hidden thought ! Now you are trying to excuse yourself by addressing
              all the readers? Simple trick! By the way, I am going to bed now….don’t find another picture please! (joking again, do as you like !)

            2. Marianne, Why did you comment in the first place (Marianne Toth 2013-01-07 at 20:01)? 🙂
              Are you going to tell us that you didn’t have any hidden thought? 🙂
              Maybe, your comment was not address to all the readers but only to Dragos? 🙂
              Or maybe, you didn’t expect people funny commenting on your post? 🙂

              Anyway, I’m not posting another picture, so you can follow rule “3. Get enough sleep.” 🙂

            3. Ferenc,
              You win ! You probably consulted Geir about your Hyperlist ! That he could help you and
              that you can win in such a short time is sure due to the potential of both of you as well as
              the list!

            4. Marianne,
              If you feel that I win, then I don’t win, because I wanted to have a win-win situation where everybody have some fun.

            5. Ferenc,
              Sure we both (and all) win ! It’s all fun! Have a nice day too!

  3. There is a contradiction between rules no.1, 3, 4 and 20. If you sleep with the right person and get enough sex, it’s not always possible to get enough sleep, to get up in the morning and to feel like it! 🙂

    1. Right you are Dragos ! But don’t you think that Geir with some contradictions is preparing
      us to enter the fifth dimension when the time comes ? And also, haven’t you heard about Zen,
      that is stop finding logic in something where there inherently isn’t? Geir, this year looks to be
      even crazier and beware of the number of the comments!

      1. I’ve heard about Zen, of course, but these rules are extremely practical for everybody. Geir’s idea to get numbers to his rules transformed the whole article in a wonderful life-guide sudoku.

      1. I’m 40 years old, I’m a grown up man. But I felt the same even when I was younger…:) As a result of this situation, what about rule no.31: “avoid permanent damage”? 🙂

      1. Anette,
        Right you are ! I am on it ! You seem to be in complete harmony with Geir. If you still create a problem in the future, just apply:
        No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.
        Albert Einstein

    1. Brian, I know you’re an American like me. We don’t usually use the word “bathe” with the definition of “to swim for pleasure”. When we bathe we take a bath! I took it that way at first and also thought wtf. I’m thinking you took it that way too but my guess is that Geir was talking about swimming! What do you think?

      1. Hi marildi! I thought the same like you, but it’s really funny in both ways 🙂

    1. Anette,
      Nice way of putting it ! And also, we live in the universe of “separatedness”, so we engage in a spiritual search to find “oneness”. Once we are that, it’s complete aloneness. So we set out to create separatedness! Funny we are, aren’t we?

      1. Geir,
        and also
        37. Love
        38. lots
        37 – A Your – Self
        38 – A The Amazing people series
        In this case I would allow for an A = A

    2. Hello Anette! Extremely smart your Einstein quote. This is my favourite quote about happiness: ““Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.” – John Lennon. Very…Beatles, isn’t it? 🙂

  4. What a delightful and humorous list!

    I’m glad you qualified “Don’t get drunk…” with “…all the time”. 🙂

    But are you sure you meant “Play…but not only with yourself” rather than “Play…but not only by yourself”? (Just messin’ with ya – putting several points on your list into application! :D)

      1. Geir,
        “Play but not only with yourself.”
        Can you do it? If yes, how do you do it?

          1. “Curiosity killed the cat ” …the ending of it is….”but satisfaction brought it back”.
            Actually my question referred to the difficulty of playing a different game than with the “other manifested forms” of the same Self…yet,
            I see a possibility…..I still wonder how Geir sees it…

    1. Re: “9. Play 10. but not only with yourself.”

      “Another aberrative condition with regard to postulates is that for the sake of randomity, the thetan at some time or another has set up the postulate that every time he makes a postulate a reverse postulate will occur which he will not know about, in such a way that he can ‘play chess with himself’ without spoiling the game by knowing what his left hand is doing when his right makes the move.” (Scientology 8-8008).

      1. Brilliant reference, Ferenc. But I don’t dare give my interpretation! You and Geir are too profound for me. 😀

    2. Re: “9. Play 10. but not only with yourself.”

      My educated guess is that Geir is using “with” in both ways.

      Based on the global context: Geir means that a thetan has the ability to play with himself by postulating that he (the thetan) himself doesn’t know part of the game he himself is playing. (One way the game gets aberrated is when the thetan start postulating that he himself doesn’t know that he himself doesn’t know … recursively, and gets trapped unable to as-is his first “not knowing” postulate. By the way, “forgetting” is based in “not knowing” postulate(s)).

      Based on the local context (his blog-post): Geir also means the English (slang) of masturbating.

      1. Dear Ferenc, my educated guess is the same as yours. Geir is a man for all seasons as well as a man of many contexts. 😉

        1. Marildiv: “Geir is a man for all seasons”

          Does he have an in house swimming pool.? (#32) 🙂

          1. Good question, Sherlock. 😉 A good educated guess, however, would require that I first know if rule #33 is done naked too (“33. Tumble in the snow.”). If so, then I would extrapolate that an outdoor pool wouldn’t be an issue for these hot-blooded Nordic types. 🙂

            1. Ah, Ferenc, the link doesn’t seem to be working. 😦 Got another one?

            2. Strange link, Marildiv. With copy and paste it works for me. If copy and paste doesn’t work for you, I’ll upload it in an image hosting site.
              FF Sherlock.

            3. FF Sherlock, you solved the mystery – which I should have expected of a great detective like yourself. And that cartoon is funny! 🙂

            4. Marildiv,
              I just found a work-around, however I didn’t (completely) solve the mystery because the link’s “address” and the link’s “text” are the same. (With copy and paste, the internet browser opens the link’s text. Clicking the link, the internet browser opens the link’s address. One way to see the link’s address with Internet Explorer, is to right click the link, then click “Copy shortcut” in the pop-up menu, and then paste it to a word processor).

              Regarding the mystery: The same problem happens with 2 different internet browsers (Internet Explorer and Google Chrome), it also happens putting this link in another WordPress blog, but this problem doesn’t happen with another gif image link I left in this blog. So, my educated guess is that clicking the link, triggers some WordPress software which causes the problem on some image links.

              FF Sherlock 🙂

            5. Dear FF Sherlock, sometimes the best any detective can do is to make an educated guess. Thank you for the data! It’s not so mysterious anymore. And you deserve an additional aka: Ferenc, the Solver (like Theta, the Solver ;)).

            6. Thanks, Ferenc.:) I found a nice butterfly quote just for you:

              “Happiness is like a butterfly, which when pursued is always beyond our grasp, but if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” – Nathaniel Hawthorne

            7. I found a nice Nathaniel Hawthorne quote, for everybody.
              “The ideas of people in general are not raised higher than the roofs of the houses. All their interests extend over the earth’s surface in a layer of that thickness. The meeting-house steeple reaches out of their sphere.” (N.A., 1836).

              And this pic, just for Marildiv.

            8. Wow, that is a lot of potential happiness. Thank you, sweetie. 🙂

  5. Rule no.36: “Cry during movies”… I cried 2 times in my life when watching TV: after a handball match (our girls won and I was very happy) and after watching Titanic for the first time.

  6. Enjoy the weather
    Enjoy bathing together
    Enjoy the bodies
    Enjoy the emotions
    Enjoy the considerations
    But do not lose sight of the fact
    That these things are impermanent
    For if you do
    There is


  7. Vin,
    What are you doing? Some poetry is coming out? VIn !…………….I like it!

    1. All life is poetry.


      Life can be very
      But it is just
      a game.
      So play it to win,
      my friend!
      For the reward is
      discovering yourself.



      Each new moment
      Is yours
      To fill it with
      Your joy of creating

      Past is nothing
      But pictures
      In your mind.
      So, let go of it.

      All you’ve got
      Is NOW.
      So, adorn it with
      Your playful spirit.

      See things
      as they are
      And if you come across
      an inconsistency
      Discover the considerations
      associated with it
      Whether they are out there
      Or whether they are a part of you
      And look at them closely
      And more closely
      Until they dissolve.

      ~ KHTK 🙂


  8. Vin,
    Where has this side of yours been hiding so far? Beautiful ! Thanks for revealing it for us!

    1. Ahh
      If you
      put two
      or three words
      in a row
      for a poetic moment
      they begin to grow!
      And if they’re not unwieldy
      and the message not unclear
      then the balanced growth
      with rhyme or not,
      but cadence heard
      will leave
      with you

      1. but cadence heard
        you start
        hearing the call
        of silent

        1. 2ndxmr
          beautiful what you write…up to its end…..I just joined you at cadence….was a nice feeling that made me create….thanks for inspiring me to create

          1. Thank you, Marianne.

            I see poetry as a mathematics of emotion, just not a math I use very often. How is it a math? Take, for instance, the limerick. It is almost impossible to take that meter and cadence and not come up with the emotion of humor, even if you’ve never heard of Nantucket.

            But try and stick Nantucket into iambic pentameter and even the late Bard would be rolling over. And not with laughter but from the pain of the emotional incongruity; the failed math of the impossible meter.

            So while emotional mathematics will forever stick the town to the limerick, and probability mathematics will predict that few men would admit to having come from there, we must leave it to the algebra of prose to otherwise provide word combinations and the odd nuance that might, arithmetically, still add up to a laugh, or two.

            Poetry or prose, I think any stimulus that helps or inspires us to create good feelings or good outcomes is probably a good stimulus.

            1. Is there no subject on which you’re not well versed (no pun intended :)).

      2. Edited version:

        another side
        of you too!
        Who knew?
        I felt
        the aesthetic flow.

        Breaking up the last line into two this way, my lines grow and shrink and grow again very evenly, one word at a time. And the cadence isn’t too bad either. 🙂

      1. Is it the Koenig Photometer you use?

        “Utilizing a now curious device known as the Koenig Photometer, he [LRH] succeeded in diagramming what inventor Karl Rudolph Koenig (1832-1901) had described as ‘sound figures’ characteristic of spoken vowels, i.e., a diagrammatic imprint of human voice. What Ron found he described as ‘the aesthetic of language,’ and noted that spoken verse, regardless of language, left precisely the same imprint on the photometer. That is, a poem read in English — he specifically tested the works of Robert Browning — left the same rhythmical imprint in terms of vowels and consonants as Japanese haiku or an Indian hymn. In other words, the essence of poetry is universal. Moreover, it is recognizable as such regardless of whether one speaks the language. How exactly we are able to identify this ‘aesthetic of language’ became a question of immense ramifications, and involved a line of research that would carry him through the next two decades…” http://www.ronthepoet.org/poet/early2.htm

      1. That wasn’t meant to be a slant to you Vin I now see it could be seen as such. I was just jumping on the Haiku bandwagon.

        Hope things are well.

    1. katageek
      marianne here…..read you earlier….like it…..like that you come here….make your voice heard here….in our company…..

      1. Thank you Marianne for your kind acknowledgment.

        Love is a weirdness
        Oft stymied by actions made
        Loving best acts less



        1. Right katageek….but when love performs the action, it is the right action, the right message,
          just that you have sent me….I mean the words that you sent me are really the words of the moment……thank you! And please come to the blog and comment where you feel like….others
          mentioned your name some days ago….and here you are!

    2. katageek
      It’s amazing how much power a true flow of the moment can generate !! I just laugh with joy and love !!! Martial arts here – ? Aikido or karate?

      1. I don’t know where it came from Marianne.

        I just look around and see that the less I post, the better things get on all the places I used to post.


        So … let’s stick with that. Correlation isn’t always causation, but who knows?

        _/!\_ (gassho)

        1. KG maybe able to use a lesson or two in math… just kidding. (It is a joke, 2ndxmr, Marildi, and Geir. I am not trying to molest KG in any way.).


        2. katageek
          Come out as a “cherry on the cherry tree” (as per the samurai saw the cherry tree before he died in the movie Last samurai) or you won’t give other “samurais” the chance to see the cherry tree as Perfect.

            1. Vin,
              I don’t see what you mean. Can you elaborate it for me?

            2. Thank you Vin. It was just a simple inquiry on my part.

            3. Vin,
              What does your “filter” tell you when you get into touch with it?

            4. Thanks Vin, I’m not sure I get it right. Can you rephrase it?

            5. Yes, Vin, unproductive. And when Marianne has skinned Vinaire, what is left?

            6. Ha…ha…ha ! Nice answer! And also you have just proved it that it is impossible to catch
              that “filter” “center” as which doesn’t exist in the first place, cannot be defined and grasped!

            7. Have I proved that?

              Couldn’t it be your filter justifying it that way to make you feel “happy”?


            8. No, Vin. I am neither happy, nor unhappy. I just see it that way that there is no filter as such unless one considers there is. And even that consideration is an illusion-has no reality. And yes, one has to see that for oneself.

            9. … and you have proved that filter with your considerations too? Hmmm?

              .So, what kind of a game are you playing?


            10. Marianne asked: Vin, where is your “filter”?
              Vin answered: It is intact, with me. Why?
              My question wanted to point to its non-existant nature as such – in anybody’s case. You can “produce” it of course…..you said earlier
              that this conversation is non-productive…..me stays with that!

          1. Thats a wonderful notion M. Being prepared to die is one of the best ideals of Bushido.

            Which reminds me – my letters need rewriting. Thank you for this. I need to freshen them up. Years have passed.


            1. I suggest another look at the Samurai. Many people think them way more noble than they were. The did kill entire families on command, tortured, killed entire monasteries and other types of crimes against humanity.

              One of the reasons they took up Zen was to deal with the problems of conscience that were thrusted upon them by their Daimyos. It’s hard to slice up babies and moms and then think oneself virtuous.

              Scroll down to the “Early Eradication of Religious Institutions” place.


            2. Get the flow of Bushido as you write…..even “less”….that is no-thingness…..no wave…..
              “Being prepared to die” …..not prepared DIE that is the concepts of Death-Birth die…..at that moment there is a live Flow…..it creates a “cherry” and it also creates a ” Shut up” , “Fuck you” …..when another is almost ready to STOP …..that is face no-thingness….so from then on create or not create………but creating from then on is “alive”….an instant match to
              the sit-moment…….what do you see in the “mirror” kata? (can I call you that or you’d prefer

            3. Get into Bushido as I write? You really want to see that?

              Um …. Okay. Here goes free flow first idea out of the hopper. . .


              \ (Schick!)
              (;-/) \ ,,,,, -{-<

              That's it. The commas are blood. Bushido was a savage.form of mind control. It's purpose was to create vogon-esque obedience. And the concept of "dying so, so willingly" through seppuku was really just a cost-cutting measure for the Daimyo. Expedient warriors never needed a VA Hospital or wheel-chairs.

              Brainwashing Samurai to see seppuku as "the highest honor" keeps the costs down.

              Sorry. That's how I see it.

            4. Oops. In the original writing the dashes made an angular CUT across the page.

              Then the formatting buggered it up.


              Anyway, imagine a dead emotocon guy with a giant slash lopping off his head … It was cool.

            5. But honestly Marianne. The whole Samurai gig was a GIANT example of a military using cult dynamics to make expendability and ferocity the highest of spiritual virtues FOR THE BENEFIT OF A LEADER.

              Sure there were spiritual perks in this “tech.” But this thread is about being happy and rules about happiness. So to point to the original post here is my rule:

              KATAGEEK’S RULE FOR HAPPY: To be happy, understand social control and how social structures contribute to self-construction and circumvent it and take responsibility to create your own happiness. Oh and do a LOT of Tonglen as described in the Lojong Proverbs. And keep your head ON YOUR SHOULDERS.

              Ok. You got me posting Marianne. Nice going. I KNEW I should have left that keyboard alone.

              Maybe next time I’ll avoid you my pretty … and my little dog too!

            6. katageek : “Ok. You got me posting Marianne. Nice going.”
              Marianne: “Ok. You got me learning katageek, nice teaching”.
              Yes, I see most of what you are writing about. Looking up some parts I haven’t met yet.
              Tonglen….Lojong proverbs….have just had a fast reading of it……look to be in clear/pure spirit….will have a closer look at them. Thanks!
              Keep posting……write about your life! Something is really coming out alive into the light here on this blog…..

            7. Marianne, I do have a blog if you are interested. But for today, I offer up these weaknesses in my personality. I’m addicted to only three things:

              1. Caffeine.
              2. High-Fat Fast Food
              3. The Dopamine Rush I Get in Responding to Internet Discussions.

              Number one is a given and not something I’m even remotely concerned about. But the other two I struggle with. I’m a vegan with a FUCKING EVIL fast-food dark side. Much like the Shark in “Finding Nemo” I find myself saying out of pure lust and desperation

              “Cows and Chickens are friends NOT food.”

              The vegan thing has literally extended my life. I dropped 35 pounds, and expanded my taste palette. The movie title “Forks Over Knives” is my battle cry and I am a Doctor Esselstyn cult groupie clutching a well-worn paperback of his book on reversing heart disease like it was my salvation.


              In the last three days I’ve been on a bender. Yesterday was a 1/2 Pound Double cheeseburger at Whataburger, an Oreo Cookie Shake AND an Original Recepe Kentucky Fried Chicken DINNER.

              But it got worse …. much MUCH worse ….

              I joined a discussion HERE with a hot sexy Siren beaconing me to come closer … and I started posting … I started … using … blog dopamine …

              But … now I’m back. No guilt. No shame. Just one foot in front of the other. Laugh it off!

              Blogs. Kill. My. Time. With. People. I. Love.

              _/!\_ (gassho)

            8. katageek
              whispering into your ear: beautiful! you know, some of the things women love are when men create, tell their deepest thoughts, fears,
              dare to cry, arrogantly tell another guy to fuck off just to stop a plain stupid nonsense action, allow themselves to be very soft and tender in a feminine way…..you add to this list. and you know what? one can do it with a friend or a spouse or at times on a blog ( to do so with the
              most intimate thoughts and emotions is quite a let go)……
              Geir writes “eat”….simple….or is it not? if you hadn’t written about your
              bender, it would have stayed a nice, stuck “truth” in my mind….sort of
              Zen style but not in its depth….it seems now, that whatever we create,
              we create its opposite too but we may not be conscious of it…..
              allowing oneself to create both and act accordingly is that frees oneself….freedom to create either or neither……the result is a little bit more intimacy with Life itself, with whom we are and with its Full Creative Ability…..thank you kata, I have found your blog…but stay here with us too…
              I will leave you here with one of my favourite videos….and I am sending it to each of my friends here too….the whole is a jewel….listening to it with one’s heart…..at 0:28:24 – 0:29.06 he is telling about the reason why we choose not to be transparent and intimate with Life…

            9. I’ve often wondered about the mirror creations and so when you said, “it seems now, that whatever we create, we create its opposite too but we may not be conscious of it…”

              So may I say that if I do a good over here, then does that knowingly or unknowingly create a bad over there? I may have misconstrued your meaning. How do you apply this?

            10. Chris,
              The MU is the “we”. Sorry about it. I meant its general sense, that is “human beings”. I meant creation in a human being’s mind. I create the concept of good, it implies not bad (the bad is also created, otherwise I cannot evaluate it as good). I inherited both with the Mind.
              Thanks for the question. What you may have meant is at a deeper, subtler level than the mind. You feel that you are about to perform an action. You perform it. There is no mind in it. The action comes from Life Intelligence itself. That is You/the Source/Oneness. Which is always RIGHT. Not good or bad – it’s right. Proper to the situation.The mind now enters and interprets it as “good”. If the outcome is “positive” at the other end, then the mind is satisfied, thinking that IT “caused good”. If the outcome by the interpretation of the mind is “bad”, then the mind thinks that IT caused a “bad effect”. But whatever the outcome is, it was the right action in the full picture of Life as YOU as LIFE created it. Life=You cannot make a mistake.YOU create a RIGHT “over there”.That’s my reality of it. Did I answer your question?

            11. No, we missed. I wasn’t making a judgement about right and wrong. I was referring to the mirroring creating a dichotomy such as of left and right. I am looking at a reason for anti-matter as it relates to matter. That’s what I thought you were referring to. So the question asked another way is if I create a plus over here does a minus appear over there? If that’s not what your remark was about, it’s ok.

            12. Chris,
              The question of anti-matter can come up only when one speaks of
              matter. One can look at first if matter as such has any reality at all.
              If it hasn’t, then anti-matter hasn’t either. What do you think?

            13. There is a gradient of condensation from consideration to matter. One may say that consideration is a very primitive form of matter.

              Sent from my iPad

            14. Chris,
              Your “mirror creation” has been staying with me. Here I am looking at
              the possibility of a perfect match of a man and woman at the level of
              body, mind and spirit. That is non-duality, complete harmony, Oneness. And BEING so, in/as one POTENTIAL out of which a different type of existential form of consciousness arises. A kind of different
              dimension. In my present reality here is where the “future” ofmankind lies. What do you think about it?

            15. katageek
              did you watch the video “different qualities….”? in scio we learnt how
              to create moods and speed…..I am sending you something…..drive!…I like sitting on the back seat!……so, how are you doing?

  9. Geir……where are you? Your company is needed in the Company !
    ” Play with it. “

      1. Inconsistent (unpredictable by the mind), creative and inspiring as LIFE INTELLIGENCE itself!
        (sent by the Flow)

  10. Geir,
    “Make your own understanding of Life, the Universe and Everything.”
    Sounds pretty good. Can you share how you are progressing with it,
    that is your understanding of it of the moment?

    1. Geir,
      Listening. While you are preparing with your answer, let me share one tip.
      “Stop, don’t do anything and don’t resist it.” (Isene). Works for quite a while.
      When one just silently sits down, a flow of Life arises and following
      the above principle as-ises what’s there. Eventually this flow gets very
      “strong”. When one is then “out in life”, in relationship with people,
      things and the universe, one keeps on with the principle and LETS
      the FLOW flow. One perceives with it, senses and feels and can thus
      even BE what one experiences in this way. So one’s BEINGNESS is expanding. It’s rather a LETTING than MAKING one’s understanding.
      LETTING LIFE reveal itself in all its totality and when the mind defines, labels things in the process, one just acknowledges that: definition, label, whatever consideration. That’s the mind’s job, one lets it happen, following the above principle. But now one knows about the different forms of experience. And one communicates – for pure fun and so others have a chance to follow the principle. And thus we can share.

  11. Life is as funny as it can be….it is lunch break and I am sitting next to one of my workmates…he is a sort of silent type of person, not communicating verbally very much…he is listening to this song I haven’t been listening to for quite a while…..here it goes for share…

    1. On top of it: before he started to listen to this song, I was about to write down a couple of words about the quality of the Flow. He didn’t
      know about it, just started the song aloud, which he rarely did before!
      So, I am not writing about it now but among the merits of this blog is that this Flow is Let flow continuously….love you guys .. Life is aware, listening wherever we are waiting for us to listen to its listening…

  12. Marildi,
    As a response to you writing me about your “drive” I have moved here as I find
    it a better place. This is where “games” fit in. If you agree.? Thanks for your answer! It was very inspiring! I have invented a “game” for myself. Are you in the spirit of playing that too? And we can compare our results, talk about it.
    Game: Make a list of as many high-toned games as you can. Make a list of as many low-toned games as you can. Compare the two lists. Do it as long as you get…….name what you get!

  13. One of my favourite embodied definitions of Potential as well as of Happy Living. Sending it to the YOU.

    1. To Each of YOU
      It’s amazing! Above I was writing about POTENTIAL and the YOU.
      Here, in Hungary, I get the picture (illusion) of Brian Adams. But I can’t listen to it, it says I must go to You Tube (Mest). If this hasn’t
      yet proved to anyone that Potential is not part of Mest and what follows is reaching out and distance and the rest……I am just laughing and laughing! So it’s true that Life is dragging us with utmost compassion to Truth !

      (this was the first time that it happened so)

    2. To Each of You
      It’s amazing! Above I was writing about Potential and the You.
      Here, in Hungary, I get the picture (illusion) of Brian Adams. But
      I can’t listen to it, it says I must go to You Tube (Mest). If this hasn’t
      yet proved to anyone that Potential is not part of Mest and what follows is reaching out and distance and the rest….I’m laughing, just laughing…. So it’s true that Life is dragging us with utmost compassion to Truth!
      (this was the first time that it happened so)

  14. As a little follow up – in case of any Change in Time, just remember the PREVIOUS song!

  15. “Avoid permanent damage”
    I observed that the bigger “my space” is, the tiniest particle can cause a huge
    damage. But it can always be corrected. And also noticed that what ” I ” caused had a place in the “big picture” for someone’s benefit, as well as the correction.
    It seems from a certain perspective that whatever we do is the right action. Life
    can simply not make any mistakes.

    1. “Life can simply not make any mistakes.”

      I’ve sensed that too, Marianne. It seems to be true in either the short run or the long (which should tell us that it will all turn out all right :)).

      Similarly, from another perspective, LRH said, “The analytical mind is incapable of error…” (DMSMH)

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