Checklist for creating a cult

  1. Make it your first policy to “Maintain friendly relations with the environment and the public.”
  2. Create some free or very cheap introductory service that give the public real gains
  3. Disseminate the introductory service widely, attracting many prospects
  4. Ensure every person that takes the introductory service feel indebted
  5. Sign the person up for more expensive service
  6. Make sure the service give real gains, lest people will leave
  7. Preferably advertise gains to be had that you cannot deliver, keeping the person always wanting the next service level
  8. Keep the atmosphere light and fun while the person invest increasingly more money and time
  9. Make the person feel special, as part of an elite society
  10. Enforce a policy that no one can talk about or discuss anything negative about the service
  11. Make up a good reason for this
  12. Ensure the person gets pot committed
  13. Increase the pressure, gradually squeezing the person for more time and money
  14. Have some confidential service that only the most pot committed and elite members can have
  15. Make sure the service levels end with the person being fully committed, more committed than to his day job, other petty interests, friends and family
  16. Tell the person that the next, unreleased level will only be released when some insane target is met
  17. You will then have a slave on your hand
  18. Back all this up by a rigid, authoritarian organizational structure
  19. Make sure everything is laid down in iron clad policy, removing the slightest inclination toward creativity or individual initiative
  20. Micromanage, measure every detail, come down hard on non-compliance and non-conformity in the organization
  21. Trademark everything, create a monopoly on the services, stamp out any competition
  22. Never defend against any criticism, always attack the critic by Argumentum ad Hominem, discredit always
  23. Amass enough money to litigate the hell out of any external threats
  24. Internal threats are handled with a policy on disconnection that makes the pot committed disconnect even from his own family
  25. Puff it all up with an apparency of social benefit programs
  26. Engulf the whole in excellent PR and glamorous videoed events with CGI effects
  27. Make it unassailable by calling it a religion
  28. As the guru, rake in money, live a glorious life

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89 thoughts on “Checklist for creating a cult

      1. Absolutely Anette. I have seen it before but enjoyed watching again. Also the Pentecostal and Speaking in Tongues following. This really describes the cults.
        Isene hit it exactly on the mark in his post above.

      2. Hi Anette! Nothing surprising for me at all. In a sect or politics, the mechanism is the same, and the real name is brainwashing. I remember very well my time in kindergarten (1975-1979), when we were “guided” to love the General Secretary of the Communist Party. What you see in videoclip is 100% true, it’s the disection, step by step, of the entire action. But when it’s for real, it’s like a flow, you are surrounded all over and finally you become one of them. In children case (mine included) only family can tell you the truth and protect you. But if you have no adults protection, from an inocent child you can become a lethal weapon.

  1. Gee Geir… that video is really a write-up which we have seen practiced in real life, havn’t we?
    The video added the important pint of having a God or guru in the group..

  2. Are the Indies a cult, too, Geir? We are not in the church anymore. However some still feel we have something to do with Scientology. I am one of them. In a world which is going mad, in a world where anything to do with spirits is considered charlatanism, Ron made it so that Scientology continues. I would be more careful in what I give to Indies to feed them. I think we are already getting lost instead of creating some strong third dynamic.

    That’s my opinion on this write up. It has nothing to do with the present scene. I wish people could see the present scene on this planet and through Scientology be able to do something about it instead of leaving it all up to Miscavige and the church.

    1. Don’t underestimate your own power. You don’t have to be a cult member to have a positive impact on the world.
      If you’re looking for a cult substitute I can recommend many, such as; attend a dance class, study science, study languages, play in an orchestra, play poker and be pot committed FOR REAL, love, capture the moment, visit nature, hug a tree, do fun stuff, and build your competence.
      Spread your enthusiasm to your family, friends, colleagues et. al.
      Build strong relationships.
      The world would look a little bit brighter.
      Just a simple advice. Stay strong.

      1. Anette, thank you very much for your kind words. I have been doing such things… it’s true that living life is the most gracious thing we all have. What grieves me though is to see people in this solid state. Without Scientology the world would be much different. Think of it for a moment. We couldn’t really see ARC breaks as such. What Ron did was an enormous work. It grieves me more to see people who will not ever get this info. It’s their life of course. But some things are not done on an INDIVIDUAL, 1st Dynamic basis. It’s not possible. And all this 3rd dynamic activity that is needed in order to really change conditions, it will take a lot of work for Indies to get. We have the gift of communication even if it’s thru the Internet. We should cherish that. Get people more uptone. The Cult is the Past. We are now here with what we know. I am not gonna throw the baby out with the tub. I know better now.

        1. If you are worried about people not getting this info, why not disseminate it? As you say, we have the gift of communication and we have Internet these days. Thank God.
          If that is what you want, just do it. Go out and change some conditions. Use your burning desire to do so, and you will succeed. I believe it’s all possible on an individual basis.
          Have you made someone smile today?

          1. Thanks Anette… I guess I have made someone smile today at least via the phone. I make people smile many many times. I get what you are saying.

      2. Anette
        +1 and a little but…it is not a “bad experience” to have a deeper and deeper sense of what this “LIFE” is… can be “lucky” to wake up from the mind through dancing, sport, science etc. and experience oneself as that creative and able source. It happened to many. I agree that life is to be lived! !!That to me means presence, being the activity out of which the life flow and love start to be more and more perceivable. Also, dancing and meditation, meditation and dancing is an option too until the two “become” one.

      1. Geir I am not sure what you are saying is right about the world. It has always been like that, one can say. Except for some minor details… like the burst of population, the poverty in many countries and people from there migrating to other countries. My country when I left it in 1990 was just Greek…. Now we have millions of immigrants, poor and of other faiths and other civilizations here flooding the streets especially in some particular neighborhoods. Millions of euros are being sent abroad and the economy bled for many years. It’s a whole political matter but the outcome was that my neighborhood is not greek anymore. i don’t mind foreign people except that most of them are lazy or don’t know what to do, so they are not contributing anything to the local economy.

        Of course Greece has not gone down because of the immigrants alone, though they played some serious role into the downfall of the economy. We are talking about 10.000.000 people in Greece and there are now more than 1.500.000 immigrants and maybe that’s an underestimation. That’s a lot in a few years. I am witnessing this transforming of the population daily. Since I didn’t have enough money to take my kids to a private school they attend a public school where the majority of the kids are kids of immigrants. Of course many of those kids have a very low level of education since their parents cannot or don’t care to help them with their poor greek.

        So on the other hand I see the Scientologists and it grieves me to see that they are now incapable of doing things since there is no 3rd dynamics that can build up and range over countries and reach across borders and do things with other Scientologists.

        I have been very alarmed by the fact that Scientologists do not know the use of the Org Board and most Indies I have talking with in blogs do not see the value of Admin tech.

        As I said to Anette a thetan can’t do much on an individual basis.

        So the world (and I am a very optimistic person but I am no blind) is gonna go thru some heavy stuff the years to come. All this burden of the Collective Thought (which is not analytical but reactive) will fall onto the shoulders of a few and of course the governments in each country who already have control of all finances, all resources, have secret political channels to promote only those guys who abide by the System.

        If this is the cult you were referring I agree. Like the church, a country as another 3rd dynamic must protect its territory and the status quo of those in power. It’s only the urgency of the financial matters pressing on them that is going to make them do some good things. See how much religion and philosophy is fought around this planet. Knowledge is considered dangerous. And of course spirituality is often associated with craziness and charlatanism. you can’t be a thetan on this planet and find much support. LRH had to build up a certain system to protect a thetan. Yes, the system went somehow by the boards but it’s not just the system’s fault. We all had something to do with it.

        So I am not selling a world in trouble, as I don’t have anything to sell. I just see a world in trouble and out of communication. Wars have not ended because politicians are corrupt world wide. The Elite on this planet is fighting any movement which would in a major way help improve conditions on the planet. They want to make it theirs first and transform it as they did with the church. The Church has been taken over by the Elite of Suppressives. I don’t know if people agree on that but it’s product IS Suppression. It was not with LRH.

        So, I am taking a look at all this and at the Indies on the other side. Maybe it hasn’t dawned on them that TOGETHER they have much more power. It has dawned long ago on Miscavige and the Elite that groups are powerful so they must be manipulated.

        I wish one day WE see this, too and I am gonna work on this with all my powers. Thank you.

          1. I didn’t. Does this change something in what I said. I will watch it now but I would also like an answer on what I wrote regardless of A video. We are live entities communicating thru here. Watching a video is not going to answer specific things I mentioned. Anyway, let me see it and I get back to you. Thanks

            1. Putting the video there was a major part of my communicating to you. Let me know what you think.

            2. Geir, thanks. I watched the video. It’s a great one, true. Peter Diamandis (definitely a greek name) sounds so thrilling and uptone.

              I want though to point out the following:

              1) Peter Diamandis (a tech guy) still refers to the brain as the highest source of Intelligence in Man. And this is exactly what I wanted to stress. Peter Diamandis is wrong in that, ignores the existence of Theta as Life Source and will keep on doing his best but with very limited possibilities except in the realm of actual technology.
              2) All the video talks about Abundance in Energy and Goods. Of course good people (I don’t know how good Peter Diamandis is, but I don’t have doubts about it) tend to be very optimistic until their ideas or dreams fall upon the Wall, called the Elite.


              3) Although all those things stated in the video are great and are happening, the Elite is going to make sure, like they did with Scientology to buy them off, delay them, exploit them and of course turn them to their advantage and have them under control. This is not a minor point and it should not be neglected. Otherwise this planet would have been a paradise if not for those people.

              4) And it’s not just the Elite. It’s the layman too who prefers to deal in minor unimportant things than in higher truths and more substantial stuff. This is for a new movement to take care of and really educate such people. You cannot leave them in the dark they will wreck the place one day.

              5) The situation on the planet with more of technology is not getting much better. In fact we do have other problems now, like the one of pollution of the planet. And this is not a little thing either. So, Mankind has to start acting as a body of people and not just as countries against each other. And politicians who have not up to now, with few exceptions, shown any extraordinary abilities are into this problem as they, especially, are not interested in any spirituality except that of the Status Quo and are unable to solve the real problems of the planet. The planet exists just because Life finds its way, somehow.

              Until I see a Peter Diamandis confronting such political problems I am doubtful that things will change fast.

              I always knew that Scientology is not a little thing. Our task is much bigger now than ever before. But one cannot just alone do those things. It’s important that we get this message. Those dynamics need us. That’s my take on it.

              And why not contact Peter Diamandis and let him know of this technology? Or David Icke who has devoted himself to Man and does extraordinary things. And other people too.

              This is to me the right use of Scientology right now. Think big, Act big, Collect big… it was the saying from Ron. It does not need to be all about money. Collect big can refer to thetans too. Like get them to understand.

              I appreciate what good people do on this planet. But I do know there is a dark side which is not going to abandon the game easily. They don’t want to lose control.

              I would like to see Scientologists effectively doing things around the planet. That means being organized. It’s unavoidable. It’s a new game too. It’s a very, very prosurvival game. It just takes lots of Communication and live one. But I guess we can do more now than we were able when we all had our first win in Scientology. We are more powerful beings now. Because we now Know.

            3. I watched the video. He is selling hope. The things he details give him “tremendous hope”. And that is good. Of course, Scientologists are also being sold hope, as in “when the Super Power Building opens, the world will change for the better”, or “when all orgs are Ideal Orgs, the problems will all be solved”, etc.

              I think it is a contest between those who have hope to improve things and make a better world, and those who are “selling” the “dangerous environment” Because the “dangerous environment” is not simply the selection of scary and depressing stories for the news media to spread,it is the actual creation of an actual dangerous environment. Once it is “sold”, the group bank agreement of those who have boughti nto it can be used to justify military interventions, wars and the slaughter of the “bad guys”, as well as the ever-increasing “need” for more military spending and thus higher taxes or the cutting of money spent on constructive social programs, policies of military conscription, etc.

              Maria has already posted some about this kind of thing recently.

              So yes, we might have a better world coming, or we might have WWIII.

              Of course, some of the “critics” of scientology are also “selling a dangerous

            4. Valkov: “Of course, some of the “critics” of scientology are also “selling a dangerous environment”…

              Ah, but how about the church selling/promoting a dangerous environment outside of itself, here in the world? Entheta, bad, bad, bank, join the SO to be safe, and fight the enemies, etc.

            5. Yeah, how about that? My post was about “selling the dangerous environment”. And my point is that the CoS, or various governments, have no monopoly on doing so. Some critics do it, too. Or do you disagree?

            6. Valov: My post was about “selling the dangerous environment”. And my point is that the CoS, or various governments, have no monopoly on doing so. Some critics do it, too. Or do you disagree?”

              Guess I missed the whole point and didn’t catch that you included the cofs and got hooked on the critics. You understand! 🙂 Thanks.

          1. Anette
            To me the power of one man or one woman has nothing to do with “reason” – reason is thought and you will always get counter-thought(s). To me real “power” is what I see in the “Master” video. He is silently, in his humble way, conquering MEST and by doing so, in one activity, is himself more and more alive, is spreading this aliveness in the food he is preparing for others and obviously his theta is there in his other activities too whatever he is doing in life, whoever he is communicating with. To me that! is power and well-being. To me that is the source of having an influence, that is change. “No reason(ing)”, just being and doing. Also, one can master “talking or writing” too, but even in this case it is the “theta” which will count (pure physics, I can say).

          2. Theo
            Like many of your “perceptions” of the world that you write about above. Two things I’d like to add. 1. “because we now Know” – I would like to change it for – because one is aware and can perceive more. 2. there are sevaral ways to be more and more aware and perceptive, not only by the true basics of scientology.

            1. “2. there are several ways to be more and more aware and perceptive, not only by the true basics of scientology.”

              I am sincerely interested in the several other ways to become more aware and perceptive. Please say what they are and whether or not they would be on the correct gradient for most people. Thanks!

            2. Marildi
              First I’d like to mention the flow you usually post on. I like it!!! If one wants to work on beliefs, there is Byron Katie’s The Work, the universal beliefs part. Once again, Adyashanti True Meditation. It’s not a method/technique. It’s natural. Also, there are techniques like chakra breathing (some others by Osho) I did much earlier. Reiki also works – I just “got it” earlier, it works on Life energy itself. The key is – nothing which is cognitive, rather “raw” life energy. Or any Art form. As I find it, you cannot advice anybody anything as it has to do quite mechanically with the person’s resonance “level”, also his considerations.

            3. Marianne, thank you! And thanks for the compliment. Coming from you, it is especially appreciated. 🙂

              Totally got it on these practices not being cognitive. Btw, I have the idea that possibly just practicing OT TR 0 could also bring about higher levels of awareness than Bridge levels do. It would be like what meditation does for people.

              You also said, “As I find it, you cannot advice anybody anything as it has to do quite mechanically with the person’s resonance ‘level’, also his considerations.”

              It sounds like you don’t believe that true communication based on ARC (resonance level) would work to advise a person, or do you not mean that?

            4. Marildi
              Resonance is the most important – but there are considerations. It takes almost continuous creative communication to be in continuous resonance. Considerations can come into play if just in case of one of the two people which can “hide” the resonance, so they have to be “handled”.

            5. Thanks, Marianne. Let me apply the principle of comparing datums of comparable magnitude and to see if what you’re saying can be expressed in terms of ARC or not. It would seem that the person who has considerations that are hidden is at a low level of C. The way to bring up the C would be to either raise the A or raise the R. An example of where this is done is on the dissem drill where you get the person in comm and willing to talk to you by communicating about certain things that will be real to him, thus hitting his R and also raising his A as well as C.

              Would this fit what you had in mind?

        1. By the way:
          So constructive ideas are individual and seldom get broad agreement in a human group. An individual must rise above an avid craving for agreement from a humanoid group to get anything decent done.
          – And if you were looking for Hell and found Earth, it would certainly serve. War, famine, agony and disease have been the lot of Man. Right now the great governments of Earth have developed the means of frying every Man, Woman and Child on the planet. That is the result of Collective Thought Agreement.
          The decent, pleasant things on this planet come from individual actions and ideas that have somehow gotten by the Group Idea.

          Excerpts from KSW by LRH.

          1. Anette! ( I hope I am not going to monopolize this post).

            True, true so true. But even LRH created not 1 but many, many 3rd dynamics to support what he did. This is what I am saying, this is what grieves me, this is what I am going to work upon. Creating 3rd dynamics (and we have the tech not the one Miscavige is using, but the actual standard tech of how you build third dynamics).

            1. Theo, as long as you don’t start posting in Greek so I am forced to say “its all Greek to me” its unlikely you will monopolize this post! You would really have to work very, very hard to do that! Carry on! Great posts!

      2. What I hear from this video is that he is talking about abundance of matter and energy (in the physical sense), and some other examples of a better well-being. Obviously better than the bad news in the media and surely good news what he is talking about. But! What I see around me in case of children and adults alike is that their tones are much lower than e.g. 5 years ago. And it is going down in most cases. More and more mental noises, ridges in communications, less and less awareness of the moment, physical tiredness even among the very young. I don’t want to speak about “myself” but as an example – all of my sudents
        said to me during the couple of years that besides coming to me to achieve their goals the best I “gave” them was my pure attention and some “radiative pure energy (as they said)”
        due to which they felt “energized, faster and clearer-thinking” after each meeting. Now, this
        is, as we kow, theta (or whatever label). This is clearly not in abundance in the world. Yes,
        as some of us said earlier, this “energy” is “pouring from above” (bad words). But because
        people’s attention is drawn to thousands of “things” , they cannot be “sensitive” to this energy, which, we may say, is from a kind of “source”…its consequences we have started to talk about, that is a “shift”. I am open to any “correction” to my view.

    2. What exactly do you think Scn can do about the state of the world? Walk them all up a 1/2 constructed bridge and over the edge ? Sorry, the world doesn’t need Hubbard’s 3rd dynamic tech. Nor his 4th dynamic tech (OT III)

      1. Hmmm… maybe walking them over a 1/2 constructed bridge would solve the population problem!! Bwa hahahaha!

        sorry… I was feeling feisty all of sudden… 😀

        1. Maria: Hmmm… maybe walking them over a 1/2 constructed bridge would solve the population problem!! Bwa hahahaha!
          sorry… I was feeling feisty all of sudden”

          Butter them up Real good while they’re walking on it. hehehe!
          sorry, I was feeling a little slippery myself.

    3. theo…I asked Geir a question the other day I’d like to pose to you….if you surveyed 100 people if they thought Scientology was good or bad, what do you think the numbers would be? I don’t think those numbers would change based on “independent” or not. I am like you in that I love what I got from Scn, and wish it could do more for this planet but I don’t see the public warming up to Scn it is a joke in their eyes. What are your thoughts?

  3. The 28 points for starting a cult is very accurate.

    But it should be edited to say that that is the way the CO$ works.

    Then that list should be posted on a small website, to educate the public on how the CO$ works.

    And also educate people that there are different kinds of scientology.

    There is good scientology and bad scientology.

    There is the church of scientology and free zone scientology.

    The philosophy or subject matter of scientology must be separated from the church of scientology.

    Explain that the CO$ is a criminal organization, and people should be educated on how to deal with them and how not to fall in their traps.

    An impartial properly educated or informed individual should give an intelligent, well reasoned, logical, objective and unbiased evaluation of scientology on the site.

    (What I mean by a properly educated individual, is one that has applied the data in “How to Study a Science” to a very high degree.

    That means someone (an impartial truth seeker) who has impartially studied and
    evaluated many different subjects of comparable magnitude to scientology.

    That means many different religions, spiritual teachings, philosophies, personal and professional development programs and the like.

    Probably a person who has a university degree or some equivalent would be best to do this. )

    Explain what scientology is and what it is not.

    It should be explained what is good in scientology and what is bad in scientology.

    It should be explained what the strengths of scientology are and what the weaknesses and short comings are.

    It should be explained that there is a right way and a wrong way to do just about everything. Most people do things the wrong way.

    It should be explained what a prospective person can expect to gain from the right kind of study of scientology.

    (For example: that Dianetics is the best trauma therapy in the world. It is the best stress resolving therapy in the world. It is the best I.Q. increasing therapy in the world. )

    And what they can’t expect to get from scientology.

    And what kind of traps to watch out for.

    Then explain what the free zone is and give contacts to as many free zone websites and organizations as possible.

    The tell the person how to get started.

    Tell them what books to get and read first, before getting into scn.

    Then do a thorough research of as many free zone orgs as possible, to find one that suits them.

    I am sure someone can even improve upon what I said here.

    This website should be made to appear at the top of any search.

    A title could be something like: The truth about the good and bad about scientology.


      1. Val: thanks for answering my question about PO28. Some days I prefer to be dim.

        1. Who actually knows what happened to the money? Money is worth nothing if it doesn’t enhance your life, or those of your heirs.

          I think he failed at #28. I do not see where he was happy or comfortable in his older years.

    1. I like it, Dio.

      Of course Al would be right there posting how anyone who doesn’t reject Scientology and LRH out of hand is a brainwashed whatever.

    1. I like the “owning your own mythology” idea. I can thus be the “Feral White Russian from Manchuria”, a legend in my own mind. In my case it also happens to be true

      It strikes me that dedicated blog posters all tend to be such LIMOMs.

      1. Valkov that is the nicest thing you have ever said to me.

        If I get the acronym right we posters are all legends in your mind. Which makes you really an ARC kind of guy IMHO.

        To see EVERY being as it’s own legend in YOUR mind is indeed, the Hallmark of maturity of your faith’s precepts.

        You are welcome on my blog any day my friend. For you too …

        Are a legend.

        1. KG, I always liked you. And now, from your comment here, I get that you are “really an ARC kind of a guy” yourself. You brought up my own ARC to a high level just because your communication was so high, and could only come from who you are. 😉

          Much ARC, marildi

          1. I think you are very kind in your treatment of others Marildi. And I don’t think you are a cross blue crab at all!

            You are one of the advanced students of LRH that never forgets the basics of ARC in communications with everyone.

            I like the concept map of ARC. I don’t think it is the underlying key to the Universe, but it is a great tool to see how a relationship is doing and what can be worked on first to improve it.

            “She hates you something fierce.”

            “Hmm. A? R? or C? Which should I work on first to build a better relationship today? I think I’ll get her a birthday cake for her birthday…”

            Dang useful. Not infallible, but works well enough to use as a staple.

            1. kg: “And I don’t think you are a cross blue crab at all!”

              I’m not totally sure what a “cross blue crab” is but what you said may have been a variation of “And I don’t care what awful things people say about you!”. LOL I’ll just assume this is kg’s inimitable humor. 😛

              That reminds me of something I should have added to my comment above: You really write well, with a style and substance all your own. And you are so funny too! I’m glad you fall off the blog addiction wagon sometimes.

              Thanks for the nice validation about my ARC. I don’t know if you would have said it if you had seen a couple of my exchanges recently! They definitely included use of the ARC triangle all right, with respect to matching tones. But the tones being matched weren’t at the higher levels of the tone scale, shall we say? 😉 In any case, in my comment to you I was also matching tones.

              Btw, ARC isn’t actually “the underlying key to the universe”. That would be the spirit its power of choice, i.e. free will. JFYI, “Will” dear. 😀

            2. @Maria and Marildi

              ((CHANGE OF SUBJECT))

              This is … a blog fashion INTERVENTION.

              Marildi, Maria it’s time for you to upgrade your avatars. We know you are both as sexy as you write, so bust out the busts of your hot faces! Are you two ever going to dump these trailer trash icons and reveal us your awesome?

              I can respect image privacy in the wacky world of Scientology. So if that’s why there is no picture of either of you two, then maybe you can give us something like Alanzo’s Buddha.

              Do you always want to be the Purple People Eater Maria? Or The Angry Blue Crab Lady Marildi?

              YOU ARE BETTER.

              Would you two WANT to be buried in these avatars? When ALL YOU DIE WHILE I SURVIVE TO BE A 1,000 is this how you want me to remember you?

              BTW: There’s a prize if you BOTH forsake this blogging fashion disaster!

              I’ll post a bald Image of me as my avatar from when I shaved my head this year at gravatar.

              My wife wanted me to try it. It was fun and my zen friends thought I leveled up for a minute. It’s amazing how people treat one differently when one has no hair. They are kinda scared of you. Anyway, my old style is on the mend.

              Over to you.

  4. Except for point #1, I would say you have laid out the modus operandi of the Corporate Church of Scientology. Point #1 they will have nothing to do with, however.

      1. “maintain friendly relations” is a postulate, so you get a counter-postulate. Also, any word, like friendly, implies the existence of its opposite in one’s mind. Also, as you pointed out with labels. “public” causes separation, duality, that is. Well, the mind is like that!

  5. I find your summary of how to create a cult comprehensive. However, it is only successful because of earlier conditioning:

    1. Teach people that they are individual free agents, a wholly separate and independent origin of thoughts and actions — therefore whatever situation they face in their lives is a direct result of their own efforts or failures / shortcomings.

    2. Demand that they “be themselves” and act “authentically” in all circumstances. Simultaneously demand that their “authentic” acts conform to group / societal mandates, needs and pressures. This is a double-bind game that is characterized by the extremely contradictory elements as outlined by Alan Watts:

    – The first rule of this game is that it is not a game.
    – Everyone must play.
    – You must love us.
    – You must go on living.
    – Be yourself, but play a consistent and acceptable role.
    – Control yourself and be natural.
    – Try to be sincere.

    Children are in no position to see the contradictions in these demands, and even if some prodigy were to point them out, he would be told summarily not to “answer back,” and that he lacked respect for his “elders and betters.” –Alan Watts

    3. School people on an enforced basis. Indoctrinate them to obey authorities, follow time schedules rigorously, accept and memorize approved information, and punish dissent. Evaluate their ability and intelligence based on contrived testing and standards designed to measure acceptance. Remove any in-depth study of the following subjects from the any curriculum below the level of 3rd year college:

    – Philosophy and Logic
    – Rhetoric and Debate
    – Propaganda Instruments and Processes
    – Public Relations Instruments and Processes
    – Financial Instruments and Processes
    – Corporate Instruments and Processes
    – Political Instruments and Processes

    4. Teach school children that they must go to work each day and work on what they are given to work on, and work diligently, quickly dropping a task several times a day and moving onto another on command regardless of their personal progress on that task. Personal interest has no part in this process. Personal autonomy and freedom is only possible after school, when one can “play,” have fun or do what one is interested in.

    5. Make safe, fascinating television shows and events for children. Again, break up the interest with commercial breaks that teach children what they need to buy to be happy and successful. As they get older, teach them to watch current events on television so they will be “informed” citizens.

    6. Enforce the value of expert status by eliminating employment applicants who have not acquired a college degree.

    7. Employ taxpayer dollars to pay for all of this. The probability is that 1 in a hundred will go on to produce/invent technological developments that will benefit everybody. Instead, arrange funding by private corporations and seize control of the benefits through the use of patents intended to restrict the sharing of the rewards of this enormously expensive process. I well remember the PR sold to the taxpayers in the 1950s and 60s. We were assured that technology would raise the standard of living of the human race for everyone. In fact, those awesomely expensive technology advances are the very advances that are used to dismiss the “unnecessary” employees — replaced by the very technologies they funded in the first place. But those same dismissed employees are required by law to continue funding that system and since they are the ones responsible for their own success or failure, they seek ways to improve their ability to be causative and effective, turning inward to address their personal deficiencies.

    8. Now begin the cult series.

    1. 0. You are going to have to throw in some “discoveries” about a part of your mind – this thing inside you – that has been destroying your life this whole time without you knowing about it.

      00. And then, you are going to have to say that you have THE ONLY WORKABLE WAY MAN HAS EVER KNOWN to erase this part of your mind. You are going to have to get the person so convinced of this that he does not trust himself to make his own decisions until he has “gone clear”.

      000. Then you are going to have to present “discoveries” about CONTROL, and how only aberrated people – people who are being controlled by this bad part of the mind – do not LIKE TO BE CONTROLLED. They love to be controlled in a “good”, as in good control.
      This love of being controlled is a sign of how SANE they are and how they are on top of this TONE Scale where they never get angry or natter about things that happen to them.

      Then you can stack your list below this one, and then Geir’s list below that.


      1. OOP! Stick this list above my other list, then Maria’s, then Geir’s.

        -0. You falsely compare the human mind to that of a computer. Then you say that, just like a computer, the human mind records every single experience exactly as it happened. And only the bad part of the mind – the computer which has all the “held down 7s” – is what makes your memories not instant, and perfect in all aspects.

        -00. Then you falsely say there is this state called “Clear” where your human mind can have perfect memory like it always has, when you finally erase the bad part of you and reach the State of Clear.

        -000. You say that these false definitions and comparisons of the human mind are true and have been tested in a laboratory beyond any doubt.


        1. I am describing the overall indoctrination (some call it brainwashing) system presently active in North America and throughout most of the literate world. The C of S merely rides on its coat-tails as do all the various groups & power elite that depend on this very thorough indoctrination process, which spans a staggering 18 years of most people’s lives.

          It was first implemented nearly a hundred years ago, and continues to expand and gain more and more influence. So far, the only change that has made any kind of dent in it has been the implementation of the Internet, which serves to break the back of “approved” information and education, facilitates exposure of previously hidden activities, and provides the ability for anyone with an Internet connection to express their opinions and voice their dissent.

          People are definitely NOT given the information you have suggested before they begin their 18 year schooling program, and that is because the C of S never did make any mainstream inroads, such as becoming “approved” information in public schools and colleges.

          They pretty much have to find organizations such as the C of S on their own steam. They look for solutions to improve their ability to be causative and effective, solutions that offer to address their own personal deficiencies, for they have had it very thoroughly ground in that if there is a deficiency it isn’t in the system they live in and learned from — it is a deficiency in them as an individual.

            1. I read the complementary lists and I can’t be quite sure about a (surely virgin) 15th years old lady I had met on some Org, she was Staff 3 and professional auditor. If I could give you some mock-up to bring you up the most accurately mental picture of her, I would say “latin Lisa Simpson”. And if I would use some social label, it could be “Otaku Lisa Simpson”. She had me PTS when I was there, was so demanding, the proyection of her mother who was the Division 6 director. I had the crazy idea of exposing child explotation inside that Org… but, you know, “nevermind”. Then the years passed out and now she is a legal adult on this country, around 19, and I suspect she is still a virgin. Why I am focus on the virginity thing? Well, what if I told you she would auditing some big man that got a sexual condition or something? I had see things that never had sense, neither in the past, neither now… o.o

    2. This resonates with me very strongly though I don’t live in North America. One can escape from any small cult relatively easily, but what about this one big cult?

      1. What if I told you that when you escaped from the big cult, then you get inside another small cult and so on? What if there inside a cult inside a cult inside a cult? Or maybe you was in a cult the whole time, even before your first birthday? 😀

  6. Geir, can you please put back the listing of recent comments? That was a helpful feature.

    1. a-HA!

      So THIS is how you are able to pounce on whatever I say right after I say it!!

      CAUGHT YOU, Marildi!

      You think you’re so clever.

      But now I’M going to use the recent comments feature too, and find out what YOU have been writing as soon as you write it! Then I’M going to pounce on YOU!!!



        1. Oh I see!!!

          I am not trying to do that. You see me as trying to do that. But I am not trying to do that.


  7. So here is a cult story for you….

    Just found out today that a Scientologist in the healing profession (hint….don’t work with dogs and don’t drill teeth…I’ll leave the rest up to you to figure out). sold their practice to another Scientologist. So the buyer buys the practice in LA area for close to 300K, then starts taking a look at things and realizes that the seller (previous owner) was billing insurance companies fraudulently. So the practice was valued based on fraudulent actifvity and not real production.

    So the new buyer confronts the seller, and the seller said “well I’m giving the money to the church.” So the new owner contacts an ethics officer and the EO says “well I hope you can get it worked out.”

    Oh and the seller is moving to Australia to do their OT levels at ANZO…and they lived for years in LA.

    When the buyer said it was fraud, the “church” basically said its your fault. They don’t give a rats ass because they are getting the money.

    Everyday I am simply amazed at the activities that surround Scn and how the individuals that are blinded, think that I am blind.

    1. Yeah, it’s not anyone’s stat to return fraudulently obtained money.

      That would be the Fraudulently Obtained Money Returned, or FOMR stat, or the FO$R.

      “What condition is the FO$R stat in today?”

      “Affluence, sir!”



      1. LOL Alanzo…right you are! Or “Yessss Sirrrr” as Mike Rinder would say

        I think the church’s Admin Scale has “Statistics” on top. Goals and purposed are down a bit

        Good PR
        White Lies
        Blatant Lies

        What you think?

        1. Nice scale.

          I think it is a circular scale in which under Purposes they return to “Increase stats”, and “increase income(thievery)”.

          1. Agreed Valkov! It’s the + dwindling spiral or – dwindling spiral

    2. Is there a testimnoy about what was the last movie LRH saw? Or maybe the list of movies from the last decades of activity? I wonder if he would like “The Godfather”.

  8. My name is laurent Boer (, and I have been harrassed and manipulated by an unknown hidden cult organization
    They drugged me insidiously, hypnotized me, they programmed my mind with hypnosis and several different kind of drugs, and they didn’t hesitated to do many illegal things including:
    – Under hypnosis, mental conditioning to make me feel terror to talk about them and what they do
    – use some addiction drugs to enforce the power of the hypnotizer on me
    – At work, air spray some kind of GHB drugs to train me to work harder
    – Under hypnosis, format my personality to fit their needs
    – Follow me in shops and coffee places to make me feel paranoid, harassed and under their control
    – Under hypnosys make me watch horror and homo movies every day under addictive drugs to get addicted to this
    – Installed software on my computer so they can remotely send subliminal trigger images
    – Under hypnosis make me hear for hours daily their speech teaching me that what they do to me is great and usefull

    How to get rid of this kind of secured powerfull worldwide organizations?

    Best Regards,

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