It’s a cross between a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Fuck It!

Having noticed that my recent blog posts gathered lots of comments around the Net and on e-mail lists, I have decided to answer a bunch of them here. Rather than answering on the various sites, I think it’s better for people to find a collection of some of my views here… regarding Scientology, Hopefully this will be the last blog post on that subject for at least a little while.

Here’s some relevant and some weird statements that I will answer:

  • Geir has abandoned Scientology altogether?
    I have basically abandoned all methods in favor of doing what is right to deliver value in a given circumstance. Goal is senior to method – always.
  • You are ditching the best mental technology known to Man
    I don’t know if Scientology is the best mental technology. I am open to any tool that may help a person reach his own goals.
  • All you want to do is to prove Hubbard wrong
    I don’t care about Hubbard. But I am interested to find out where the root cause of abuses perpetrated by the Church of Scientology comes from. It seems to me they are rooted in the writings of Hubbard – and locating these root causes may help prevent recurrence.
  • He is influenced by some SPs (Suppressive Persons)
    I am influenced by all sorts of people. But my main influence is my curiosity and relentless quest for my own truth.
  • Geir is still stuck in the cult mindset
    I am not stuck. I am a work in progress. Hope you are too.
  • He will eventually wake up and realize that there is NOTHING good in Scientology
    I think absolutist statements about a subject as big as Scientology is stupid – whether the claim is that it is absolutely perfect or absolutely useless. I prefer tolerance and respect for other’s views.
  • He will soon understand that he didn’t have any real gains in Scientology
    It’s like saying I will soon wake up and understand that my childhood education didn’t give me anything after all. I gained what I gained in Scientology and it was great – even though some would love that not to be true.
  • Geir has an annoyingly haughty writing style
    I am curt on my blog and on forums and have been labeled “the champion of conciseness”. That may come across as haughty. I am a fan of Winston Wolf. I have limited time. I prefer to spend my quality time together with my family and friends face to face. I so love personal contact. You will find having a coffee with me quite different than discussing with me on the Net. You are hereby invited.
  • He has gone over to the dark side
    I am on nobody’s side. I am on a quest for my own truth and I bring my own torch.
  • You need an L1C on Scientology (an auditing action to handle a person’s upset)
    I am not at all upset with Scientology or with Hubbard. Scientology has been a good stepping stone for me on my personal quests.
  • Geir wants people to have lofty goals. It’s akin to Scientology’s “Clearing the planet”
    I don’t want any goals for others. people should find their own paths and goals (or not). I want to help those who have a burning desire to reach some goal – whether that is a small personal goal or a goal to make the World a better place.
  • Geir is only focusing on “a person’s own goals” – that’s so first person oriented, so Scientological
    I don’t care what goals people have. But I am always ready to lend a hand if anyone needs it. And I do help a lot of people do things they didn’t think possible. I love to see others succeed.
  • Geir is setting himself up as another guru
    No thank you. The one thing I hated about having reached OT 8 in the church was to be treated as someone’s Personal Jesus. Let’s do away with guruing altogether.
  • He wants to take over as the leader of the Church of Scientology
    What have you been smoking? I am done with organized religion.

That was some of the statements that I picked up. I am sure I have missed plenty. Got more questions or statements for me? Feel free to post a comment.

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129 thoughts on “The FACK

    1. I find it both interesting and encouraging that I get flak from both sides of the polarized spectrum of Scientology.

      1. I think its funny! I bet a lot of this is because you completed OT8 and that means [fill in the blank]. OT8 has a lot of meaning!

  1. You must stand up for something, or fall for everything, and be good for nothing. Kudos to you Geir…

    I know what’s real to me and I don’t budge from it. With that said, we are all different so I respect anyone who stands up for what they see, and what they believe in. I get along better with someone who I disagree with, then someone who waffles around and doesn’t hold their position on anything.

    Im looking forward to the comments on this thread

  2. Having planned to open my own blog on Sc. soon I feel shocked to see how many different ‘attacks’ someone has to bear who runs. A blog on Scientology.
    Geir apears to be sailing through the rough seas of critical and hostile opinions as if he was an unsinkable boat which could cope with any hurrican.
    And he seems to enjoy the dance. (If he didn’t he’d sit in the quiet harbour enjoying quiet days among his soulmates.
    I ‘envy’ him for that kind of stability.
    Interesring for me to be confronted with my own ‘intolerance’ today when finding out that a new blog in Germany is run by people who say 100% yes to LRH, insisting that KSW should be folliwed in any case. I deeply dislike this inflexible uncritical mindset. It is the basis of any cult.
    Sheep Daniel

    (heyhey – you are invited to be my first sheep once I’ll open my own blog???)

    1. In between, can you provide the link for the Germany blog? I’m just curious. Hopefully I’ll understand even with my poor German.

  3. “Goal is senior to method” – love it! Totally true!
    ” I so love personal contact” – like your shift from what you wrote in the Harmony post.
    Love the picture – more and more red (since the love picture) of the Heart.
    As for your style – it is concise when it should be so. That you speak more in other cases and also started to explain is excellent.

    1. I love these pics by Hugh. I had a feeling that something was missing in this particular picture. Now I get it! It may sound better: My last words will be ‘yes’ ‘thank you’.

  4. Well I guess you are not only the most dangerous person for the C of S, you are also achieving notoriety! Its fascinating how many people feel the need to coach you!

  5. Ah Geir, some of the chitchat on the net is due to a number of exes before you starting their own brands of self-help therapy, counselling, etc. with scn as a base. Most of that has been just another type of scn with a different twist and a lot of it was money-motivated.

    Most of us (exes) have had enough of gurus. Some (anons and exes) are concerned you might be setting yourself up that way. I’m not one that believes this, btw. When you use words like “goals” and “tools”, they can have scn connotations. IMHO, most people pretty much have the tools they need already. Sometimes hope is the missing element, or self-confidence, or there are unavoidable life factors that get in the way. Sometimes what gets in the way is actually more important than the original goal – taking care of one’s aging parents, for example, can really wake a person up to what is truly important in life.

    We all go through life conflicts. Some are universal. How we deal with these determines whether we pass through them successfully and become better or worse individuals. (See Erik Erikson and Piaget

    I personally have high hopes for you in the philosophy arena, though it doesn’t appear you’re touching that for quite a while. And there is nothing wrong with lofty goals if it’s realistically within a person’s education and background to attain them and if it’s what the person wants.

    The world is better for those who had lofty, truly unselfish goals and achieved them. The world is also better for those who focused on their immediate areas of influence and did what they could in their daily lives to improve the quality of life for their family and friends through compassion, science, the arts, philosophy, education, practicality, patience and love while maintaining a balance to ensure they took care of themselves, too. Most of the second group are the unsung heroes who make life beautiful for the rest of us.

    Inspiring motivation in others to achieve realistic dreams/goals/ambitions is a good thing. IMHO, people will progress anyway, though, and find the person(s) in life most capable of helping them when they are open to it and need it. Whether they accept the help or pass it by is another story, though, and that’s a matter of individual choice.

    1. Oh yeah, I forgot that one: “Geir is setting himself up as another guru” 🙂

      I added that one to the list in the OP

  6. Several posts ago, I found your recent intense posing confusing. But you then replied to me and made my confusion go away and now you’re replying to many others. So this post seems to be right thing to have done now.

  7. hehe nice points!

    By the way, I’ve been missing from the COS since 2002 or so. And after I left I was 100% with standard tech for years and would get suspicious and hostile towards any effort to alter it –even by an inch. The reason why I turned is that I saw in people that they didn’t even hope to reach the case-goals of SCN (Cleared Theta Clear and so on) and so I figured there must be something wrong with it.

    1. Was it you who worked on translations? Greek one I think, but after the wild re-organization of 2001 I’m not that sure.

        1. I was on TU staff in CLO EU from Christmas 2000 till July 2001. I remember reading your name many times. After the reorganization the Italian guy was in comm with you. I think his name was Vico. And now I recollected that it was because the Greek I/C Theodosia had blown.

          1. Hihihihi yes yes 🙂 We were running to complete the PTS/SP course at that time. It was a nice game, though our SO contacts always gave us much higher goals than we could handle with our manpower. My senior went away for a while and I became TU I/C for a couple months…that is to say I stayed sleepless for a couple months 😛

            1. We had those sleepless “evolutions” because of both Science of Survival and the PTS/SP pack. I became pretty pissed because there was never any extra day off for managing to meet the targets. I realized that something was terribly wrong in everyday organization if then everything had then to be handled in that way. And during the second evolution I made my decision to leave because I didn’t see any chance of the environment becoming saner.

              And now I’m learning you were pressed even in your distant location beyond any common sense. It’s just – incredible how common sense in absolutely missing in the SO.

            2. Yes, I liked everything about that period except from that pressure that I felt. I even had people from the USA e-mailing me and asking me for translations to be done within a few hours (that while it was something like 3 am in Athens 😛 ). I assume that they had been told to press whether there was need or need….oh wait, that reminds me of suPression.

              My senior was (and must still be) among the most loyal-to-the-churches-cause people I have met. She never got any exchange that I know other than her hat trainning (I dont count that as exchange) and the PTS/SP course. And that while she worked for years. And the fuckers sent her to the Sea Org to get through ‘ethics’ handling because she dared to talk bad about SO staff. Fuckin nazis. Among other things they taught her how to use ‘wrath’ (pure SCN huh). And that’s the point where I quit.

  8. I worked in Athens not in Copenhagen, but the translations unit was in constant contact with Copenhagen. Were you there?

  9. It seems to me that by some you are misunderstood (may be also even deliberately, as a make wrong). A free and searching mind is always prone to the attempt to be “put in his place”, because his natural openness provides a bigger target.

    It looks like the extremes here got provoked through your open questioning and invitation to think and talk about set ideas and concepts. Firstly you “are not with LRH”- so you “must be against the tech”; secondly you possibly couldn’t have the “gains with the tech – it’s all a sham”. This reminds me at a GPM dramatization, like a left-right/ black-white narrow-mindedness.

    Maybe you could make a blog post about “infinite valued logic” (to loosen up the polarization and to get more a perception of a spectrum).

    And as soon as you shift your themes again to HP calculators and such (and as I don’t know anything about and leave the comments to the technical-more-enlightened-ones 😉 ) – my last words will be: You are welcome! And… thank YOU so much! – I was enjoying to be your guest here.

  10. Geir…” I am on a quest for my own truth and bring my own torch”…yes and more than that.
    You provide the space for anybody to come here and do that. Even more than that. There is that pure energy which manifests itself in different ways…views, opinions, emotions…no matter what forms they take up, they are of the same value as they are all that energy. This is also in every move any of us makes….and you move and you get us to move and we get each other to move. Put in a different way, spirit moves spirit which allows SPIRIT to manifest TRUTH itself in different ways….so there is Change.
    You are on a quest for not YOUR OWN truth, but TRUTH itself. On a quest for the YOU (as in your earlier post). Thank you….

  11. Geir
    Earlier you wrote ” I can create space and energy, time not so much.” You now write you have limited time. Also, you prefer to spend your “quality” time with family, friends face to face. I get what you are saying, but it also communicates that you have a problem with time.
    Is it true? If so, how is it for you? Also, what do you mean by “quality” time?

  12. Geir said: “He is influenced by some SPs (Suppressive Persons)”
    “I am influenced by all sorts of people. But my main influence is my curiosity and relentless quest for my own truth.”
    RockmyStar says: The Truth of the matter is this: Geir Isene is so little himself that he may be said to be a robot without Integrity acting on the power all the major SP’s have on him. I can of course name the ones that almost totally control him, if you like.

  13. Geir
    Isn’t it all about getting conscious of those issues one has been creating unconsciously?

    I have been wondering about what it means to create time so that one can have unlimited time? OK, time doesn’t exist. Then how is it? Isn’t it so that it means one can knowingly and willingly create OR uncreate (as-is) space and energy?

    You say you can create space and you can create energy to put into space. Given, that you have been doing that for quite a while, there can be some creations which you have sort of
    forgotten about, but which are still there. As e.g. some un-as-ised emotions and thoughts.
    In this respect, you have reduced your ability to create time in that ratio. So you can rightfully say that your time is limited. If so, the solution is to get conscious of those spaces and energies which are being created unconsciously. May they have to do with the physical body, the emotional body, or the thinking mind.

    Quoting Adya in the Question of Being qouting Jesus: ” If you bring forth what is within you,
    what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you”.
    I understand bringing forth as communicating what there is. Once something is out, one can
    comfortably be with it and as-is-it. It can go as far as how one is creating the physical universe, the planets, stars…but most importantly first what there is for YOU as a being in the HERE…..

    How do you see this question?

  14. One day I woke up and realised that I never lost nor gained anything from SCN or anything else because I always was and will always and never altogether be what I basically am and so, I can never be the effect of anything. Does that make me PTS or SP? I’d like to add that I can process my created valences instead. Does that count, or am I doomed?

  15. Processing causes change, yes, but what is it that changes? In order for you to change you must have some a form of some sort. Do you have any? Are you a body or a mass of ridges or something? Are you trying to convince me that implants are truth, just to make DN and SCN always seem true? When you grant beingness to your PC, what sort of beingness do you grant him, that of the banky, dramatising, dumb monkey? Of course, since I don’t audit, I don’t have the right to talk. Sorry.

  16. I am rather new to this blog – but I am quite a bit irritated how personal it is getting now and then.
    What significance does the person Geir have at all for the people following the blog? Is he more than a person who makes statements which are discussed afterwards, while Geir is moderating?
    Are some of us maybe secretly seing him or wishing to see him in a position of a leader ((a little GURU?)), so we are checking again and again if we accept him in that position?

    Of course – every sheep on the blog has his own individual relationship with the shepherd. But – is there a common denominator?
    Just wondering …

    I’m not sure if my question could lead to one or the other interesting insight or cognition.

    Anyway: Here is my personal answer. I am looking for soulmates in respect to the wide subject ‘Scientology’. Who has similar views to mine? Similar viewpoints mean for me: We would not have to discuss about basics anymore but could start communication already from that ‘higher basis’.
    Sorry – I wish I could write in German. Hope it communicates nevertheless.

    Should I send what I have written right now?
    YES – NO – YES – NO – YES – NO – YES – NO – YES (!)

    Last remark:
    There is no other blog where I feel as free to open myself up. It feels like being among good friends.
    It feels very pleasant.

    I’m sure its because of Geir’s influence plus the audience he meanwhile has attracted to visit his blog.
    He is indeed encouraging to open up as he exemplifies it. He is not afraid of being criticized. He is willing and able to confront anything that will come.
    I find this very interesting as well.
    So I am throwing a stone into the water and see what happens…

    1. I think Geir with the kind of neutrality and freedom of speech that he exhibits, would make a good U-ology ED. I don’t think that thought makes me a sheep. Nor have I felt Geir trying to mind-control me. Actually, that’s another good reason why he would make a good ED 🙂

      1. We are all guests on this or another blog. And if we are visiting again and again, communicating with others while accepting that the blogger makes the rules and moderates, the analogy shepherd / sheep is not wrong. And by subordinating ourselves we become sheep automatically.
        The shepherd guides us sheep into a different direction – we follow right away. He introduces e.g. the term ‘U-ology’ – we pick it up and use it, refer to it.
        If some other sheep would have invented the term it would have gotten lost, I’m sure.

        1. Ja I see your point now. He makes the rules. Yet, the goals that he set (U-ology) and cognitions/evaluations about SCN and DN are his own. Someone may decide to follow, but nobody is asked to follow, that I know. I think if we all made one big practical group, it could be quite chaotic. I mean can you imagine me along with Alanzo telling me that everything that I do is wrong all day long? 😛

          I like the different points of view in this DISCUSSION group though. If we agreed over everything, there wouldn’t be much to discuss, I guess. We learn from each other like this.

          1. Spyros – I agree.
            I realize that those who don’t agree with the moderator’s ‘direction’ are leaving anyway. Yes, our opinions are different – otherwise we’d fall asleep instead of discussing.
            But they don’t differ tooo much. Or is there anybody who’d say: KSW should be applied 100% or that LRH was a man without real weaknesses or that the tech is scam altogether?
            Sometimes someone shows up who needs to be invited out. That happens, and it does make sense.
            (e.g.Geir wrote: ‘Erlend, feel free to go unravel somewhere else.’)

            1. Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe Geir has a past with those people, or maybe he’s not too serious about it (I shouldn’t answer for him).

              To be honest, if I thought that current SCN tech resulted in 100% caseleness, I would be with KSW 1 100%. And up to this moment I haven’t bothered to find LRH’s weaknesses. I have heard stories about him and that he was strict. But I think there have also been people who liked and miss him. I don’t have an opinion, as I haven’t experienced him first hand. But I’m grateful that he did what he did, for I don’t any evil intention behind it –on the contrary…
              I think if he still played with SCN things would be so much different. So, should I leave now? 😛

        2. But never mind … I’m sure our shepherd is already preparing a new meadow for us. 🙂
          So what kind of meadow will it be this time?

          Here is my phantasy:
          I wish Geir would said one day:
          ‘Today’s subject is: Put down YOUR subject!

          What would YOU like to be discussed? Put down YOUR statement or ask a question and find out how others are reacting to your subject.’
          This way we’d all find out what’s going through the minds of others …
          An interesting game?

          1. I would vote for something practical such as ‘How to throw fireballs’ or something spicy such as ‘How ethical sex is done, according to Standard Tech’ 😛

            1. One of my favorite subjects would be:
              There are many who want the Church to stop the abuses. They are exchanging news and are discussing this and that in many blogs and forums.
              If we’d call this ‘masturbation’ then I’d like to see some passionate real sex at the end of the day!

              But who actually DOES anything to make it happen (except for speaking out, talking about what they’ve seen – which of course is already a lot).

              I’m rather talking of ACTIONS like the ones from Jenna, Mike Bunker, Marty, Mike, Geir, Tony Ortega (opening blogs and doing more) or Tory Magoo, Debbie Cook and Luis Garcia.
              A brainstorming and discussion about POSSIBLE actions that could be done to stop the DM nightmare would accelerate the process, I believe.

            2. I’m not sure about this myself. I think it would be somewhat fruitless to fight suppression with further force, because the ones inside the COS would turn against you too, and get injured too and pay for it, if the COS got injured. They support that group. The best solution I can think would be to let them know that SCN was meant to make them free, and that they’re not being free by supporting suppression. Other than this, the COS is shrinking rapidly by itself and I would say that this is some Pan determinism in effect.

            3. Spyros
              “I would vote for something practical such as “How to throw fireballs or something spicy such as “How ethical sex is done, according to Standard Tech”.
              HaHa…..LOVE IT! Can you come up with some more?

            4. Marianne: HaHa…..LOVE IT! Can you come up with some more?

              Spyros: If to join the Sea Org is the most responsible thing to do, then why do the OT levels in the first place?

              If you need to ‘to become OT’ to be able to afford the COSes Bridge, then why do the OT levels in the second place? 😛

        3. Daniel, you are a relative newcomer to this blog. It is not true that if some other sheep invented the term it would have gotten lost. In the last year or so on this blog there have been some stunning insights from the so-called sheep and there have sheep that would have been better called wolves. Other people’s posts are not just swept aside and ignored on this blog and there are posters here with fundamental disagreements with Geir and tremendously divergent views.

          A wonderful example is the dopamine fix. It did not come from Geir and people who have been around for a while know exactly what that means and who first brought the idea forward. You’ll see it being referred to from time to time.

          Then there is the free microwave. If you have enough pluses, you can buy one!

          But it goes much deeper than that. When you read Geir’s posts, you have to understand that he is every bit a participant and most interested in gaining insight from others. All of the long-time people participating on this blog challenge, dispute, clarify and integrate the information, and the panoramas that are disclosed are downright amazing at times.

          1. Thanks Maria. Yes, I know that I really cannot make correct judgments because I am lacking a lot of information. Sorry. I did not want to offend anyone.

            Please briefly explain what you meant with this: “Then there is the free microwave. If you have enough pluses, you can buy one!”

  17. Spyros – I see DM playing this game for 20 years and more. Of course one day he’ll lose it. But why give him more time than necessary.

    I am not afraid of the Church turned against me. Not at all. I’d make it public on the same day. And what should I fear??? I see freedom-fighters all over the world risking their livers.

    And what would we have to fear?

    I am not talking about fighting suppression with ‘further force’ – but with TRUTH being spread more effectively.

    1. Yes, in the way you said it now I fully agree. We should freely communicate without fearing what some ‘powerful’ guy will think about it, and how he will react to it. All the ‘power’ that he has is that some want to have him there as a boss. That’s why he doesn’t allow them to communicate, with the ‘bad’ people ‘out there’, and he third-parties instead.

      1. You should not provoke a snake or step on its tail. It would bite you.
        You should either leave the snake alone or kill it right away. So it won’t bite you.


    • What color is Geir’s underwear?
    If you can exteriorize with full perceptics, feel free to take a look at his underwear and send him an e-mail describing its color. (*1)

    • What makes Geir most irritable?
    Arrogance, intolerance and insistence that others are wrong. (*2)

    • Would Geir want to have dinner with Jesus?
    Yes, and also with Buddha and Kurt Gödel. (*2)

    • Has Geir participated in something legendary?
    Yes. He participated in Midnight Magic, a legendary Norwegian weekly radio show. (*3)

    • Is he participating in something legendary?
    Yes. He is participating in Midnight Magic, and in a legendary ♥ love ♥ story with Anette. (*3)(*4)

    • What does Geir drink?
    Coffee (espresso with variations of milk), tea (he’s a tea maniac), juices (grapefruit, cranberry, lemon), positron lemonade, proton tea, liquid nitrogen … (*2)

    • I he really drinking liquid nitrogen? Is liquid nitrogen dangerous?
    No. Yes. (*5)

    • What will happen on June 23rd, 2014 – 14 months to go?
    There will be a party. And you will all be invited. (*2)(*6)

    • Will Geir be the first Norwegian to do the Funky Chicken?
    Maybe. (*7)

    • What’s the difference between SAQ and FACK?


    1. Ooops. I meant:

      • Does he really drink liquid nitrogen? Is liquid nitrogen dangerous?
      No. Yes. (*5)

          1. I asked this question recalling Geir’s post on HL…the example when a guy got himself involved in the game of writing a list… instead of saying YES or you are right to the girl in the first place. Perhaps Echart Tolle’s “tool”, saying YES to what is, is a rightful and simple tool.
            Here is John Lennon too, in simple, plain English.

        1. Marianne: Isn’t there a phrase like “You’re da girl” ?

          Chris: Yes there is! And when you say it to a girl it’s pronounced, “You da man!”

    2. Ferenc: “Will Geir be the first Norwegian to do the Funky Chicken?
      Maybe. (*7)”

      Hey, you forgot my prediction:

      “My guess is that Geir is going to publish a book! A book on his philosophy, including how it relates to Scientology but not only that.”

      And then I added, “Or maybe it will be his autobiography.” 😉

        1. I just quoted exactly what Ferenc wrote. The numbers correspond to the list of links at the bottom of his post.

        1. No inside information whatsoever. Geir can confirm that. It was just an educated guess, based on “You can know them through their posts” (quoting myself ;).

            1. Btw, Geir, I am known for having a very sensitive sense of smell. I once “saved” the people in the apartment beneath mine by calling the gas company to report that I smelled gas. When their detectors did not find any leaks in my apartment, I insisted we check the apartments on either side of me. No gas leaks there either. By then the guy was getting impatient with me but I knew what I knew – I smelled gas! I finally got him to begrudgingly agree to check the apartment beneath mine too. Sure enough – a slow gas leak. And these people had been having headaches and feeling sick for some days, but had not smelled gas. They literally thanked me for “saving their lives”. 😀

            2. Marildi
              You are as sensitive as theta, awareness itself! Throughout the discussions, whoever you are speaking with, it is there! Also, you have a very high level of confronting and intelligence! ( just speaking between us, woman to woman)
              I don’t mean to be evaluative…you see, THIS is a FACT…no context.
              Do you see what Ferenc is doing here? HaHa….yes, he has an awesome nose and ability….

            3. Marianne, you are just so cool. Thank you! As a matter of fact, I was about to say the same to you!

              I’ve been looking for a reference in relation to what you said a little while ago: “I am looking at the relativity of facts, data, their interconnected nature now”.

              And I had just found one of the references right before I saw your post:

              “The point here is that monotone importance in a class of facts leads to nothing but the most cluttered confusion. Here is evaluation: opinions are nothing, authority is useless, data is secondary: establishment of relative importance is the key. Given the world and the stars as a laboratory and a mind to compute the relative importance of what it perceives, and no problems can remain unsolved. Given masses of data with monotone evaluation and one has something which may be pretty but isn’t useful.” (LRH, Dianetics, the Modern Science of Modern Health)

              In my book, you are in very good company with LRH on many of your ideas. And even on some of them that may or may not be in company with LRH (in other words, I’m not sure). 😉

            1. Wow, Ferenc, I wonder what this portends for the future of the internet…

              And I would say that YOU are the one with the “good nose” – for sniffing out things on the internet. 🙂

            2. Re: “the future of the internet”

              Voice recognition awesome advances.

              (More today’s specials :-))

            3. Ferenc, I had trouble understanding many of the words in the recordings, but do you get that there is really something to this idea of animals actually being able to communicate in such human-level concepts and ideas? Just in different sound forms or symbols?

              I remember a story LRH told of getting in comm with a horse that was recently purchased by someone LRH knew. He got in comm with the horse and found out it was having a secondary over being taken from its mother. I got that it was telepathic comm. but don’t know if the horse was making sounds as well.

            4. Marildiv: “I remember a story LRH told of getting in comm with a horse that was recently purchased by someone LRH knew. He got in comm with the horse and found out it was having a secondary over being taken from its mother. I got that it was telepathic comm. but don’t know if the horse was making sounds as well.”

              I guess this is another 2013-04-01’s special. (If it is, it’s a good one :-))

            5. LOL! You totally fooled me! You prankster you! 😀 (But what a nice way of telling me I fell for it like a fool. ;))

              But mine was no April Fools’ Day joke. People do have telepathic comm with animals. I have a friend who has given many telepathic communications to his cat by placing thoughts into the cat to do certain things and the cat does them. One time he was giving it a real test and placed the thought to jump onto the couch and then off of it, back on again and off, over and over – until the cat finally looked at him like, “What the hell?” 😀

              Now, before you start laughing, thinking this is a hilarious April Fools’ Day joke – it’s not. It’s the truth. He had drilled TR 8 and putting a thought into an ashtray and got very good at it. He also duplicates the tone level of the cat and feels that this is part of why the telepathic comm is possible.

              Btw, since you are knowledgeable about so many subjects, Ferenc the Great :), I can’t help but ask – have you ever tried to communicate telepathically with an animal?

            6. OMG, Geir. I don’t recall you ever saying that you had done the old OT Levels. From what I understand they do drill OT abilities.

              So then, can you communicate telepathically, both send and receive such communication? And did you achieve other OT abilities? You definitely got my interest!

            7. I only did the old 7. It is used in the church whenever a pre-OT doesn’t blow enough BTs (per the adjudication of the C(S) on OT 3. After old 7, I was put back on 3 to blow more – and then I attested to OT 3. I will do old 4-6 after L10 and L12 to complete the Bridge before I go on to fulfill my two purposes wherever I need to go. As for telepathy – I only drilled “send” on old 7. You can read about that too in the book 🙂

            8. Oh, right – I remember hearing about that now, maybe called by another name too besides OT VII.

              So can you send me a comm telling me what’s on your nightstand?

            9. Probably not. Only drilled it with people nearby. And it is shaky. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I’d like to drill it more, though.

            10. Come on, I bet you can do it. Give it a shot and I will be at my receptive best.

            11. Well, I did get a picture of some book, but I think the name of it is in Norwegian, couldn’t quite make it out. But I did get the year 2013. I think, and there seems to be some word like Astronomy. Am I anywhere in the ball park?

            12. Holy crap! That’s pretty damn close!

              Ok, let me transfer a bit more of an image here”.

            13. Clearer that time! I saw a picture on the cover that looks sort of like Elizabeth’s icon – a “nebula” I think she calls it. And the author’s name I got is Jan-Erik Ovaldsen. Right or wrong that’s what I got!

            14. Marildiv,

              I didn’t mean to fool you because on my postings (FF 2013-04-01 at 22:11) (FF 2013-04-01 at 23:06) I wrote as a last sentence “today’s special :-)”. So, I was convinced you were just following the game.

            15. Uh…yeah, yeah right. That was it exactly. 😀

              Kidding, of course. Wish I had been so clever as to follow the game! I was simply considering “today’s special” as yet another one of Ferenc’s specials from the internet – which you post regularly. (But I’ll get you next year! ;))

            16. Ferenc, looks like Geir has gone horizontal (as he puts it). It must be very late there. But did you see our comm cycle?? OMG, I think we outdid your specials – truth is stranger than fiction!

            17. Isene – re the “old” OT VII you did that you commented on. Yes, it does work quite well on animals. In the 70’s when I did the OT levels this was called OT VII EP. One did up to OT 3, then OT 7 EP (with the ability gained that you are aware of) and then did OT 3 again and this was called OT3x (OT 3 expanded) and then on up the OT 4,5,6 and then you did Full OT 7.

              OT7 EP isn’t the same as full 7 and has only that one main ability gained. I had never heard of anyone receiving this in the 90’s and beyond. You received a taste of the positive gain OT levels. Works for animals, plants, etc – after a while it is just a natural way to communicate and intend things.

            18. Sapere Aude, yes, OT3x (OT 3 expanded) is the name I was trying to remember for what Geir described. Thanks for clearing that up and for the rest of the inspiring data you gave. May I ask, do you yourself regularly communicate this way?

            19. marildi – To answer your question – both yes and no. With animals almost always. Horses and dogs and very easy for me and many are amazed when they say my dog always jumps on people and I invite the dog as they run over and they come up right in front but do not jump. With animals there are two communications occurring for most. The thoughts you have toward the animal (will it bite, jump, etc) and the intention of what you think you are saying (nice dog, etc.). These two comm cycles MUST match – what you think is the key one the animal perceives and your verbal and non verbal signals sometimes create a confusion.

              With people – it is up to me. I still don’t just intrude into the space of others, even with pure intention thoughts. I have no desire to enforce my intention on others. ARC works wonders, even when very light. Tone 40 is only needed in emergency and to handle arbitrary defiance (not to be confused with the certainty of the other to their viewpoint.)

              Does that answer your question. I can also say if I never did anything beyond the original levels they far exceeded my expectations. During those times the expectations were for abilities gained – not a state of beingness attained. As an example the public end result of OT6 was “ability to operate freely as a thetan exterior and to act pan-determinedly, extends the influence of the thetan to the universe of others.” Superman was not the end result.

              No promise to have full perceptions but I am aware I naturally always feel exterior to the body, at times with more perceptions than at other times. To act pan-determinedly requires the perception and willingness to assume the viewpoint of another and not just be self-determined despite what others want. I found I had incredible empathy for others at this point. Enough about this. Hope that helps answer some of the unnecessary mystery that has been created about OT’s. Never did new OT7 so cannot tell how I would feel differently. Mine was a very stable point of gain.

            20. Sapere Aude, thanks for your comm. One interesting thing you brought up is the point that “what you think” is the main thing animals perceive rather than “verbal and non verbal signals”. It’s amazing that animals seem to be superior to humans in that way. Odd that we, the more “advanced” species, brain wise, etc., don’t normally have that ability – or else we have come to simply not-is it.

              Another thing that interested me was what you pointed out about abilities gained being different from a state of beingness gained. From that I got that the EP of OT 6 is not just a state, like “thetan exterior”, for example, but is an ability – i.e. “the ability to operate freely as a thetan exterior and to act pan-determinedly, extends the influence of the thetan to the universe of others.” The extended influence would obviously not be forced intentions but may be such things as theta disenturbulating entheta…

              OT abilities aside, ARC does work wonders, as you said. And at the highest level I suppose the cause-distance-effect type of ARC comm becomes telepathy if you are actually in the other person’s space (ultimate affinity) and thus the distance factor has been taken out and one’s thoughts are simply “with” the other person. And this also seems to tie in with pan-determinism if “taking the viewpoint of others” means, again, being in their space. Or it could just be a matter of going up to Know as regards other people’s viewpoints, which would also be total ARC. (As you can see, you got me thinking, :))

            21. p.s. I forgot to ask – are you a man or a woman? I always like to know for some reason. 🙂

            22. Mirildi – I wouldn’t say animals are better or more evolved. I don’t believe they think of other concepts other than experience the present. If you will just “quiet” your own thoughts and perceive in PT you would have the same ability. First you have to handle your own noise, then re-acquaint yourself with a more natural native state and learn to trust your perceptions, then you will be able to be how you wish and communicate fairly easily.

              If your current “thoughts” don’t match your verbal or non-verbal communication right now you do perceive it. Don’t you know when you are being mislead or lied to – even if slight enough that it doesn’t really matter. You know when you are shopping and ask about something if the salesperson tells the truth. Take a look at Isene’s comment on the Kill PR subject that he thinks honest truth is the future.

              When you are not stuck in your own created world so far that you cannot perceive a pan-determined view it is pretty damned hard to act OT or causative. Try and read a map when you think you are the spot at the intersection and not a viewpoint above the map looking down at it.

            23. Sapere Aude: “Don’t you know when you are being mislead or lied to – even if slight enough that it doesn’t really matter.”

              Yes, I think I do, a lot of the time. I was a word clearer for some years and got pretty good at observing indicators, which was why (IMO) I could do unmetered word clearing with a greater success than some people assumed was possible without an e-meter. I have been thinking that this ability to read people (which I first learned as a word clearer) was a result of observing verbal and non-verbal signals (indicators), but now I’m wondering if that is the whole of it – I’m thinking it isn’t. 🙂

              I got your point about a map too. And I am with Marianne when she says, “…if you decide to communicate to help clear some false data in any topics, please do that.” It’s rare to have a poster who has done the original OT levels.

              Btw, did you see the exchange between me and Geir, where he was sending me a telepathic communication and I was apparently getting it? And if you did, were you able to perceive that we were just trying to play an April Fools’ joke? (But damn! No one took the bait! :))

            24. Marildi: (But damn! No one took the bait! :))

              Chris: I did! But I just didn’t get around to writing to it. Dang! You guys got me!

            25. LOL! Thanks for giving me a win! I was disappointed that no one was biting, but even so I was laughing my head off the whole time. 😀

            26. Sapere Aude
              “Enough of this. I hope it helps answer some of the unnecessary mysteries….”
              I got each of your words…and you see it….helps, very much so….there is indeed no need for any mysteries at all as we are speaking about very simple, natural things. Indeed, speaking about them may ring a bell in some people, who can tolerate simplicity and you can help clear some confusions which were there because some others sold them some ideas willingly or unwillingly. Like what you wrote, if you decide to communicate to help clear some false data in any topics, please do that. Thank you.

            27. marildi – You got it. Perception is the other direction from intention. You can put out intention into others, things, etc and you also can receive intention as perception. You just have to take out the garbage so to speak and learn to trust what you give and receive.

              I did see the exchange you had. I didn’t get it was a job but I also didn’t perceive Geir actually had anything for you. The only certainty I had was either I wasn’t receiving or something was off in the exchange. I put no more attention on it so didn’t follow it as a joke it was just other stuff to me.

              You will enjoy the following:

            28. Sapere Aude: “You just have to take out the garbage so to speak and learn to trust what you give and receive.”

              Yes, that’s what I intend to continue “drilling”, so to speak. 🙂

              And thanks for the feedback about Geir’s and my little spoof. I had an idea you might have perceived it something like the way you you did.

              Thanks too for posting those videos – amazing what knowingness one can find in movies and books, etc.

      1. Marildi

        Hereby I am making a prediction too. The book will have a very positive impact.
        Earlier Geir said that some thought that he was the most dangerous person in Europe. In one respect it is true but not as he meant it, as in that meaning it is only a consideration. Geir, hear it? No matter that a consideration is said to be higher than the mechanics of life (e.g. the energy waves of thought), the real “danger” will come from Life Source itself. Which is “higher” than a consideration. It is Affinity, Love, Care, Truth. That will really have an impact. An impact always shakes people – in this case in a positive way. It can’t be otherwise as we have been experiencing it on the blog while communicating with each other.

        1. Marianne, I think Geir meant that in the eyes of the CoS he was the most dangerous person in Europe. He no doubt will write some truths about the CoS and as an OT 8 he will certainly create danger for the CoS.

          And I agree with you that the truth will “penetrate” through to Life Source. That is the way I understand the idea that “truth communicates” – and how it is possible to recognize truth.

          1. I get you Marildi. I know that in the “eyes of”. You may not get me…”facts, data”, bullshit. It is always the power of the undercurrent…the Flow which has the power of clearing. Life Source is the penetrator, which brings about Change.

            1. It’s in the 88008 too…the truth was not found among data…can’t qoute precisely but you can find it. If I am wrong, please correct me.(it’s in the I know I don’t know part).

            2. Do you think it is possible for facts and data to “point” one to timeless Truth that exists in “the Flow”? And becoming aware of that truth is what creates “clearing” and “brings about Change”? I see that as a description of auditing too.

            3. Yes, pointer is a good word here. Fact, data. Look to be relative. It depends on the context.
              And “becoming aware of that truth is what creates “clearing” and “brings about change”.
              Yes, that’s the heart of auditing. Also, true meditation….realizing that one IS that awareness,
              one IS truth, one IS the creator of data.
              Marildi…you put it so nicely here, thanks. I am looking at the relativity of facts, data, their interconnected nature now.

    3. Ferenc
      This list does not make any sense to me. Is that a good sign? I don’t mind being stupid and
      ignorant. If yet anything should be understood, care to explain it?

      1. Marianne,

        This video explains the list.

        Please let me know if you still have any question about the list.

    4. Just in case somebody still didn’t get it: All the Google videos I posted in this thread on April 1st were made by Google as April Fool’s jokes.

      Speaking about April Fool’s jokes, the simulated telepathic communication between Geir and Marildiv was a brilliant one!

      By the way, Google made MentaPlex in 2000. No need to type search queries, just visualize them:

  19. Chris
    HaHa..thanks…and I, as a woman, confess it to you that I don’t always understand what men are speaking about, why they want to win an argument but I love watching and listening to men doing that. And I say: You’re da man!

          1. Re: Ferenc Francisco 2013-04-02 at 19:31 (awaiting moderation)

            Fo shizzle ma nizzle ≈ Fo’ sheezy mah neezy

  20. “I bring my own torch” (Geir Isene)

    Yes, you do! Thank you for that! Have a good night and a beautiful tomorrow!
    That’s for all my friends here too!

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