Å: The US tour


The itinerary is set. Brendan and myself will be visiting both New York and Los Angeles. Our purposes for the trip:

  • Meet interesting people
  • Inspire and be inspired
  • Create opportunities for business

Many people responded to the previous blog post and several meetings have been booked. While many readers of my blog know me through my Scientology connection, we are looking to make this more of an “Å” tour than an “ex-Scientology”-tour. It would be great to meet people to see if we can create some interesting opportunities together. Anything fun. Anything out of the ordinary. We’d like to inspire some people on our trip. So, if you want some inspiration for free, or a chat over a coffee, there is still ample time slots available. We’d like to have a really busy tour.

We will be in NY Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of June and in LA Tuesday 18th until Friday 21st.

Drop me an e-mail if you’d like to meet up – for whatever reason 🙂

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36 thoughts on “Å: The US tour

  1. If I thought for a minute that I could pull it off Geir, I would be there without a reason. My best to Brendan and you. I will be thinking of you two on those days.

  2. Geir… I would love to see you in Vancouver! Sorry to hear that you wont be coming to this beautiful city!

      1. How about way down South? You’re welcome with me in CW . Take a stroll down Fort Harrison, fun on the beach, eh?
        Have a terrific time from coast to coast with Brenden. 🙂

  3. Geir and Brendan, logistics don’t allow for me to see you but I want to welcome you to the U.S. of A.!

    Take some photos to post when you get back. (Maybe one on L. Ron Hubbard Way, standing in front of the Scientology complex – joke! :D).

    Have a great time. 🙂

    1. M… we really need that, till i see it here in this blog I wont be able to sleep!

            1. Hi… i am not back yet .. not at home and my computer at home has not been connected after the move to a new server. M… I cant express how i see now the country i was born in after 56 years.. I know i do not belong here… Canada is my home and i do love the West Coast including the rain… The heavy food alone could kill one here and i am sure it do just that. Oh it is tasty but !!!!!!!!!! I am off. do have a lovely day!

            2. HaHa…’I do not belong here’. Do you still ‘belong to’ a country, a place? ‘The heavy food’…..there is a plenty of choice as everywhere in the world! Would be interested to see how you see the country you were born in!

            3. No MT I do not belong anywhere,, but I love the wild land of Canada..

            4. Elizabeth
              Do you know that Echart Tolle also lives in Vancouver? He says in an interview that he moved there out of a drive he first didn’t know what it was about. It was the ‘clear energy pull’ of the place…he started to write there…he says when he later went back to London for a while, he couldn’t write there, just edit, as the energy there was very ‘heavy’…yes, it’s consideration, confront…but do you think that a place can nevertheless have an ‘effect’? I see it that way now.

            5. NT yes i have read his books some years back when they have come out.
              yes all is created from energy threfore has effect and we are effected by the things which is around us= we experienced them.
              The Sea and the mountains and the evergreens,and very little pollution around Vancouver has effects : natural elements : in which easy to live [ experience] and create.
              When I have arrived here into Hungary I had for days body swelling even my face has puffed up than i have regained my own space -energy wich I used all problems melted away.

  4. So, Geir and Brendan are going to the U.S.A.
    But, Geir and Brendan are not going to the U.A.E. because U.A.E.’s police might deport them.

    1. Ferenc, you seem to be interested in a political discussion of some sort. If so, why not say what it is exactly? Or if it’s not appropriate here, you could put it on the “Got Something to Say” thread, where Geir invited all of us to have our say about whatever. JFYI 🙂


      1. I see. Yes, Geir and Brendan should stay away from the U.A.E. 🙂

        (I should know you better by now, Ferenc! ;))

      2. Nothing to laugh for me unfortunately…having one time an opportunity to work there. When they told me my passport will be “detained” on the period of my working contract (2 years), I preferred to stay away of it.

        1. dragos: When they told me my passport will be “detained” on the period of my working contract (2 years), I preferred to stay away of it.

          chris: Agreed. I would stay away from that condition as well. Freaky and unholy amounts of control. Yuck!

          1. And beware, it was about the famous Burj al Arab, 7 star hotel. They came in Romania for a recruitment campaign, March 2011. I was happy to be the only masseur selected, but horrified after finding out extra-work rules and conditions. Half of the people selected rejected the offer. Shocking for me was the list of rules for female employees…Slavery…

            1. dragos: Slavery…

              chris: Nothing good to say about that. Totalitarian ideas are the “fixed idea” on steroids — Big and buff. People who love freedom are adverse to controlling those who want to enslave. This is why profoundly intelligent constitutions such as the U.S. constitution are such important documents — they provide for freedom rather than rules for slavery. Our freedom problems in the US revolve violations of our own constitution by the very leaders who swore to protect it. You are giving me a little epiphany.

    2. Who cares about UAE?? United Arab Emirates, true? Who cares about that kitsch?

  5. Geir, sometime you might want to research the scene in Ann Arbor Michigan a bit. It is home to the University of Michigan and has a good climate for startups. There are IT companies here as well as medical research companies, it’s a pretty fertile place. If you ever visit here, June is a great time. The weather is usually good and there are free concerts by popular bands every night held on the U. campus.Most of the students are gone for the summer so it’s laid-back and there is no crush of crowds as there would be during the school year. It is a small city and there are a lot of good places to dine out, and a microbrewery on every block.

    I can’t help you with any industry ‘connections’ as I don’t really have any, but we could perhaps have coffee.

    Hopefully you could find a lot of information about the town online.

    1. Yes. A long time ago I did. She was the mission holder in Ann Arbor in the 1970s. She is from a family of Scientologists, Clears and OTs.

      1. I met Marianne back in the early 2000s.

        I took TIR L 1 and L2 from a lady from Guelph, who was president of TIR at the time.

        I live in Cambridge, near Waterloo, home of the Blackberry.


  6. Geir,

    You should do the right and honorable thing and come and visit me in Canada while you are on your US trip.

    I will buy the coffee.


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