What are you doing about it?

We’re not playing some minor game in Scientology. It isn’t cute or something to do for lack of something better.

The whole agonized future of this planet, every man, woman and child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depend on what you do here and now with and in Scientology.

This is a deadly serious activity. And if we miss getting out of the trap now, we may never again have another chance.

Remember, this is our first chance to do so in all the endless trillions of years of the past. (L. Ron Hubbard, “Keeping Scientology Working”)

If you are a Scientologist in the Church of Scientology, you most probably see the above as true and believe that David Miscavige is doing all that he possibly can to lead the Church and save the universe. If this is the case, you have not seen or ignored the evidence that he is not delivering expansion for Scientology.

If you are an Independent Scientologist, you most probably see the above as true and believe that David Miscavige is the reason why Scientology is not saving the universe. If this is the case, then all that stands in the way of saving the universe is one single man. If you believe this, then you are obviously working day and night to get this one man removed as he is blocking the salvation for eternity for you, for your family, people you love, for mankind and every living organism in the entire universe. Because nothing could be more important in the whole universe than removing this sole block on the ultimate path to freedom. Then what the heck are you doing about it right now? This very minute? Why are you wasting our precious time reading this blog? You should get your ass in gear and ensure Miscavige is removed from power. Because that is more important than your day job, your hobbies, your immediate life.

If none of the two options above applies to you, then lean back, relax and enjoy the discussions.

Thanks Brendan for another interesting angle to the world of Scientology.

101 thoughts on “What are you doing about it?

  1. Those were just theatrics of Hubbard… I am sure he believed in it… And he also believed that he was saving the universe.


  2. That “This is a deadly serious activity” always gets me-“God help us all”! I literally just disengaged from a Facebook group I was involuntarily joined to (by a guy with good intentions that I do like, nevertheless) once they started defining my practice as “experimental, risky, and needing the approval of the tech experts to be validated”. Once again we see people “breaking away from the Church of Scientology” so that they can recreate it. My experience of a mere few minutes ago was a microcosm of the phase of my life spent as a member of the Church of Scientology. (I’m not at all the “deadly serious” type anyway, so in that environment I was at risk of being declared a “fun guy”- can’t have that, “we’ve got a job to do”) 🙂

  3. I’m sorry but that is one freakish face. It just screams a–hole.

    I know, that is not a very spiritual thing to say. Can’t a guy backslide once and awhile!

    But dang that is one feakazoid looking butthead. He has that,” I’m a big powerful being with my TRs in but inside this freeky head of mine is a junk yard dog!

    Ok, back to being spiritual….. Ommmmmm 😉

    1. Look into the mirror and invalidate that face for not doing its share clearing the Universe by having session!
      Knowing the word ”’spiritual ”” will not make one….

      1. I see your point Elizabeth, but it was not mine.

        Observation is not always judgement. Judgement can be an interpretation through some mind filter that does not see the true nature of something.

        Sometimes seeing something in it’s present nature is not a reflection of beauty but that of ugliness.

        My philosophy is to love all sentient beings and to live for the highest good.

        But……. Recognizing darkness, understanding evil and labeling it as such is not a betrayal of love.

        In fact, recognizing the ugliness of how selfishness can fashion a face, dim the soul shine in the eyes is an important part of discrimination.

        Under all that darkened coal that is Miscavige, lies a diamond waiting to be born.

        But there is a difference between the two. You don’t wear coal briquettes around your neck to the opera.

        And knowing the difference will save you from fashion nightmare.

        It is the same with human beings. We must be able to see the unripe diamond while at the same time not be in denial for there present animalistic black carbon hearts.

        Having a happy social life depends on being able to recognize the difference.

        David Miscavige is playing the bad guy in this drama. Being able to comfortably know that is not not being spiritual.

        But I appreciate your sentiment. In fact I lke it:-)

        He still looks like a dweeb!! Lol

        1. Now Brian if you would not know who he was.. did not know anything about him… would you say the same thing? I don’t think so… example: when looking at Mother Therese’s picture and don’t know anything of her.. would you call her saintly… do-good-er? NOOOOOOOOOOO.. you would see a old face with lots of wrinkles etc
          If you see my face what would you see? Humans look with the EYES and evaluate what they know about that person!
          DM has re-stimulated lots of people to what they have experienced before on their track.
          I DO KNOW that he is stopping the progress but he is only one spook in the wheel and the rest of those spook’s are the once who do fucking nothing… Now how that sounds from the person who do not have a bank? Great, I say… you see I still know how throw words about which causes effects… Lovely of me I must say.. And any of you who do not believe I don’t have one… hehehe….that is because you cant imagine being without one… haven’t a clue what is it like!

          1. I like that: “spook in the wheel,” kind of like “ghost in the machine!” 😀

            1. I know you are not one…….. you got what it takes!

          2. Yes Elizabeth I would. There are a few of his pics that he looks like a decent guy.

            But this one looks like a head shot promotion for being Darth Veda. His animal nature is predominant.

            But that is my experience and I honor the fact that it is not yours:-)

            Sun is setting in California. The trees are still and I am talking to humans around the globe! How cool is that Elizabeth.

            1. Here in BC on the Lower Mainland all is well and I am looking out to the magnificent garden and I know I am in Paradise… because I only see Paradise , the beauty of the creation of which I am the cause of.

        2. B….He still looks like a dweeb!! Lol’…… so you don’t go for guys!!! 🙂

            1. Now-now Brian look out for the name calling… [DM etc etc..] since it takes one to know one..
              Homosexuality was in heavy use on the track too.. where do you think its origin was… invented here? you too have partaken in those act and in orgies, raped and been raped…. it is in every ones track… look and you will find!

            2. Elizabeth, always looking into the past to understand the present can be a good thing or a bad thing. You speak of gay as if it was cooked up by some alien space implanted.

              I am heterosexual but have many gay friends. Individuals can get lost in the unconscious mind by always looking to the past to understand the present. And quite frequently come up with wrong answers if needle reactions have been elevated to absolute truth.

              I think I am coming to grips with the gateway drug to cult mentality: the pinch test. That is when everyone started to trust the e-meter over common sense and started granting it the power to reflect an accurate portrayal of our lives.

              It is possible that Ron himself got caught in believing in his mind impressions.

              Constantly looking into the mind for answers can lead to a sort of neurosis because the mind itself is part of the problem.

              It is part of the problem because it’s capacity to comprehend is limited by the data used to speculate, evaluate etc. And the data used to compute with comes from the five senses. And the five senses can only receive a very limited range of life’s vibrational spectrum.

              At the end of Ron’s life, he was delusional. Did you read Marty’s latest book? Not a pretty picture for the man who mapped out auditing procedures.

        3. A point I’d like to say about this photo is that it is a PR photo and was assuredly approved by him. Therefore he likes what he looks like or as it comes across to many. He knows what he’s done there imo.

            1. Lynne: He looks psycho.
              DeE: Remember the old video interview with Hubbard when asked if he was crazy? He answered in the affirmative. ‘like’ Yes, of course I am. Interesting thoughts along with that, eh?

    2. So you can read minds too? that is your consideration what you think when seeing that image… and nothing more!

      1. look into the mirror and see the real you… the drama person.. than think of your self as s spiritual entity who only knows beauty…. just watch how your face- the expression will change! and you will feel absolutely wonderful!

  4. So Geir, you believe that DM is the only person who stands on way… well you are barking up on the wrong tree… that is placing the blame to the wrong person.. yes… he to is doing his bloody share but so is the rest of the DEAR GANG WHO ARE ALL TALK AND NO ACTION!!! But sure know how to put the responsibility else where!!

    Every person who know about the TECH— what auditing can do and NOT DOING IT, NOT CONTINUING with their auditing are the BLOCK.. THE WALL…

    Your above post just don’t seat with me well… not at all…

    Blame is not taking responsibility for self’s actions with that placing the power +giving it away by saying he has it…. NOOOOOOOOOOO… each individual has the same amount…. !.
    So much shit going on that the independents cant see from it..
    They have sold their power when given up the Bridge.. It is them who have compromised their reality.
    So don’t give me DM bit… I am a solo auditor and I know it can be done =the eraser of the BANK- considerations-agreement galore but one has to give up those pleasure moment and get of their ass and pick up those cans.. instead crying the blues that scientology do not work.!!!!!!

    NO… scientology.. the tech works but it is those who are bitch the most are bloody lazy and they find it easier to blame than confront.. Boy do they ever love to dramatize… cry and finger point to ward the wrong target..
    These persons want those magical pills— the easy way out.. hell…. Geir and from these people you want action.. to remove DM and take responsibility for self???
    Now that is the joke of the century…
    ELIZABETH HAMRE… The one who has done it all..!!.
    PS: those who do not like the tone of my comment…. just tooooo bad… You have no idea what would be like for you reading something like the above and you have no idea how you would comment your self without the bank… so CAN your ivaluations!

    1. He was being sarcastic!! Of course DM isn’t the only thing stopping the expansion of Scientology!!! Ahhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!’

      1. Elizabeth, some things you share ring true, and are quite beautiful; however, your continuous self-glorification, presenting yourself as “the perfect one who has seen all and knows all”, your blatant arrogance and condescension to anyone who acknowledges any of the obvious abusive elements of Scientology, your steadfast refusal to acceptor consider anything not in agreement with your pronouncements, and your remarkable level of condescension to others are a perfect example of what is wrong with Scientology. PS- a highly ascended being would feel no need to make less of others, or to in any way want to impose the idea that they are inferior in any respect to you, or that you are superior in any respect to them. The constant “if you disagree with me, it is only because, not being at my level, you couldn’t possibly know what I know”, is rather transparent. If you need or want that degree of admiration, bordering on worship, you’d need to demonstrate more, and promote less. You might work a bit more on granting beingness to others, and less on imposing yours.

    2. Yes – it is sarcasm. Those who have followed my blog knows well by now that I am not an Scientologist, nor an Independent Scientologist. The third option applies to me :mrgreen:

      1. ‘then lean back, relax and enjoy the discussions’ – me too. But is there anything in the OP, which shows that there can be ‘more’ than just being serene, present, shining, changing and modifying viewpoints?
        I have just come back from the street….it frequently happens that people look at me and start smiling…sometimes a stranger says ‘hello’….just the day before yesterday a friend started talking to me saying that she has a ‘throat ache’….little
        bit of asking her (by kind of ‘in the bone’, spontaneous way – coffee shop style? ),
        she answered my questions. Yesterday, meeting her again she said: you know, the throat ache was soon gone. What did ‘you’ do to ‘me’ ?
        Well, do I think that everybody, who wants answers, knowledge, abilities has the right to them? Much like in this video, which I repeat. The right to see how ‘illusions are created’. Also, who the creator is.

        1. 2.
          Hm. ‘ the future of the planet’….is there any truth in it? Leaning back…yeah! This ‘world’ is being continuously created, agreed to. One is creating a ‘throat ache’, another is ‘music’….millions of forms….looking at the Planet…nature…what is being created? Beautiful manifestations…future? Hm.

          1. 3.
            Well,well…this ‘knowingness’ is tricky….this ‘compassion’ is also….being kind of ‘unprotected’….is there really something in full Responsibility? In Oneness?

            I met a neighbour in the street today. Lost her grandson yesterday – huge loss!
            We were talking for a while….a little bit about ‘spirit’. In the end, there was a little
            shine in her eyes. Remembering?

    1. I don’t read ”’sarcastic” I read something different… I read ”’ CALL: GET OFF YOUR ASS” ! So you are hanged up about what I read into his post?
      Nice going…. what are you doing about his call? If you are on OT levels do you solo? or are you being audited?
      PS: I am thrilled you are having a good time! 🙂
      SO am I, because I am not walking in your shoes.

    1. 🙂 Dexter just look at the picture beside your name.. Green body, hot red lips bulging eyes and those ears… well. lets not talk about those and never mind the hair top of your head! So you need some stilettos.. they are the must to complete the image! So barrow a pair from her!

    1. and coffee really helps? I very much doubt that..! after coffee you must have been looking into the wrong mirror.. because you are still green! 🙂

  5. Geir Isene
    “We’re not playing some minor game in Scientology. It isn’t cute or something to do for lack of something better. The whole agonized future of this planet, every man, woman and child on it, and your own destiny for the next endless trillions of years depend on what you do here and now with and […]

    Elizabeth: People don’t realize that recalling the past life incidents are like putting together a giant puzzle created by the self’s for the fun-game -enjoyment for the self over the eons and in session one- the self learns of the history of ones very own creation and
    learns who is that SELF :what powers has, what abilities have but at the same time sees and confronts the Universe’s history too and finally see how the ” SELF” the “I” have created that Universe!!!
    IT IS THE GREATEST ADVENTURE ONE CAN CREATE…. TO SEE THE UNIVERSE AGAIN IN NEW UNIT OF TIME…and finally understand the mystery, the magic… locate the long forgotten- hidden treasures which one put aside for safe keeping…and again tour the battle fields, find those loved once who were left behind.. see and visit places which are full of wonders and admire them once more… learn while on the journey who are those being who don’t have the body yet they live life-their creation to the full..
    and finally make all the wrong go way, shed off the guilt -fear and all the burdens which covers suppresses the true pure self.

    What more one could want than finally finding out who one really is, and the immense knowledge one has!
    It is the opportunity we have now and it’s magnitude of importance -value one can not describe with words!
    If one cannot be inspired by such on adventure, than nothing ever will move that person to have change- to step out of aberration state that self created prison.

    There is only one SUPRESIVE PERSON who supresses that SELF and that is the SELF it self who is doing it’s very best supressing: there is no other.

  6. Neither of the two alternatives applies to me!
    Because L. Ron Hubbard was a Merchant of Chaos, the more fear he could instill in you, the more willing slave you would be, and the more money you would give him to put in his hidden bank accounts in Luxemburg and Lichtenstein. As David Mayo said; “I came to the conclusion that he was in it for Money and power”, and that can also explain why he didn’t develop the Bridge above OT8, he didn’t care, because he has no use for money and power when he is dead!

    1. So…. you only see the negative side… again, I would not want to be walking in your shoes.. no I don’t…they are toooo heavy.

  7. There is no room for a middle path when it comes to Nazism or Cannibalism or Scientology. Show me positives which can outweigh the negatives? you cannot be cause destroyed lives on record is too much!

  8. I am reading your blog (wasting my UN-precious time) because it is fun, entertaining and informative, and also because it is joggling my believes and gives me food for thought. And what I like most about it, is the lightness.

    Damn, now I am at the beginning again: “Who am I”???
    An “Independent Scientologist”, an “Independent-something”, an “Ex-something”, a “Nothing”, an “Honorary SP”, a “Human”, a “Spirit” …? Labels, labels, labels… 🙂

    Nope. – I AM…!
    And what goes with it, are my considerations, convictions, view points, conclusions, opinions. And they can vary or be constant. And somehow “I AM” also, with viewing other’s viewpoints. It is enriching, broadening the horizon and giving more space (I don’t know if this communicates – I can’t explain it better). They (considerations etc.) can vary, depending on what view point I choose (I am free to choose), or be constant when I came to conclusions.

    And about Miscavige – he is doing himself in (Karma is not only catching up with him but is hounding him lately). But that doesn’t keep me from supporting the persons who were abused and are having still family and friends in the bubble who are getting still abused. And I also have personally a score to settle with Him (injustice, blacklisting, interrogations and mental abuse, disconnection and loss of friends, abuse and mind control of friends and colleagues, over a year of detention, PTSD). He just made to many enemies. Stupid.

    1. KA: Stupid.

      Chris: Hubris of youth. Validated by Hubbard for his tantrum throwing when a he should rather have been eased into adulthood, for me DM is an example of arrested development. DM’s dysfunctional childhood with Ron Miscavige Sr, DM’s proclivity for the dramatic, and L Ron Hubbard created a perfect storm of ego in David Miscavige. There you see what we have today — ego gone wild. Hubbard was more comfortable and less challenged around children so he surrounded himself with them.

      1. Brilliant Chris

        Hubbard craved adulation, demanded adulation. And raised an army of viololent adolescents. DMs rages are a multiplied quantity of Ron’s. DM learned first hand how to keep power. Sometimes I feel very sorry for him, sad really. Such a victim of attachment to keeping power, just like his mentor

    2. Handle your PT’s-ness your ARC’C, your lovely present time problems and you will see the Universe differently… if your friends would do the same than the World would become a better place for every one!!!
      You are giving nothing but excuses -justification why you are not doing more than just talking….
      Because that is what you doing.. blowing hot air….

      1. EH: ” …your PT’s-ness … your ARC’C… your lovely present time problems… nothing but excuses … justification… not doing more than just talking… blowing hot air…”

        Huhh? Somehow this sounds like in the Sea Org; just missing the “get your f*%”#&g ethics in!!”. Have you been in the S.O., Elizabeth? I don’t know – I came relatively late to this blog. Somehow you come across in a know-it-all manner. I hope I never let myself get carried away to evaluate you in such a manner.
        How do you know what I did and what I am doing and not doing? Seems that you know my life oh so well, even better than me.
        By the way, I don’t think “the World” is such a bad place.

        1. KA.. “Somehow you come across in a know-it-all manner. I hope I never let myself get carried away to evaluate you in such a manner.”” you just have evaluated me in such a manner.. And no, I never been on staff…. Yes and I know the bank every nook and cranny of it because I been there and I have solo audited every thought, considerations- agreements what you have and I had too.
          But I have confronted mine… but I still recognise one I see one and you have one.
          Because if you would not have all that wonderful aberration.. you would be writing exactly like I do..
          You SEE.. LRH was right the basic is the basic for every one after eraser of their beliefs =those considerations which make a human- believing that you are one.
          YES I do HAVE KNOWLEDGE and I know the Universe in and out… what is all about….and its origin…
          You would too if you have done the same as I have.. End of communication.

          1. Your self- assumed altitude is just status-think. I am not discussing here my OTness or Not-OTness. WTF. I have seen people who know nothing of auditing or “the Bridge” and “OT” being quite OT, and I have seen “OT’s” being weaker than mere “Wogs”. And to argue somehow with “if you would not have all that wonderful aberration” – seems to me that that is just an old trick to introvert and to try to control another being showing off with “altitude”.

            You know, I have “knowledge” too and “know the universe”- so have others. But if you feel better being “superior” and “not so aberrated” – well then be it.

            1. Sorry Geir, that comment was not meant for you, but for Elisabeth. You are one of the persons with the least “altitude” I know – even if you are OT. 🙂

      2. Elizabeth, by condemning people for condemning people, you are condemning people.

        But I love your focus on non judgement. I admire it.

        Thought: all critical or judgements of others are not an overt or mis withholds.
        Maybe chronic judgementalism is but not simply having a view of the negative parts to life and others.

        Criticism does not equal a reevaluation of personal fault or overt. It can be if it is chronic.

        Making seeing an outside fault your fault was part of the brainwashing it is one of the main aberrations in Scientology.

  9. What are we doing about it? Being mindful of what I create in the here and now. The better and more artful I create in the present, the faster those hurtful iterations recede into the past.

    Scars on the trunk of a tree stay put while the tree grows at its tips. It is at the tips and edges where the iteration is occurring. That is a pretty good model for me.

  10. Another thought besides my low class take on (observation) Miscavige.

    These writings, Geir, and those of similar calls to Scientology world take over, are part of the root cause of mindless cult mentality.

    It is a rah rah rah coach-like clarion call for making a Scientology militant. It is what a war general would speak to commanders or sargeant to infantry before battle, focusing on winning the battle against the enemy.






    My take: egocentric-meglomaniacal-narcissistic-delusional outcome of equating his own needle reactions as absolute truth.

  11. marildi 2013-07-12 @ 23:14 . . . (Otto Roos) made it clear that LRH did have his personal flaws and made mistakes – the primary one being to not avail himself of auditing, which Otto felt had a lot of bearing on LRH’s personal flaws and on the mistakes he made (and I would agree, based on my confidence in the tech).

    Chris: It is these style of comments which are disingenuous in light of your reluctance to participate in Scientology. Any number of us here have offered to help see that you get in session. I believe I am correct when I say these offers continue. You have blogged yourself into a corner which needs an explanation.

    1. If you would know Marildi as I do. than once and for all you stop pestering her and instead go sweep in your own yard and use that auditing your self.
      By the way why pushing it on others since you do not believe auditing works,,, you were just shouting those conviction of your in Geirs last post.
      So what is your excuse not having any auditing? Not helping clearing the planet, and don’t tell again that you have solo audited for a year….. that toooooo is blowing very very very hot air .
      When I read those lies of yours that you solo audit I figured that is OK by me, they are your O/W’s you have to live with them but you were pushing Marildi to have auditing which your self cant confront…. that was not OK…
      So how are you rising to the challenge Geir put out?
      Don’t point toward me or Marildi again with that you put the attention toward others so no one can see what you doing..

    1. yes I have it ready… come on over! I am waiting for a full frontal attack… in fact I am wearing diving suit, being covered from every inch because the shit will fly! hehehe..This post of Geirs were made for me, I have written that I don’t like it… but in fact I love it….
      Now brother… beside sitting on the side line eating popcorn and watching the shit fly… how are you rising up to the challenge? What are your plans helping out? Or you believe being in Africa.. that is safe.. there is no aberration there.
      How about the track… and you could go into some kind of confrontation of your choice and as-is it.. cleaning up your mass so with that could you help this universe which you helped to put in the rotten shape is in now?

      1. I’m not playing that stupid game. I understand the OP.

        Hint: 2nd last paragraph.

  12. Re: agonized future
    How can Hubbs know that future will be agonized?
    sounds rather like a threat…
    BTW: if the future will be agonized (anyway) why wasting time an money
    for the facist cult? eh

  13. Spongebob

    ‘sounds rather like a threat’….listen to one of our ‘enlightened’ ones….in between
    minutes 10 and 20 (if you want to). He talks in a very peaceful, serene way…how is it, though in a different way, that he says very similar things about the ‘future’?
    (you will find it a little bit above under my name).

    Also, when one hears/reads it’s all illusion, all BEing created….hm. if you create an illusion in your mind, how long does it last? Does it ‘survive’? If you want (it’s your WILL) to create it on, but you can’t, how WILL you feel?
    If indeed we create the ‘world’, the human species..what WILL happen if the ‘creative ABILITY’ is less and less?
    Will the ‘world’ ‘survive’ ? It’s just a question, no emotion is put into it. Where does FEAR get associated with the word ‘survive’? As ‘survive’ is just a word. Has it got
    to do with one’s ability to create (illusions) ?

    1. ok MArianne
      If you eradicate the word “agonized” from the sentence it sounds ok
      to me.

  14. Hubbard gave us some facts and observations. He tried to make a system out of them so that people could move up. He was constantly under attacks and hunted by the Suppressives on this planet. Now Miscavige is only hunted by some journalists and channels and the Indies. Isn’t that an outpoint?

    Plus, Scientology became a legitimate religion under Miscavige whereas under Hubbard it was a “menace” and should be constantly attacked and kept small if not destroyed.

    So, the outpoint here is that under Miscavige Scientology is left free whereas under Hubbard it was hunted down.

    I am so sorry people cannot finally differentiate between Evil and Suppressives and have abandoned Scientology as a philosophy (not as a church) in the hands of Suppressives.

    1. So Theo, it seems you would relate to option #2 above, being an Independent Scientologist. Then my question to you is: Are you doing everything you Possibly Can to remove Miscavige from power? Are you sacrificing everything you should in order to see to it that The Only Block to the salvation of the Universe is removed?

      1. Isene, you know too that life is not just white and black. There are countless shades of grey in-between even and of course other colours.

        What I am doing and what I feel I should be doing from now on with Scientology is increase the awareness of people on their 3rd dynamic and more specifically the org boarding of some activities with volunteers. I take it lightly while doing other things. Of course it grieves me to see all this waste and so much chit chat whereas we could be helping in many causes not just with Scientology.

        The Only Block to any salvation is Us. Nobody else. As to Miscavige I don’t think he is alone in this.

      2. Isene, I just found out on my wordpress archive, how to see staledates… now i can answer to you and others more easily and faster. Technology moves fast.

        Well, I don’t see things the way others see them. Miscavige might not be even alone in all this and he certainly isn’t the ONLY ONE BLOCK. As to the salvation of the Universe, I take gradients Isene. Remember gradients? Let’s salvage a future generation that is coming up. I have 2 kids and you have 3, if I remember well. That’s a good start to do something about it. And on this, I am doing something.

        My message to all Scientologists is: REUNITE.

        And be together again and don’t commit the same mistakes. How about a big party with wordclearing for kids and auditing for adults by trained people. That’s a dream I just had today. A travelling “circus” around the world, delivering some of the tech.

        You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one…

        1. Indeed, Scientologists should be free to unite or untie as they wish. And I wish those who want to unite good luck in their endeavor. Those of us who busily untie are doing just that.

          1. Scientology is much more free than anyone of us could think of. I am sorry for those who had to see mostly the bad sides of it. Scientology has wrongly become the end instead of the means. That I guess got people to be sick of it.

            We don’t need too heavy doses of anything to be ok. Just a light touch will do. Especially of that powerful tool that is Scientology. But thetans are crazy and under and badly educated in many things. So, here comes the catastrophe. Like in any other religion.

            Just a light touch of things will do for me. I wish you all the best. Oh, and did you enjoy your trip to Greece this time? It was rather hot!

  15. I am currently one who is enjoying the blog, learning, laughing (especially at myself) and expanding more than ever. When I was in categories 1 and 2, I always felt a nagging guilt that I was not doing enough and I never could do enough because how can you ever? Sea Org members have told me that they feel that way, too. So… I do not feel this is a healthy attitude and even if you do feel that Scn is the most important thing in the universe, it is not helpful to sacrifice the other dynamics as, in the lon run, it will only harm Scn as well.

    I do find that this blog gets me thinking about new ideas. Generally I like it very much, but today, it was not so much fun to read all the back and forth personal bickering. I would prefer keeping to the discussion of ideas.

      1. At some point, Scn changed from “something to help a person live a better life” to being the entire point itself. Everything FOR Scn. The group is EVERYTHING. Helping people became a sideline with the purpose of ensnaring them into the group.

        1. It’s even worse than that – it became everything for this created thing called Scientology, the Tech.

    1. I agree. I was attacked by someone for laughing at Geir’s fab sense of humour. Lets keep it light hearted?

    2. Ye, what the COS fans ommited to tell you (and me and us and them) is that when one is forced (and doesn’t actually agree) to do something, for whatever reason, he apparently does it, but actually doesn’t do it, and the product is apparently beneficial, but actually destructive. Slavery doesn’t work to the benefit of anyone. Ironically, that’s something I learned inside the COS itself. The people in the COS may work their asses out, but the product wont be of benefit to the COS. Look at how it’s dying. That/if the universe was in grave need of SCN in the 60s was an R factor to keep SCN clean of alterations, not an excuse to boss people around. Eventually, people both got bossed around and SCN got altered even to the point of being reversed.

  16. The Miscaviage photo is the forced, fake TR0 common in the church when somone is trying to show how powerful and OT they are.

  17. If you do believe #2, then murder of Miscaviage would be a good solution, even if it meant you would be locked up for the rest of your life, or put to death. This is how some people start to think and justify the horrible things that are done in the name of saving the universe.

  18. Seems to me that most here are happy with leaving the controversy alone.
    I am stuck in still puzzling it.

    The good in Scientology is real. The bad in Scientology is such badness that it would make the average dictator cringe in embarrassment.

    How did Freedom and Ability turn into Degradation and Harm? This is a crazy situation, and it appears that the badness is traditional. The current leadership of the church did not invent the crazy situation.

    Many posts have been written about separating the good from the bad. Other posts address the outpoints that allow the harmful practices to enter. My point of view is that the outpoints are criminal.

    There is no doubt that harming others is criminal. I have yet to read any poster here that supported or promoted or justified doing harm. On the other hand, there must be in existence some justification because the church promotes criminal behavior. Is it possible that all organizations have group bank problems and therefore promote criminality?

    The problem is that criminal behavior is fun. It is a sick form of fun. It is harmful fun. At some point, harming others is justified by the “greater good”. It is not clear to me that the “greater good” justification is ever rational or sensible. I believe that all such harmful acts are ultimately self-destructive.

    Overts against the Dynamics are destructive. The result is the church as it exists today. Had ethics worked, then Scientology would have succeeded.

    I am still embroiled in the controversy. The failure of Scientology is a sad and distressing loss.

    What am I doing about it? Not much. Just thinking things through. For instance, I have just about convinced myself that drug use by the leaders has resulted in the resulting harmful situation.

    It may well be that leaving the controversy alone is the better practice.

    1. Stillstuck: What am I doing about it? Not much. Just thinking things through.

      Chris: To me, this is the very least a person must do. After that, it takes as long as it takes. Once you’re in an environment where looking and thinking things through is not prohibited, it can go faster than the couple decades it took me. Welcome.

    2. Stillstuck: It may well be that leaving the controversy alone is the better practice.

      Chris: This is a personal choice. You will know when you are ready to stop the scab picking… Like all healing it takes a while for the psyche to remodel itself.

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