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  1. Yes, Geir. He says in the first video ‘unconditional love for every living thing’. EVERY. I would add: for all non-living things as well. Unconditional love for me means being aware and doing the right action, like in the video.
    It was one boy who did so. How about other people? How can their awareness be raised so that they would act like the boy? Another question is: how can the awareness and goodwill of the manufacturers of tyres be raised so that they would produce longer lasting tyres? Yes, there are personal stories. But what are the roots of personal stories when it comes to socialization?

  2. I had the opportunity to study scientology in an environment (which by definition includes people as well) to get the ability and awareness a course was designed for,
    that is the purpose of the course, which happened to be the awareness and ability of Life itself as an EP. So I hereby repeat, I am not a scientolog-ist, as done in the way it was meant to be, I should say I am a Life-ologist, which would be funny, wouldn’t it? So I am neither defending, nor criticizing it – I am free.
    Ron says that there are three valid ways: environment, education and processing.
    When you went to Tansania (I am addressing Geir here) that was a profound change in viewpoint generated by the environment, people included. As I see it, it is the non-proper training of people which can be one root problem in scientology. As done in the proper way, it was meant to raise awareness. Done in an improper way, it will cause troubles, much like when it is the case in any other field of life.
    The man in the second video mentions experience. Experience is a key element in
    studying and auditing. Yes because this is the basis of Life itself. The instant a child is born, experiencing of being human starts.

    I see a lot of excellent tools that raise the consciousness of a person. Depending on
    what the actual need is. I post some I know of from time to time. One more thing: Ron said ‘workable’. Who can keep it working immaculately is another question. Also, its scope of Life. Didn’t mean to start a debate chain with what I wrote, as it was done from many angles before. Just wished to express my view.

    Perhaps one more thing. Present time, the here and now for me also means a smooth flow while my attention is in this field based on MY personal experiences.
    I feel this flow expanding. If, in any of you this flow is not smooth (I guess this is where one gets e-meter phenomena), I would first take responsibility for getting a F/N in the exact experiences I had before trying to control and influence further. It is related to the Power of Theta, that is how to exercise unconditional love in a step-by step fashion, which, for me starts with myself and my experiences. Sorry for being long this time.

    1. +1 and joining the club. After my little teasing and lengthy posts I want to say that the videos are beautiful! Great post, Geir! Will show them to my students.

  3. Well, that first video re; muslim was good. The kid likely had an intelligent parent that taught him viewpoint. That is good. We need more of that.

    But there is is more to the matter than is visible on the surface. You have to watch for the hidden data factor. Many Muslims use their religion as a cloak, a Trojan horse, (a via) to spread their violence, their terrorism. Some Christians and Hindus and Sikhs and probably others do the same.

    Never believe anything.

    The second video is good as far as it goes, but it does not go far enough.

    The public has to be taught about mental illness. The mind, the brain is an organ and it is subject to damage and illness like any other organ.

    It is SOP for people to scoff and say; get to work you SOB.

    For one thing, no one can imagine what mental illness is until you experience it.

    The other thing, is that the people who shout and scoff, “get to work”, or “go and get a job” have to be asked questions such as: “Would you hire that guy?”

    Or be told to hire him and see how much work he can do?

    (I have a cousin who used to do that. He used to scoff at the less able. Now he became effect of his words and actions and is now very much a mess, mentally ill and physically disabled with Parkinson’s disease. When he was in his 20s, he was flying high and mighty with a business making a grand a day. Now he is only a shadow of a man, and as broke as can be. )

    People have to be taught that those people are mentally ill and are not employable.

    They need extensive processing, and rehabilitation. It takes years of very high quality work. As any competent scntgist should know. A bonafide and competent Christian scntgist is the best and most able form of scntgist, who could do that kind of work. And they are a rare commodity.


    1. Playing with your same flow encoded in your writings:

      But there is is more to the matter than is visible on the surface. You have to watch for the hidden data factor. Many scientologists use their religion as a cloak, a Trojan horse, (a via) to spread their violence, their terrorism. Some indies and squirrels and freethinkers and probably others do the same.

      Never believe Buda.

      The second video is good as far as it goes, but it does not go far enough as it need to … what for?

      The public has to be taught about scientologee syndrome. The mind, the brain is an organ and it is subject to damage and illness like any other organ by large exposure to toxic social enviroments.

      For one thing, no one can imagine what mental illness is until you form part of a cult..

      The other thing, is that the people who shout and scoff, “raise statistics”, or “go and get make money” have to be asked questions such as: “Would you C/S and take responsability for that guy?”

      Or be told to handle him and see how much gains he can achieve?

      People have to be taught that those people are mentally ill and are not employable in the real world.

      They need extensive processing, and rehabilitation in the open. It takes years of very high quality work and support by people that don’t believe in solipsistic fashion anymore. Sometimes pain and grief becomes motivation to solve things and do a better world.

      Not joking. 😉
      I see grief everyday…

    1. We’ve been here before. In my view, your attitude toward other people is condescending and often quite dangerous (several examples exist for those who search for your name on my blog).

  4. 1. I do not know what you mean by ” we have been here before” ?

    Please explain.

    2. And why am I dangerous?

    Please explain?

    3. What part of what I said is not true?

    Please explain?

    4. There is no “attitude” or “condescension”.

    It is an example of tone 4 data flowing to some level nearer to the bottom of the tone scale.
    The truth is the truth.

    The truth exists uneffected by anything, whether you agree or not.

    But Hubbard said, in effect, that comm or data that is more than a half a tone level above the receiving terminal will tend to be inflammatory. It will tend to make low tones boil over.

    Einstein said something of comparable magnitude, that Great spirits have always received violent opposition from mediocre minds.

    The allegory of Plato’s cave says the same. Plato saw that problem
    Plato was born around the year 428 BCE in Athens.

    5. Getchen; do a whole bunch of wrongs make a right?

    Is the truth determined by opinion or beliefs?

    The success of anything is not determined by critics.

    Success is achieved by great minds who have the ability to recognize truth when they see it and seek the highest truth possible, the greatest good possible, everywhere possible.

    Only the truth will properly solve our problems.



      1. Gee Geir, come on…..

        Just because you put me on moderation, does not mean you are right. It only means you are the moderator. It means you are suppressing the truth from being told.

        Like some countries prevent their state owned media from broadcasting the truth, and even like people like capitalist Murdock in the USA and the UK, who control what is published in his newspapers to be pro right wing.

        Your disagreement with what I say, does not make what I say any less true.

        You or I do not determine the truth.

        The truth exists uneffected by you or I.

        I just happen to have done my homework and know and know what the truth is and am only partial to the truth.

        You are partial to false and limiting data or BS and partial truths or sometimes truths or low theta data.

        That will never work. You will kill yourself for defending such. Truth cannot be suppressed for long.

        You have to find some theta units and climb up the theta scale and seek to know the truth in all things and speak the truth in all things.

        Same goes for Gretchen and many of your other bloggers.



          1. “Yawn”?

            What is it that you do not understand?

            Go back to the point where you stopped understanding and find a word or phrase you do not understand and look up the definitions and make sure you get full understanding, then continue.

            If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to get back to me.

            I will be your CS from now on.

            I will make sure you get it right.



  5. I should of added to my previous post, that you should know from scn that any datum is only as good as it has been evaluated.

    I just did and do as I learned from scn.

    That is a very valuable datum.

    You should apply what you should of been taught in scn and not criticize me for just doing what I was taught.

    Or did you fail that badly?



  6. Dio, I think the point Geir was trying to illustrate has gonr way past you. Love thy neighbor is not an intelectual concept.

    1. Gretchen,

      What do you think was not loving about what I said?

      I live by such principles as love thy neighbor, etc.

      Do you think I have to wallow around in nonsense or get into agreement with nonsense, in order to love my neighbor, then become effect of it?

      Like Hubbard said, disagreement is senior to agreement.

      That should be qualified to read; the right kind of disagreement.

      There is a right way to disagree and a wrong way to disagree.

      You can disagree from the bottom of the tone scale or from the top of the tone scale.

      There are two ways of establishing a reputation.

      The first is to be honored and respected by honest, noble and intelligent men.

      The second is to be condemned by rogues.

      It is best how ever to secure the first, because it is always accompanied by the latter.

      The latter evidently is the order of this blog.


        1. Geir,

          You are puling in the wrong direction.

          You are being suppressive, regressive, descending, instead of being progressive and ascending.

          And that goes for the rest of you too.

          A farmer can’t plow with a horse and an ass in the same harness.

          Deuteronomy 22:9–11 states: Thou shalt not plow with an ox and an ass together.

          The same idea is the problem with many 2Ds and many businesses and other 3Ds.


            1. Freebeing,

              Those are amongst the most stupid, nonsensical questions I can imagine.

              Sounds like babble coming from the dungeons of the theta scale.


  7. Geir,

    Your spectacles are all muddy and shitty.

    I think you might have anal-opticalitis.

    That is a serious degenerative disease, where for some unknown reason a nerve grows between the anus and the back of the eyeball, and gives the being a shitty degenerative, suppressive, backward outlook on life and situations.

    In scientologese, it is looking at life from a stuck position from low on the tone and theta scale.

    If you come here, as part of my duty of care, and duty of responsibility, and brotherly love, I will kindly do an investigation on it and operate if necessary, free of charge.

    Def: duty of care:

    In tort law, a duty of care is a legal obligation which is imposed on an individual requiring that they adhere to a standard of reasonable care while performing any acts that could foreseeably harm others. It is the first element that must be established to proceed with an action in negligence. The claimant must be able to show a duty of care imposed by law which the defendant has breached. In turn, breaching a duty may subject an individual to liability. The duty of care may be imposed by operation of law between individuals with no current direct relationship (familial or contractual or otherwise), but eventually become related in some manner, as defined by common law (meaning case law).

    Note: I am 1/4 Swede and we look close enough alike, that we could easily pass for brothers.


    1. LOL, I find it ever fascinating how people project themselves onto others and then attack.

      Try loving yourself a bit more Dio.

  8. This is beginning to get wrapped up in so many considerations it makes my head hurt. Can I bow out now?

    1. Gretchen,

      Yes, you may bow out now.

      You could of did it a while ago.

      You don’t have to ask permission.

      This is not grade three class.


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