Amazing person: Tiril Eckhoff


It’s not because she aced it in the Olympics with one gold and two bronze medals and came from nowhere to be one of only three Norwegians who got three medals in Sochi. It is because of the qualities behind that, and the qualities that aren’t even reflected in her performance as a top athlete.

I knew she was capable of getting an Olympic medal. Last summer, during one of our coaching sessions, I started out “When you get a medal in the Olympics…”, she interrupted “Eh… my ambition is to get into the top 10”. I continued “When you get a medal in the Olympics…”, preparing her for what to come. To me she was obviously amazing.

Tiril Echoff is mentally much stronger than even Tiril herself thinks. But above all, she is smart. Not just intelligent, but acutely aware, able to adopt simple ideas to concrete results. Adding that she is studying engineering at the Norwegian Institute of Technology – although taking a break from her studies to bring a few trophies back home.

I asked her the simple question that so many top athletes struggle to answer, “What makes you so damn good at what you do?”. “I am smart”, she answered. She wasn’t in any way haughty or arrogant, just very honest. And she continued, “I am not the one to train the most, but I train smart – listening to my body, relaxing when I need to and doing my utmost when I can”. And she is honest about what helps her in life. Going through some rough spots has made her smarter and able to appreciate her top results even more. Tiril is very quick to learn – both from her mistakes and from her successes.

Even above all this, Tiril is a down-to-Earth and very empathetic girl. She’s light at heart and funny. And able to not give a fuck when it really matters.


11 thoughts on “Amazing person: Tiril Eckhoff

  1. It’s impossible not to love this girl. She is the real deal – a straight shooter! 😉 It was thrilling, exciting and impressive to see her race in Sochi. We were screaming, cheering and crying. Three medals in her first Olympics … wow. Go Tiril.

  2. I’ve seen a friend do well at the Olympics.

    It’s a life-long win.

    Congratulations, Tiril, and everyone who helped.


  3. Norwegian competitors exceeds in mental strength. It’s in their genes, not particularly in their physical training. They go at Olympics with the same focus as for hunting or war. And they manage very well the feeling of loneliness in the woods. Nothing distracts their attention for the mission. They just keep going and going, running and running, skiing and skiing…
    This isn’t for everybody, believe me… You have to be built for this.

    1. Dear dragos72, stop talking about superiority on genes or you will find a post on genes superiority pretty soon from Geir. ( from ” mexican genes ” rafael68 ). I guess it is all about coaching, imo.

      1. Hola Rafael! I know what you mean, but my post has nothing to do with any kind of genes superiority. It’s all about sport attitude, it’s about power of focusing, concentration and desire to win. Scandinavians are managing very well this field, I’ve seen it with my own eyes, cause I personally met all these champions. Norway in ski is the same with England in rugby or Pakistan in cricket. Cross country ski in Norway is part of their national culture and if you don’t like the word “genes”, well…I will say it’s in their blood. Hasta la vista! 🙂

          1. You joke, but once again, I’m serious: those girls are skiing faster than you can run 🙂

  4. Hello there! 🙂
    After reading this short story of success and life, from Mexico, I only want to say, GREAT job Tiril & Geir!
    David MT

  5. Congratulations Tiril and Geir! Great job!

    ‘When you get a medal in the Olympics…’ is an example of
    complete faith and trust in a person’s ability to achieve a goal.
    This is also an excellent example of your triangles in action and
    their result when applied both by the person and the coach.
    Based on what you write Tiril says about herself, she is a model
    of being ‘responsible’ in present time. Based on what you reveal
    here about your coaching her, I see the Purpose and Ability triangles in action. I wish Tiril great future results and you lots of
    persons to coach.
    I am putting here the link for those who haven’t yet read your article.,_Automation_and_Human_Potential

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