Look up

Let’s take a breather

14 thoughts on “Look up

  1. At last!….some sanity prevails!…he ‘gets it’..(.just be there )..and that can really mean the world, to one’s relationship/s. πŸ™‚

  2. (1) Beingness is composed of desire to know, filters and awareness

    (2) Desire to know triggers awareness

    (3) Awareness flows through the circuit composed of filters

    (4) The flow of awareness determines communication

    (5) How encompassing that awareness is determines affinity

    (6) Perception changes as awareness passes through the filters

    (7) Perception tapped at any point is the reality

    (8) As filters decrease the flow of awareness increases

    (9) This is increase in communication

    (10) There is improvement in reality

    (11) There is enlarging of affinity

    (12) ARC increase with decrease in filters and not by some vague ‘intention’


  3. “Let’s take a breather”…very simple request, you made there, Geir. I will now make a second request, to illustrate what happens thereafter:… “Please duplicate what Geir said.”

    1. Ah yes , a breather and will do that as I do daily at some point each day. But, want to add that my most precious hours or minutes of any day are when I am face to face with someone and communicate live!
      My hubby and I did not do internet, tweet or any of that stuff before he passed. I have excellent memories of our being together in all that time. New friends now on FB and blogs, but eye to eye with people is highly treasured.
      Really neat video. Lol, I took time to tweet πŸ™‚

      1. Beautiful indeed DeE. You ‘breathe’ the entire message, so clearly. Thank you for ‘getting it’ πŸ™‚

  4. Great post and vid! I see the psychological and physiological
    results of the excessive use of the devices and social networks
    day by day on the students and workmates. There are some who
    can keep a balance and use them for practical reasons and for
    real coms. Here is a recent cute example: i have a workmate whose family members keep this balance…the 13 year old boy of
    the 3 kids in the family uses Facebook and ‘fell in love’ with a girl
    who lives 200kms away in my country. The boy told the mother that he would go and meet the girl and stay with her for the weekend. The mother was in doubt how to respond to this. Then
    after some com with her son the following solution was found.
    They will talk to the girl’s parents, rent a room in that city and the
    mother will meet the parents and the boy the girl. They did so
    and had an excellent time together, also exploring a little the city
    and its sorroundings.

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