Would it help if I say sorry?

Sheldon: “Would it help if I say sorry?
Raj: “Yes, it would
Sheldon: “Hmmm, you should work on that


9 thoughts on “Would it help if I say sorry?

      1. To make up for my FAILED fist bump attempt for reporting a hoax. I offer the following amazing read:

        “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg

        This book shows how habits are secretly brought upon us by others as well as how we can consciously form them. Brainwashing is really the wrong word. The better phrase is “Unconsciously Patterned.”

        The book shows how corporations like P&G actually create unconscious habits in people to sell products. It shows how what we do changes who and what we are. It also shows us how to hack bad habits.

        Much of what I have read about Scientology is about creating habits of dependence and actually fits into their model.

        There are three parts of a habit, THE CUE which tells the brain to start the habit program, the ACTION where the brain works on automatic and the REWARD.

        The Auditing Habit Loop
        “This is the session.” – The Cue
        “Questions and Commands” – The Action
        “Floating Needle and Cognition” – The Reward

        It’s pretty interesting.


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