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Go to a random shopping mall, café or public place. Approach a random person and ask if you can buy him a cup of coffee and if he has an hour to spare. Tell the person you will invest the next hour trying to help him – in any way you can – with no strings attached. You will not need to know the person’s name or contact information. You ask nothing in return. Nothing at all.

If the person agrees, commence with helping the person during that one hour. Figure out something you can help him with and do whatever that will be of benefit. When the hour is up, you’re done.

If you have done a really good job, the person will ask if you can help him more. Then you say, “Yes I ca,n help you another hour – but only if you help 5 other people just like I have now helped you. Five people, one hour each. When you have done that, you can get back to me. Here’s my contact information.“.

If the person returns after helping five random people, give the person another hour of honest help. You will often find that the person will benefit more from helping others than you will be able to help him.

If you do this with at least a dozen people, I would very much like to hear how you did.


47 thoughts on “Try this

  1. Geir, with people like you this planet can be a better world. There are 2 problems: 1) Not all the people are like you. 2) Not all the people agree to help others. So the benefit circle cannot always be closed.

      1. This is why I like you so much. Revealing the dark side of Scientology definitely changed you. In fact, I’ve noticed a change at you (a positive one), especially after publishing the book.

          1. Did you watch the movie “Pay it Forward” (2000) with Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment? Did you take this idea from this movie?

            1. I have watched the movie a couple of times. It’s very good. But this idea grew on me independently, and only after a while did I realize it’s an extrapolation of the film 🙂

  2. Call it fear if you must label it, but “out of the blue” reaching isn’t real to me. What is real is like the Scn Handbook shows in picture form, a Reality to talk about comes up. Being retired and not “under the gun” to survive the squirrel cage anymore has allowed at least SOME rare moments to have “stuff” pop up to enter discourse. I call this “natural”, and its unreal this reaching “out of the blue” to to a “stranger”, however, like Handbook shows its tech, Scn counters itself with forcing one to go out on street and do this kind of thing. The only exception would be an outfit as a surveyor with name of company loudly clear, then folks approaching have a Reality upon coming across.
    Is all this showing my wogishness? Or do I have a good point? Guess the idea was to uplift the Reality of “hello fellow human being” (i.e., 4thD?). Lol, wouldn’t that be a gas, a hat and company logo and outfit for “hi, your fellow human being here”, ooo, slight bd occuring, Lol.

    1. I am trying to get your point. Is it that you wouldn’t dare to approach a stranger and ask him if you could help in any way?

      1. Could you please “get my drift” overall, feel you posed a “have you stopped beating your Mom yet”. Thanks if you can, otherwise, skip it. Alpreciations.

        1. Guess we got a 2-way “so what?”, Lol.
          To elucidate further, one of the definitions in tech dict. of “Clear” is “able to meet someone”. So I was merely pointing out that the Handbook example of finding an R to bgin ARC is THE gradient, and not presuming right away you’re OT and can jump out on the street. Remember “gradients”? Highest of importance logics, particularly in auditing.
          Another interesting interjection is Max at acknowledged in email to me MANY intro “Scientologists” have this problems (he has much experience along this line), I think I passed that gradient point to him also.
          The world has different rate of speed robotic cogs-going-round-in-their-clockworks for their 1st, 2nd & some for 3rd D’s, its a big eye-bugged-out bother to stop for 4thD sentience time for both the interruptee and interuptor.
          I notice that just casual encounter comm to break the boredom helps me & them see things. We need some “Sciiii-eeeeen-TOLO-gist”(!?) to push their rigid routine on us?
          Having said all this, I’m for contemplating often said depths of “outward form by which inward thought exists” (one definition of Scn). 🙂

          1. We surely don’t need more scientologists. We need people to grow slightly bigger balls so that they are able to greet their fellow men and lend a helping hand. It’s not more complex than that.

        2. As I said, I tried to “get your drift” and offered my understanding. If it was wrong, can you please explain one more time (and at the same time excuse my ignorance)?

          1. Well, thought I liked what you were doing here, but am surprised by your lack of being outside a problem and seeing the problem (“the solution to a problem is the problem”), so all I can say now is, “good luck on that”.

            {I did try one more time….best, Jerry}

            1. What was your original point, exactly? Please try to explain to me – because I really did not get your point.

  3. I won’t respond further to someone who gets antagonistic for concepts that aren’t agreeable to you.

    I unchecked getting further email notices of responses, a mechanical engagement of “so what?” Lol.

    1. I didn’t understand your point of view, so I wouldn’t know if it was agreeable to me. And you refused to expand what you meant. So that it is where it stands. Your rage quit solves little.

      1. Hi Geir. And if you are still prepared to chime in,… hi Jerry.

        Perhaps, I can share some bridging reality here, if you’ll allow me?

        Well, at first, having read this OP of yours, Geir, left me wondering just how much of a response you would get? I was sidetracked with work for a while and only picked up on this post again today..(Sunday 7 June)

        To begin with, I agree entirely with what Dragos had to say with his comments. (review his comments at top of this page) Nice acks there too, Dragos 🙂

        Jerry, on the other hand, had the guts to admit he felt “fear” at the prospect of ‘reaching out” from out the blue, so kudos to you there, Jerry! 🙂

        I am now going to tell it like it was / is! (and certainly can / should be – for anyone!
        no apologies for the scn’gese vocab., either)

        Rewind to the mid 70’s Durban Org, South Africa. Scn was like an amazing surreal adventure, where we did comm courses, attended workshops, learned the basics of auditing, and via the ‘book of basics’ (0-8), about the Logics, Axioms, and Scales.

        What riveted me completely though, was THAT Tone Scale!!! Good God! Here was the friggn’ tool I had been searching for all my life! And finally had my hands on it. To say I went overboard, with this find, would be a gross understatement!

        In the meantime, with a very young family (my wife and our two young girls) to take care of, my salary as a draftsman, was insufficient. So I packed it up and drove municipal buses, where I could earn FAR more, with unlimited overtime. The timing points, at the end of each trip, were used to devour all the data I could digest during 20 – 60 minutes of ‘idle time’ I crammed those Axioms home with relish, confident that I finally had the means to understand the mechanics of the spirit, mind and behavior of myself and those around me. My certainty has only strengthened down the years, by constant observation., reflection, evaluation and re-evaluation.

        Now back to the topic of your post, and the suggestions you made. I must emphasize Geir, your earlier enthusiasm and revelations, about what the comm course did for you, were certainly mirrored in me too! — by the container loadS!

        Going out onto the streets, with a clip board to do a pseudo ‘survey’ of people, was nothing more than practice in spotting emotional tone, in each individual. One was generally met (at first), with their social response to a question like; “Would you say that people have less time for meaningful relationships, these days?” and then, by asking an unexpected / disarming question, would see their chronic tone surface, when asked; (for example) “How many left feet do you have?”

        With unbridled enthusiasm (4.0), I sailed through doing ‘body regging’ personality tests, and able to approach anyone, especially (and deliberately, LOL) the mean-looking types, just to see how they would respond to my ‘zealotry’. The last thing on a “4.0’s” mind is being effect, such is the causative beingness that one assumes, when one is confident one can handle ANY tone encountered.!! 🙂

        Sorry to get carried away by those exuberant memories, but by golly, they were quite priceless! 🙂

        Coming back to earth, though, There was one incident, where I was out with a group of attractive girls, and we were doing the body – regging thing by twinning-up, just pulling people in for personality tests by the dozens.

        Then we hit an unexpected snag. One of our girls, (very intelligent and friendly), suddenly went into a full blown panic-attack!! She went into total terror, trying to hide in a corner of a siding. That was an eye-opener for me. Though I had my hands full, with two persons on my arms, on route to the test centre, I vowed to get back to her as soon as I was done! She subsequently made her way back to the Org, where she had some auditing to alleviate her terror.

        A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since those early ‘fun’ days’ and I, like most of us, have had our eyes opened to the unsavory aspects of the Scn movement, particularly under the Chairman Of Bullshit (COB)

        And Geir, though it is clearly a breeze for the likes of thee and me, who are able to climb aboard a wave of enthusiasm, and launch ourselves into a crowded audience, with relish, there are those for whom even a one-on-one, is still quite a challenge! … And for those in this invidious position, Jerry being no exception, I cannot help but urge you to simply DO your TR-0! as well as all your TR’s regularly! — They can literally transform your life, if done with a little dash of insouciance! 🙂

        — Calvin.

        1. This is for all you TR-0 aficionados.

          One of the only two artists to be in Time Magazine’s top 100 people.

          Her life is worth looking into …

            1. She spend three months at MOMA in NYC in a chair 7-1/2 hours a day, six days a week with no breaks. She never left her chair once.

              People could sit as long as they wanted.

              Her show “The Artist is Present” was the greatest attended exhibit in MOMA history. Over 770,000 people. This part was her exhibit in the show. The rest of the show’s exhibits were recreations of her performance art with other artists standing in for her. Many of them as physically challenging.

              The reactions of people were amazing to this piece though.

              The movie is worth the watch.

              “The Artist is Present.”

            2. Even Alistair Crowley, the one who came up with this had a good idea occasionally!

              I swear, we can learn from everybody.

              Here is the trailer …

            3. Beautiful, Kat! -Since there really are beautiful people among us. (or am I delusional?) 🙂

            4. Beautiful people everywhere!

              Here is another piece of information regarding the power of looking into people’s eyes.

              Did you know you can fall romantically in love with anybody in just two hours?

              This is the process (Caps Mine):

              “A heterosexual man and woman enter the lab through separate doors. They sit face to face and answer a series of increasingly personal questions. THEN THEY STARED SILENTLY INTO EACH OTHER’S EYES FOR FOUR MINUTES.”

              This is the New York Times Article where the quote comes from and a link to an app where you can actually do it.

              You know, it would be kind of useful if one is stuck in an arranged marriage!


            5. Wow, Kat, now THAT was a potent experiment, for sure. It certainly delineates the simple ‘Power of Love’ phenomenon (Marianne, your cue, btw, sung by Jennifer Rush)
              Call it other things: affinity, mutual attraction, magnetism, etc, etc. It doesn’t matter, does it? “It” remains a compelling force, driving life to create the most beautiful interplays imaginable. Yep, and I can confess, that as a born artist, I am just as driven to do that! I LIVE for that! It completes me. Thanks for being, Kat. You shine man! 🙂

            6. In nature looking into another’s eyes has two core functions: love and domination.

              People in love stare int each other’s eyes. Friends do the same.

              .. AND …

              When someone wants to dominate you they get in your space and stare you down in the eyes.

              This is why is is not wise to look a strange dog in the eyes when first meeting it – it is a signal of aggression. AND love is why my dog Yoda will stare at me for minutes at a time. So even dogs know this.

              One can be dominated through the eyes with harsh methods like a Military Drill Instructor or one can be dominated by a charismatic person such as a salesman with great social skills.

              Eye to Eye connection can mean love. It can mean domination. It can mean BOTH at the same time.

              TR-0 uses both purposes IMHO. It is quite dangerous to assume that the deep experience of connection this creates is always good.

              One must retain the ability to walk away even if it means not getting your dominators Gold Star of Approval.

            7. Kat, that’s an interesting, if somewhat popular view (of TR-O) … (‘in nature’). While it definitely includes those two core functions, (love and/or domination), let’s please also remember the ACTUAL original purpose of the drill. >> finishing off with….. ” The whole idea is to get the student to be there comfortably in a position three feet in front of a preclear, to BE there and not do anything else but BE there.” –( as revised in HCOB of 16 August 1971)

              That EP upon the training of a great “auditing presence”, creates a marked difference and is definitely felt by an appreciative pc, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

            8. Ray, I’ve never had Scientology Auditing. I’m just a person who has a persistent fascination with the subject over several years.

              And domination isn’t a BAD thing. One should be dominated by a worthy boss. A child should be dominated by a worthy parent etc. So, one must be able to dominate and be dominated in our society.

              This is a fact of nature.

              And Silverbacks can’t be sissies.

              And to your point, the stated EP DOES occur from what I see. One CAN experience exactly what is stated. But remember, the point is that BOTH love and domination occur in TR-0.

              And I do think there are “unwritten EPs” that occur in this practice, and that the unwritten EPs are senior to the written noble one.

              And the senior unspoken EP is “submission to the method.”

              Again, it’s not the bad things in Standard Tech that, it’s the good things that bug me. And I think what Marina did WAS brilliant as the participant could walk away any time they wanted to. And I think the “falling in love” tech is awesome as long as one KNOWS what it really is and how it really works.

              Not so with TR-0 and a course Sup.

              One WILL get exactly what you said Ray, exactly that.

              AND they will get a little something extra – a strange, persistent STARE.

            9. IMHO, what the world needs is SAFE eyes safe enough to behold it. Eyes that let one leave when one needs to. Eyes that don’t expect. Eyes that don’t control. Eyes that are a safe, clean mirror.

              Stable and ready when one is ready.

              The best idea from Scientology IMHO is (paraphrased) “Be able to confront anything, but don’t force another to confront something they cannot..”

              And enforced TR-0 and the policy of never letting a PC stop a session on their own volition violates this very noble ideal.

              And I say that “As My Humble Opinion.”

              Why? Because I try to be wrong at least two times a day. And I’m pretty sure I will be thought wrong on this.

              I have really enjoyed this conversation Ray, Marildi and Marianne. Someday let’s meet for coffee and look into each other’s eyes.

              I think we’ll both see good.

            10. Kat: “Ray, I have never had Scientology Auditing. I am jut a person who has a persistent fascination with the subject for several years.” …

              Well now Kat, right off, I offer you a sincere apology! I apologize unreservedly for simply assuming you HAD! There really is a whole universe of difference between reading about it, being fascinated and talking about it, — and actually experiencing it as a recipient, in the hands of a thoroughly trained Auditor [Latin audire – hear], in the actually highly sacrosanct role of being not only able to “just BE there”, but arduously trained to LISTEN! (something we wish everyone would do when we speak! LOL)

              The entire purpose (of TR-O) is intended to bring about the ability to “get the job done”
              ie Get the person (pc) through the situation, (difficulty) that has come up in auditing, in addition to being unflinching (as the auditor) in doing so.

              As for the “little something extra – a strange persistent STARE!” — LOL! Good one Kat!
              Well, as a matter of fact “ALL” dedicated Scientologists “do that”, don’t they???

              Perhaps I may now invite you to look around at some more related, fascinating stuff: —- Have you ever watched, (or been the recipient of) some one doing intensive “coaching”? — If so, I think you will find that a really ‘intent’ coach, in football, baseball, boxing, martial arts, gymnastics, manual skills, surgery, singing, or sniping, just as a few examples– all have the intention ‘to get the job done’, too!!

              — Though in doing so, Kat, what I’m saying to you, is that I’ll bet that when you are FULLY engaged, in a coaching session, (with one of your kids,for example) a secret video recording made of you two together, may astonish you!!! It is almost guaranteed, that you would be exercising “a strange, persistent STARE” yourself– LOL. Ask around, do your own checking, by all means. The phenomena is there for the checking!

              I’ll concede this though– Of course it is deemed “socially unacceptable’ to just stare .!
              Most people would consider this rude and an invasion of privacy.

              As a matter of fact, I am aware of at least some preponderance concerning certain races, who do this unacceptable thing; “stare”. It is definitely an issue, I suppose, especially resented by Western civilizations, in particular.

              I think there is one mitigating point here, Kat and that is to mention the demeanor behind the ‘stare’.– ie, what do you FEEL coming from the person??? is this guy/gal friendly or hostile? You mentioned this yourself earlier, too!

              A warmth/friendliness will likely show “in the eyes”, which naturally puts one at ease, and gains the trust on the receiving end, methinks.

              One proviso to all this stuff bro’ … you still have to pick a ‘good one’, right? ? 🙂

  4. Marianne, my sister, I often wondered when you would surface? 🙂 We all get bogged down with ‘stuff’, from time to time. Though “nothing really matters” (you can post that vid, if you like 🙂 ) except making our lives purposeful, for ourselves and those we love and cherish, not so?

    Please stay ‘in touch’, will you?

    Love, Ray

    1. ray, that i haven’t ‘surfaced’ here does not mean that i haven’t been ‘part’icipating..and you know this,


      the vid, which has a personal background…i received this song to listen to many-many years ago
      before i boarded an airplane…as the plane started taking off, i started listening to this song…great,
      isn’t it?

      Love, sunshine

    1. Oh yes, Sister, it surely is! I just wondered what you thought….? Does this haunting rendition “communicate” to you, as much as it does to me?

      1. ..what it ‘communicates’ to me is this: when ‘i’ just ‘think’ of the ‘other’ i love, i feel peace, transparency
        and a breeze of joy…i feel ‘whole’…and when the ‘other’ appears in physical form, that is a ‘bonus’….
        beautiful song…
        (you are a master of using concepts…’haunting rendition’…i just looked up their root meanings…my
        feel after it is: another is appearing in communication so as to provide the possibility to feel-through
        and feel back home)

        1. It’s one of the best reasons to get up each day, hey Sunshine? To make time to simply enjoy ourselves in free (theta) and/or love-filled postings here in Geir’s cyber-lounge!

          That, as well as the fun-filled crazy stuff too, just for a bit of balance, hey?

          Btw, age old Chinese proverb, go: “Man who make love on side of hill -not on level!”

          LOL. 🙂

            1. LOL, Sunshine! This is one of those really silly jokes, fyi, 🙂 “not on level” — implies not being up-front, or open. Or said literally, means that the guy, (doing his ‘thing’ on the side of (a sloping) hill, is therefore not on ‘level ground’. Get ‘it’ now? 🙂 🙂

            2. Thanks! Still not fully get it but it does not matter! When i read your answer, i just started to laugh

              and laugh. A wise man said: we are here to Live Life ! Geir says something like be able and

              willing to experience anything! Haha…you see, i have lived quite a full life up to now…and now,

              as my awareness is sharper and sharper and experiencing to me means ‘levels’ of consciousness,

              i am fairly happy… just for no other reason that i am and experiencing is fresh-anew… one of my

              joys in life is when another can also enjoy life whatever it brings.

  5. ray…this has been my favourite for weeks now….i just love its rhythm and each and every detail
    of his performing…as you are excellent in observing, what do you say to it?

    1. Bruce “The BOSS” Springsteen is all about ‘animal magnetism’, imho. The guy really does mesmerize his audience, wherever and whenever he performs. I mean, look how he has effected you too! 🙂 He is just blessed with tons of that X-factor, hey?

      1. Thanks ray! Haha…’all’ ? about ‘animal magnetism’ ? Yes, he has tons of that ‘X-factor’ as you write
        but it is the least among the other qualities that i got aware of and can resonate with: humour, in harmony…just in harmony with ( the other players, audience, the instruments …could give you a long
        list). He feels! the rhythm of Life and can co-operate with it! I am not mesmerized a bit, i am quite
        aware kind of independently and can cause that effect ( to me it means in harmony with a vibration).
        I listened to many other songs as well, he owns-fills a huge ‘space’ in a continuously responsive
        way with his environment. This song is my favourite now because of its playfulness and rhythm.

        1. You spelled out your fascinations with “The Boss” in rich detail there, Sunshine.
          And if you add up ALL that he ‘gives’ to others, what he gives to you too, then his ‘exchange’ is just enormous. Clearly, a ‘giver’, of the very first order!! 🙂

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