As long as I can reflect on my reflections, I’ll be OK.


8 thoughts on “Reflection

    1. Reflection indeed in those lyrics. Dex is deep. 🙂

      GENTLE GIANT – Free Hand – 1975

      In my way did I use you, do you think I really abused you
      On reflection now it doesn’t matter:
      How can you say I made you need me more than anyone else
      Who can say it right now it’s finished over:
      It’s my act, it’s my calling, I explained exactly the falling
      Different ways of life can never even:
      Be the same when you saw me, could you always take me the
      same way as I came and went I tried to remember you:
      Still you stay
      Tied in your way
      Changing times
      Watching the signs

      Could you see in me what you thought about all you want me to be
      On reflection why should have I changed my ways for you
      All around all around

      Cry my sympathy’s with you but I never lied to you all in all
      it seems it’s just an experience:
      Placed my cards on the table told of everything I was able,

      Understanding still not anything different:
      Find another to lean on, start again for I should have long
      gone, on reflection now it’s just an experience.
      Soon the pain will have ended, together never intended, as I
      come and go I’ll try to remember you.

      Look back it’s not your game, together just in name.

      I’ll remember the good things how can you forget all the years
      that we shared in our way:
      Things were changing my life, taking your place in my life and
      our time drifting away:
      All around all around

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