Never mind the headlines…

the world is not falling apart.

We are living in the most peaceful of times. Less armed conflicts, less war casualties, homicide rates are going down, mass killings are plummeting…


Wealth is increasing across the world, life expectancy is higher than ever and population growth has stagnated. And the people of the world is connected and communicating like never before.

It is indeed great times to be alive 🙂

20 thoughts on “Never mind the headlines…

  1. Yessiree Geir. There’s bright stuff going on aplenty, No doubt about it 🙂

    The other side of the coin, by contrast, has completely opposite sentiments going on. The wide scale destruction to so much of our fellow ‘voiceless’ Earthlings and their habitat, begging a silent scream: (“please stop torturing, exploiting, and destroying us. We don’t understand WHY you DO this to your fellow Earthings”)

    Sustainability of “the good life” is difficult, when the natural resources of our planet are being sacrificed, to satisfy the current global ‘endemic’ of >>>.” I WANT! ”

    I will offer this though: — I don’t think we have EVER before experienced such enormous personal gain, ironically, at the cost of so much planetary destruction.

    Do you? :0

    (We have covered this topic thoroughly during earlier postings, I know. But at the end of the day, Geir, perhaps the only real solution lies in finding ‘balance’, between what WE and (our partner) ‘The Planet’ jointly NEED, versus what WE ‘want’)

    Spoken from the heart and P.O.V. of a ‘concerned fellow Earthling’ 🙂

    1. I think that in the grand scheme of things, the only real problem we have is global warming. I would like to see a mid-term fix to go from fossil fuel to nuclear fuel – also to accellerate research into fusion as the ultimate energy source.

      1. Yes, Geir, I get you. The only anomaly, (if we can call it that) in your OP, is centered around the ‘King-Pin’ species.”numero uno”: homo -sapiens himself.

        That’s a little glaringly off the ‘grand scheme of things’, don’t you think?

        What about the majority ‘shareholders’ (the now catastrophically dispossessed remainder of formerly abundant life forms, many now extinct, or certainly on their way out) among us, on our formerly “shared” planet?

        So …. what if we continue down this path of ‘appeasing our wants” and the ever eager, money and power hungry supplier of those “wants.”

        Does this even warrant a look-in, amidst the clamor for “accelerated research.?”

        As I emphasized earlier: Heading over the cliff into lemming like oblivion, while taking much of Earth’s under-appreciated life panorama with it, seems utterly daft to me.

        In our quest for ever increasing mastery, and progress of our human condition, we have totally lost sight of the most important element of all — Balance!

        We could (and probably will!) do worse, then getting back to Nature, to SEE afresh, how “balance”, is indispensable, if we are to regain the clean, pollution-free and bountiful life that Nature provides, without any input from His Worship(ed), “King-Pin” Numero Uno! 😀

        (Footnote: The remaining, humble little Bushmen of the Kalahari, are a striking example, of how to lead a ‘balanced’ life, in tune with other life forms and their meager habitat — sans any forms of interventions of ‘advanced’ civilization, to blight them.

        Step back, look and SEE, what we have done / are doing, to our once bountiful planet, Geir.

        Can we, WILL we, do that?? ::)

        1. Enjoy the ‘seriousness’ of it all, will ya?? 😀

          (just quoting a cool guy I know 😎 )

          1. Jeez, so I am too! 😦 Only one way to end this… BLAM!

            —- Oh, F—k! …… I missed! 😀

            1. Ya see, me ❤ ? When yer heart is in something, ya wanna discuss it!

              Seriously, though, I think you made a great point – which, in essence, is that we humans tend to be too human-centric. All the stats that were posted in the blog post, are of direct human interest. Geir did qualify it somewhat with the comment about global warming, but even that was strictly from the point of view of human needs and wants.

              As you pointed out, there's also other life forms that must be considered – and, in a nutshell, the balance of Mother Earth herself. Both of your posts were excellent contributions. ❤

            2. Its a BIG look, if we hope to see the BIG picture, ain’t it, me ❤ ?

              That gets us past our aberrated myopia too. What's that number again? Eight?

              Eight "Dynamics"? Oh yeah, those ………

              Thanks for the high affinity duplication, too.- THAT'S what's needed, y' know 😀

      2. Geir, Just to reiterate the support for your suggestions. Yes, on all! 😀

        ‘Naturally’, we can’t neglect the use of solar power, or wind and ocean wave energy either, can we?

        It’s a huge, overwhelming ‘problem’, of course, which, imho, has only been created by that ‘neo- monster’ — “I WANT!”

        (So, please remind me – WHO or WHAT, is the REAL dilemma here then?)

    1. As a fellow red-blooded hooman bean, who can argue with this example, Rafa?

        1. Hey Rafa, 😀 Man, that is really amazingly creative stuff! Nice to have this talent within easy reach hey? No wonder you’ve always got that great big grin on your face. LOL. 😀 😀 😀

  2. This is cool. However, it would be interesting to include the numbers on the graph after 2013 as well, with whats going on in Syria etc, plus in Europe since the mass migration has begun…

    1. It’s much, much less of a problem than the mass media is trying to sell. They are busy as any other enterprise selling what their consumers will buy. Unfortunately good news and statistics doesn’t sell that well.

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