What we must do

​We need to handle our environmental problems, limit the centralization of power, ensure transparency of government and privacy of citizens. The rest will take care of itself.

13 thoughts on “What we must do

  1. Agreed. Those sound like solid, conservative principles. I doubt the left can execute on them, though.

    1. This isn’t about left or right. In fact, I would advocate abolishing this antiquated dichotomy altogether.

      And I would go even further. I think we should try to replace political ideologies with science. What works, works… despite any ideology or what one wish should work. Political ideologies creates motivated reasoning, confirmation bias and all kinds of fallacies of logic.

      1. It shouldn’t be contaminated by politics, agreed, but beyond the individual, effectively it is, imo. Arguing climate change on the merits, or “the science of it”, misses the point. It’s not about the merits. It’s a question of motive. The political lines of which are well defined.

        As for the other 3, power, transparency and privacy, those are all great things. If you still accept the Tone Scale as a useful tool, then the Scale of Politics will weigh on the execution of all four regardless of any science.

        P.S. the video gives a message of: “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.” I hope you’re doing well, btw. You are a Power Poster to FB and we love brawling on your pages ! ! !

  2. I agree that the world is much a better place than media is trying to make it look. But thats exactly why some “conspiracies are real” because somebody on some level is trying hard to make us mock-up enemies, whether these enemies are real or not.

    I am a conspiracy nut, but i transcended the good-vs-evil wholetrack implants (at least partly), so i do not see the conspirators as evil or even much bad. I do not see the plots as evil or world-destroying. It’s all about big games being played pretty roughly. If we all die, we will just be all reincarnated on another nearest planets where there is life.

    Being aware of that is very good, but i know now, that focusing on the good and positive is more important. Positive thinking is the key. If anybody focuses too much on the negative, the wholetrack implants starts to kick in, and he mock-ups too much opposition, enemies etc. It becomes dangerous for him. One should always focus much much more on the positive.

    Ok now about global warming. What does it mean to you, Geir? Glowbal warming, and/or climate change, what does it mean? If we ignore it, is it really dangerous? What consequences will be if we ignore it? I have my opinions but i want to hear yours.

    1. I’ve found Geir to be very opinionated on this CC topic, and quite touchy as well. I’m surprised he does not answer your questions here, because he feels strongly about the issue and has been known to be persistent about answers to his own questions that he feels are not being satisfied.

      So Geir, you didn’t like my opposite viewpoint on CC? Did my article/comments about the benefits of CC strike you as sarcasm? As if you’ve never posted any yourself? I obviously pressed your button somewhere. You wouldn’t have engaged me as long as you did otherwise, when you could’ve just ignored my posts as you do so many others. After all, it’s only Facebook, right? Chill out, as you told one other who “took it too seriously”.

      Good luck, Geir. I’m glad I knew you.

      1. No stress, David. You just kept on spamming on Facebook and drowned out other viewpoints. Just too much of you. Much more than I had time to answer 😊

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