Vietnam and the brewing storm of free speech

Recently I had the pleasure to meet with the leader of the main opposition party in Vietnam, Mr. Do Diem of the Viet Tan. He gave a talk to a small Vietnamese group living in Norway, and with the help of an inspiring person, Lap Huynh, I was invited to the event.


Through reading up on the country of Vietnam and with the help of Lap and Mr. Do, I can share some of the similarities I can see with a subject well known to most of my readers; The Church of Scientology.

Mike Rinder has compared the Church of Scientology (CoS) to North Korea. While the two can certainly be compared, the CoS compares much better to Vietnam. Here is why:

  • Both the CoS and Vietnam looks nice on the outside. The CoS looks posh, has Tom Cruise, John Travolta, glamorous buildings and nice, welcoming people. Vietnam is a wonderful tourist destination with gorgeous nature, great healthy food and nice welcoming people.
  • Both have a One Party Rule without tolerance for dissidents or free speech.
  • Both have severe punishments for those who dare stepping out of line.
  • Disconnection from people with opposing views is rampant in both.
  • Both have a growing insurgence and the people in power tries desperately to squash dissidents with similar tactics.
  • Both are heading for a free speech revolution where the ruling powers will face a meltdown.

Looking good on the outside, rotten on the inside and heading for a revolution.

The question for both is not whether it will be a revolution, but whether it will be violent.

I strongly support free speech and I will lend my support to the opposition in Vietnam.