One of my current quests has born fruits. A couple of years ago, I got the idea that it should be possible to like anything. Yes, anything. But while it may perhaps be a distant, even unreachable goal, it has shown to be a worthwhile pursuit.


I started out with the small, everyday things. Liking the noise from the neighbor. Liking my own irritation on a bad day. Liking others’ criticism of me. Liking nasty people. The cold. The failure on a job. Unpleasant food. The pain at the dentist’s. Practice makes perfect. Or at least approaching perfect. Because it seems an everlasting quest for liking anything. And the rewards are great 🙂

Life is brighter, more fun and there is a higher harmony. The alternative is less pleasing.

Just thing about it, is there any benefit in NOT liking stuff? You might as well like it, even enjoy it – and life will be brighter from it. Enjoy. Like!