Intervju om verdens mest kjendiskåte religion

Deilig å være i radiostudio igjen. Denne gangen var jeg intervjuobjektet. Programleder var komiker Dag Sørås. Hans program, Sannhetsministeriet, sendes lørdager på NRK P2.

Dag hadde lest Nittenåttifire da den ble sluppet, og ønsket å ta en prat med meg om verdens mest kjendiskåte religion. Vi dekket mange sider ved Scientologi – fra trakasering og om Scientologi virkelig er en religion, til slemmingen Xenu og kjendisen Hank von Helvete. Desverre slapp både Xenu og Hank billig unna da de ble klippet bort, men intervjuet ble likevel en fin gjennomgang av temaet:

53 thoughts on “Intervju om verdens mest kjendiskåte religion

  1. God dialog Mister Ice Creams ! Jeg skulle bare ønske jeg forsto språket . Men jeg gjør det ikke. Og …

    Jeg vil ikke heller . Fordi i USA er det bedre å lære spansk som det er mer praktisk .

    Ikke behov for å lære Norweigan her .

    Håper vinteren er full av herlighet og nordlys .

      1. Ahhhh…yesss! The rich rewards of being an adventurous explorer of free will!! Have you contemplated a discussion with the likes of Richard Branson, Warren Buffett,and others who have broken the mold of expectations?

        1. Those would be very interesting encounters. But meeting the Dalai Lama and a few highly altruistic people would be even higher on my wish list. Also Elon Musk.

          1. Hi Geir

            I recall you said: make a wish and make it happen (perhaps

            the wording is a bit different, then please correct it). Until you

            have some interesting encounters, i would like to reflect on the

            word ‘altruistic’ in your post with this vid. It may happen that

            after listening to it, for you, or for anyone who has listened to it,

            this word may not be of use in ‘encounters’.

            1. Thanks Sis’ I’ve bookmarked that one for some proper attention, asap.. L, Ray. 🙂

          2. Yes, indeed. Richard sat just opposite my wife and her mom, in a Wimpy restaurant on the Durban beachfront, some years ago. She was amazed at how laid back he was, wearing a “Mandela” shirt, baggies and a pair of slops. He guzzled a full bacon, egg and toast breakfast and a couple of cappacinos, while reading the local Sunday papers, after placing his order, with his typical: “Umm… I think I’ll just have the… umm.. you know? umm.. bacon and uh.. umm, and.. you know? umm etc. etc.” 🙂

            So yes, Geir, amazement all round, for sure!! 🙂

            1. Yes and i can see The Rise of the Instruments also that. I said: i
              can see the second vid as you see it. It does not mean that i
              cannot see it differently. The way i see it is: stillness, life-flow
              and emotions. i see it as a masterpiece because these three
              can be seen kind of separately and also as one.

  2. The Alanzo Translations Unit has deciphered the tile of this post:

    What was, “Intervju om verdens mest kjendiskåte religion.”

    Is ACTUALLY: “Interview on green rollerskates religion”.

    Why are you calling Scientology the “Green Rollerskates Religion”, Geir?

    That isn’t a standard positioning for anyone in or out of the Church.

    I say “GLUTZ PR!”


      1. Even wheels are fated to re-invention by our geek-a-nerd friends on a cyclic re-hash of would-be mandatory mind-boggling statements! Night is day! Day is night! So new black it it then!! 🙂

    1. I like it with the royal purple. And these colors go well with my new “avatar.” 😉

        1. Better than to be seen as brainless? 🙂

          But yeah, these little creatures with the brains are kind of strange. I should break down and get a real avatar one day. 😎

          1. Yessiree ma’am. BTW, whatever happened to your original photo avatar. If I remember right, you were sort of prone, with you hands supporting your cheeks, looking rather wistful ?

            1. With a stuffed animal of some sort there too? That was Marianne! A very cute photo. Maybe she can dig it out and use it again, at least a couple times, just for the fun of it. 🙂

            2. Oh there you go! Anyway, what about it then? Grace us, dear lady, please grace us! Just think it over, at least will you? 🙂

  3. Geir, I got a google translation of your post and then edited it to more correct English – with a bit of sheer guessing in some places. Here you go:

    “Lovely to be in a radio studio again. This time I was the interviewee. The host was comedian Day Sørås. His program, Truth Ministry, is broadcast Saturdays on NRK P2.

    “Day had read *Nineteen Eighty-Four* when it was released and wanted to have a chat with me about the world’s most celebrity-horny religion. We covered many aspects of Scientology – from harassment to whether Scientology really is a religion for the bad guy Xenu and celebrity Hank von Helvete. [Note: per Wikipedia, Hank von Helvete ‘claims to have now dealt with his drug addiction problem thanks to the Scientology drug rehab program Narconon.’] Both Xenu and Hank can relax as they were cut out for reasons of economy, unfortunately, but the interview was still a nice review of the topic.”

    The most guesswork I did was on that last sentence\, as this was the Google translation:

    “Unfortunately relax both Xenu and Hank inexpensive away when they were cut out , but the interview was still a nice review of the topic.”

    1. I changed my mind about the prepositions in this sentence:

      “”We covered many aspects of Scientology – from harassment TO whether Scientology really is a religion FOR the bad guy Xenu and celebrity Hank von Helvete.”

      It would be more likely (and a better turn of phrase) that you said this:

      “We covered many aspects of Scientology – from harassment AND whether Scientology really is a religion TO the bad guy Xenu and celebrity Hank von Helvete.”

      1. What would also be cool would be if you had a chance to write up more about what was said on the interview. I remember your talk at the Flag Down 2014 event (at least the small portion of it that made it online), and you surprised me with your “embracing” of all sides of the conflicts. Like the mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent (aka Superman!) 🙂

        1. Ha ha – I see my brains are covered in the above.

          (I somehow typed an extra character in my email address!)

          1. From nude brains to smoking a banana? That’s it! –this can’t go on any longer! Booked you in for Blog Rescue Session Monday!
            Get plenty of zee’s and replenishments till then! 🙂

  4. I see the green diet has influenced you, Geir, to the point that you write your topics in Norwegian. Next step the blog goes ecological? I’d fancy some ecology, specially in the cement city I live in. Actually, I once decided if I was to do something (business wise) it should be to make this place more green (really). But I thought others wouldn’t have such aspirations, so it didn’t move forward. I haven’t lost hope, I just don’t want the trouble at the moment.

    With that interview as well as that SCN South Park episode and other publications, it’s good to see people don’t get bad off just because they read or hear OT levels stuff. I think the out-of-the-COS people must have read or even vaguely heard about that by 90% or so –not to mention the non SCN people. So, it seems we’re all well off.

    1. “OT levels stuff?” It really is remarkable how an ‘immortal, indestructible, being’ can buy into the the concept that ‘his eternity’, is somehow under “threat” !! This has to be the most expensive ‘mental monster’ ever to have been layered into the mystery sandwich. Bs really can baffle brains, eh? 🙂

      1. Hey mister 🙂

        Indeed. And generally the idea that an immaterial being can have something happen to it, is illogical. Which is why I was trying to explain ‘static’. Eventually, I explained it to myself better, and no longer need to 😛 My views too has shifted quite much since 1,5 year ago, that I started to write in blogs. I think if you understand something adequately, the need to fight for or against it, is no longer.

        1. Sometimes, I ‘wish’ I could erase all that I’ve written, because -specially when I’m very passionate about something- I write and write and then after a while I no longer think so, or think of it more or less differently. You know that communication by itself can be a good process, which is why we talk, I guess –to learn and discard BS.

          1. Yes Spyros..and a very GOOD Saturday morning to you too! 🙂
            (Btw, just for a bit of an R-factor, what’s it like it pt in your neck of the concrete jungle as we speak?)

            The truth in the great many Scn AXIOMS underlying the workability of the auditing tech, has their common denominator in the concept of AS-ISness. Hence we As-is (AZZ-IZZ!) ourselves into “non-existence”, eventually, if we go toooo far with this, hey? LOL! 🙂

            1. Have a good day too. I’m preparing to fall asleep as I had been at work all night 😛

              “what’s it like it pt in your neck of the concrete jungle as we speak?” <—- Please rephrase, I didn't get it.

              " eventually, if we go toooo far with this, hey? LOL!"

              Yeah I used to think that we would run out of MEST. Oh well, then we could make some more. As an encyclopedic datum I will repeat what I told Marildi recently from the PDC –that a being's ability to directly perceive MEST is as intense as his ability to mock up stuff. Do you get the hint?

              Disclaimer: Due to my shifting of viewpoints I am not to be held accountable for any changes that might occur. Thank you.

            2. Well, hop-fully you have gotten some zee’s by the time you read this, Mister Illusionist? 🙂 Okay, for clarification, “concrete jungle” = “cement city” And I was trying to get a brief R-factor, on how the vibes of the people in your general midst, seem to you in pt?

              As for AZZ-IZZ’ing “ourselves”, into NE, that would refer directly to the EGO of course. (the liddle attention hungry sucker, goes into hiding, at the merest mention that someone, or something, may cause ‘his’ existence to cease!) 🙂

  5. I didn’t ZZZzzzZZz much, but OK. From now on that’s going to change.

    I have noticed some times depending on my mood I see people having an analogous mood too. By analogous I don’t mean similar. Like if you are scared and another is angry, you kinda match. You get my point. So, I couldn’t objectively tell, what their mood is like. It doesn’t seem to me the same all the time. As for the morning, I wasn’t having any people around to ‘scan’, but I was in a mood I can’t name –ehh better than boredom and indifference, I guess.

    Yes, always good to Aziz stuff. Fear not. To Aziz is not to lose. In losing you cannot recreate. In Azizing you know you are creating (or not).

    1. I don’t know, is ‘ego’ same as ‘identity’ or ‘valence’? Without it how could ‘one’ play? You can be making it, know you’re making it, and have it be like a theater play. It’s not hypocritical either. Hypocrisy is a valence playing another valence. Pretense is nobody playing a valence. And so you have it feel like a game, or else there are serious penalties and stuff.

      1. ‘ego’, is the liddle guy, who is no where to be found, when ‘you’ completely key out , or exteriorize, during TR-0 for example (my eval!)
        He’s also the liddle guy that ‘wants’ endlessly, dramatizes when he can’t get when he wants! Throws service facs at you! Can’t stand being wrong, Has to ‘prove’ himself, to all. He is also ‘obsessive cause’ while resisting (but actual) effect (more my eval.)

        Your solid interpretations above, on the other hand, reveal a more positive, knowing causativeness as a being, (not the ego) (still more my eval!) 🙂

        1. Nice evaluation. Yeah I can become him too, as well as others. Have you ever seen me argue online? 😛 I can also be simple –simply be but then I’m nothing but a being :O

          Sorry, just fooling with words. I like the philosophy talk, but I think it can get serious when not all quite get your viewpoints. I’m not too serious about it. I enjoy this stuff of getting rid of charge. It’s a pleasure to me, not fanaticism, nor making other viewpoints wrong. Some times when it’s great, I think others should know about it too.

        2. Imagine talking about something as plain as a ‘being’ and another wondering what diabolic stuff those brainwashed fools are talking about. You make a sort of like a joke, the other sees it as tragedy.

          Anyway, I had a great great ‘win’ today and without sessions. I haven’t had any sessionin a long time. And I have such wins, often. Processing can be used to take responsibility, but it’s not mandatory. Oneself is for all to enjoy, regardless of techniques -ities, -isms etc. So, I hope to try to talk some more úniversal language, and not take part in this SCN anti-SCN game. I’ve overrun it, and I have no motive.

  6. Interesting comments, Spyros. the intriguing thing about those two tones, fear (1.0) and anger(1.5), is that they are only 0.5 a tone apart. Knowing and having worked extensively with the Tone Scale for over 40 years, makes it a breeze to spot, match and increase (or decrease) another’s tone, accordingly.

    When testing this material out, in the very beginning, I was astounded to be able to take someone from grief (0.5) to rollicking laughter (3.5) in under a minute flat! And that is no exaggeration, since I surreptitiously glanced at my watch at the start. ( I hope I’m not preaching to the choir in relating this experience here? LOL)

    I just find people people incredibly fascinating and their unique life journeys equally so.

    But the in the Tone Scale, I have found one of the most useful, accurate, life-shifting tools, (when used with positive, complete confidence) that can appear as almost magical , to a curious onlooker!!!

    As for AZZ-IZZ’ing, that stuff, IS KING of the heap, since what else can pull off a mental trick to match, I ask you?

    Losing? It’s an interesting question philosophically, since by so doing, one can gain much, in fact!

    eg. experience, the capacity/willingness, to count one’s blessings, the ability to ‘enjoy’ a game, even though not winning.
    The ultimate discovery, that one CAN, in fact create/ re-create
    other games, beyond the ‘loss’!

    From my own personal viewpoint, one’s life could conceivably be ended in a flash, through an unexpected turn of fate!

    —So why waste a moment of it in ‘seriousness’, ‘regret’, or hooking oneself up with loss/es?

    Damn! —- life IS rewarding… when you LIVE it with some sort of “worthwhile” purpose! Not so, Spyros? 🙂

    1. Yeah, I haven’t worked with the emotional scale much, but have seen some good stuff happen. Like I was once terrified of something (my own thoughts) you know, and was in the vicinity of SCNist. He approached me and got mad at me for no reasonable reason. I was like WTF dude?! And then I started to laugh 😛

      I found I could increase ARC by increasing ARC, without minding the emotional levels, and without analyzing it scientifically. I didn’t even think ‘ÁRC’ or Tone Level. Kinda happened ‘naturally’. Simply happened.

      Yes, Aziz is King. Much to do with knowing who the King is and who not, the way I see it. I’m not sure whether beings create or… it has much to do with the definition of a being –it’s basic nature. I see the concept of causing things is frowned upon (so is to as-is things). I understand it because Cause can perceive through so many vias that it doesn’t perceive at all. The vias perceive. If you have a headache, might I ask ‘you’ whom? It’s true Spyros is total effect. I just don’t refer to Spyros when I talk about creating stuff or the creator of stuff or the Azizer.

      Yeah I have fun with life no matter how lively or dull it gets, or else I wouldn’t live. Nevertheless, I prefer to live other kinds of life now. Something about ‘working to survive to work…’ doesn’t match with my self determinism.

    2. I said “Cause can perceive through so many vias that it doesn’t perceive at all.”

      Ehh cancel that ‘at all’. I don’t know. It’s actually something I ‘explore’ 😛

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