I am wasting life in a quest for ordinary success.

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  1. Has the “ordinary success” anything to do with boosting one’s ego? Or, it has to do with boosting one’s material wealth? Or, both?

    To me, a real success is where ego is not involed and life is simply at display.


  2. That quote is very impinging and almost constellates a depressing sensation within myself. I live my life in the exact opposite way of that quote. I think you do too.

  3. You are probably like many of us, who try to live a simple lifestyle that keeps us focused on what we really care about and what really gives us joy. There have been studies of people’s “happiness quotients” and it’s the simple, though struggling, cultures where people are the happiest. Or consider the older, more basic cultures of bygone eras that seem to have been richer, not materially but spiritually. What a paradox. The subject makes me ambivalent and nostalgic. 😦 🙂

    p.s. Is this on your mind as a result of staying home with your sick boys recently? Just guessing and thinking at my own level (I’ve had pretty much the same kind of experience).

  4. There’s nothing ordinary about you. It is only easy for yourself, and much like a gymnast or acrobat, you are ready for more difficult stunts. You have mastered another level in the game I am sure. Time to become Game Master?

    Remember us little people when you do. 😛

  5. If any way I can be assistance all you need is to ask the Path is open.

  6. Your consideration that you are vasting life is your consideration. Why do you have that consideration? How can you afford to have that consideration? What luxury.. Do you also have ARC-breaks? Pr. international studies Dansih people are the most happy people in the world, and IMO this is not said in the spirit of spiritual freedom but in terms of happyness by MEST ownership. It is my consideration that anyone who has grasped just the very basics of Scn. should be able to have a much more happy consideration regrading his life, vasting or living a full life. Sorry folks, but considering vasting ones life is mega effect, again IMO and if anyone experience that it is time to do something about it..like RIGHT NOW !!! – or you might be dead come Christmas…

    1. per schiooz
      You are mixing your concepts up the man just waken. He just had a profound realization his universe had shifted and you talking of ARCB? and You talking of death? Where did you get that idea that sitting on a pile of rubbish which could be gold is wealth, is sign of susses, and that should keep any man happy ?
      When I read that one liner from the host I become elated knowing, what has happened in his universe my hearth skipped a beat. Read your comment now, heard nuts and bolts clanking.
      I could not resist this, since I am minus challenges

    One way to avoid disappointment is to shift our mentality from that of having “expectations” to one of looking for “possibilities.” Expectations are close-ended and can be a heavy burden to carry. The more we expect, especially from people, the higher our chances of disappointment become.

    Possibilities are open-ended and lead to opportunities. Expectations can only be met or not. Looking for possibilities instead of having expectations allows us to adjust our goals and maintain a positive outlook.

  8. Good teaser Geir! This interaction of your op-eds as well as teasers like this one really make me think. The positive atmosphere and the diverse topics really get my synapses to fire – sometimes even the lazy ones that don’t want to wake up. Thank you for the stimulation. Have a smooth weekend.

  9. I have been considering these statements:

    “From these mental states will flow a strong stream of power which will tend to ‘draw’ to you that which you demand and desire; and which will also tend to ‘force and compel’ the things that you so will. You are a great centre of power, which radiates from you continually.

    Realize this, and endeavor to charge that force with the best qualities and properties, that while you are asserting your own individual rights, you will still be doing something toward the great work of strengthening the race, to the end that it may produce more real individuals ready and capable of playing their part in the great drama of life on the stage of the universe.”


    “So that from hence on your battle cry will be changed, and you will plunge into the thick of the fight, filled with the Berserker rage, like the Icelandic hero of old, and shouting your positive cry of freedom,” I Can; I Will; I Dare; I Do!’ you will mow your way clear through the ranks of the horde of ignorance, and negativity, and reach the heights beyond.”

    William Walker Atkinson 1908

    1. It’s really amazing how many great thinkers come around to this viewpoint.

      You are a never-ending resource of references. Maria. Thanks.

  10. About 8 days back there was a huge energy shift in and around this planet it has lasted little over two days. That hold great significance the balance has turned from solidity to spiritual.

    1. Good news! Great news! And if many people support it by “putting it there” even more with their attention, intention, intent, positive thought (and action), postulates – pick your own word – it should just increase. Thanks, Elizabeth. 🙂

  11. I was wasting life in a quest for extraordinary success.

    A success I already had achieved and later abandoned waiting for something bigger…

    Now I’m living nearly every day in a quest for “happy living” where the activities I choose bring me joy, laughter, unseriousness, peace of mind and creativity. Or at least closer to those states. Some may call it a “normal” life. Or success? I don’t care as long as I don’t hurt myself or others. I like challenges.
    I don’t take anything for granted. 

    I can get a kick out of walking, shopping groceries, watching a movie. Any simple activity. I really feel my freedom, power of choice and the sense of now. 

    I’m willing to experience almost anything. 

    And…just be. 

  12. Geir it’s just “For Now.”

    And that’s the title of my favorite song from “Avenue Q” and it’s so freaking brilliant, because it’s so freaking simple. The words are pure universal dharma.

    _/!\_ (gassho)

  13. I wanted to see the reactions to this one before I pitched in with further thoughts.

    Clarification: I am wasting life… not my whole life, not a major portion, but some life is wasted – and I don’t like it, and therefore I note it and start doing something about just that. … for ordinary success – the success deemed ordinary in current society, such as money, goods, “correct” relationships – the normal values of the Business World. Life is and should be much more than that – such as playing with Lego with my kids.

    And unless a meteor strikes where I stand, I will probably shake hands with Santa yet another time 😉

        1. In my humble opinion, “boosting of ego” is the key area.

          This is where the desire to be liked or admired comes from.


    I had the chance to look at these things this week and concluded that unlimited freedom is not what I ever truly wanted. I’ve had that both recently and in times past. The result was a lot of irresponsible and purposeless activity. Freedom is the Native State. You could also call it the Natural State. It comes naturally. I don’t think it is something that we shoot for. If I don’t work very hard to make the solid state that I find myself in then I would be Completely Free. I think this is consistent with QM. See, for me, it is the counter-intuitive problem which when solved makes my mind smooth, consistent and peaceful. I call “trying to be free” the counter-intuitive problem. But my auditing reveals to me that I never wanted to be free but rather to be in the game.

    A lot of threats and scary stories circulate about what happens if you leave the game. These have been invented to draft participants and to keep them playing — or worse. It is not my reality that these stories and tactics are true. If anyone wants to be free then I find it a simple matter to just let go. Eventually, I will be in the mood to let go and when that happens, I shall. Meanwhile though I think I’ll enjoy my wife, my kids, a slice of pizza, a beer, a breath of winter air and the pull of gravity.

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