My talk on Big Data at the CiO Forum

Thanks to those who contributed ideas to my talk this Thursday. I held the opening talk at the CiO Forum here in Oslo. The forum is hosted by Computerworld and there was between 100 and 200 IT executives attending.

I was about to fall prey to my own preconceived idea that I should have a set of “traditional slides” (albeit with weird twists) as the basis for my talk. I should mention that I very seldom do slides. Mostly it’s me with a flip-over dancing and jumping and gesticulating like an Italian. I tend to use people from the audience up on stage to do small role-playing scenarios, to let the audience do drills and such. But this time I was about to simmer down to conservatism when Brendan thankfully shot my slides to pieces. As he kept on questioning my approach, I realized that I was on the wrong track.

Instead I decided to take a piece of paper and draw out the concepts I wanted to cover, and true to my own website, I ended up scanning the drawing and using that as the main point of my presentation. Funny when another speaker approached me before my talk, looked at this “slide” and asked: “Is that Powerpoint… or another fancy presentation program?” “It’s pen, paper, scanner”, I replied and he looked slightly confused.

I know that most of you here don’t read Norwegian. This is as good a time as any to learn the language. Any questions – just ask 🙂

Here’s the link to the full image.

9 thoughts on “My talk on Big Data at the CiO Forum

  1. Very creative! Especially the numbers were very helpful to follow your train of thought. Very much enjoyed, thanks.

  2. Love the drawing – it’s so friendly :). And there is enough English or words similar to English to figure out that the top part of the drawing is all about the information overflow that started back with the invention of the printing press and then snowballed with all the information media of today, as well as the changes in copyright laws.

    The word “fokus” at the top left corner at #1 and also on the lower right corner at #9 seems to say something about there being a focus involved throughout all the concepts in the drawing.

    In the lower part there’s someone named Niklas (your son?), who is apparently 3½ years old and plays with Ninja turtles, and a guy (named Geir?) who has a number of different things in his mind, one of which is a house (or maybe home). Possibly all these things have to do with purpose, as that would relate to the triangle in the drawing – the one composed of Purpose, Ability, and Opportunity (which we all know from your article).

    The guy makes a long list – presumably related to the things in his mind – and then narrows it down to a short one, with some of the items now checked off. And then, at the end, at #9, we have – “Endesh?”, Hmmm…

    And the word “elefant” is there too, and just before that what seems to be the word “love”. But the Norwegian translation for “l-o-v-e” I found online to be “praise”, and if I remember right the elephant is holy in Endesh. Maybe the guy is asking its blessing…

    Well, there’s no “That’s all folks” to it yet but the moral of the story already seems to be to use the processability triangle to handle the ever-growing tsunami of information, and to be focused – and thus achieve your goals. Or – how to achieve joy through organization (you may use that title if you wish :D).

    Thanks for the fun! Hope I didn’t re-write your speech too much. 🙂

    1. Sorry to ruin your “perception of love” Marildi 😀 , but the word is actually the norwegian one for LION (LØVE), you know we have that stupid character, eh sorry, stupid letter, here in Scandinavia …

      But all in all, very good, I guess you would have passed an exam in our humble language.

      There is actually about one of the first norwegian companies going over to negotiate with IBM on a computer and making a strong point about our 3 additional letters. It is told that this one IBM-guy replied something like :
      “… only 4 million people [at that time, mind] ? Why don’t you just change the language ?”

      Also when I see these drawings I always think of a promise I’ve made myself that one day I will go a proper drawing-course, with the basic ambition of learning to draw a straight line and a round circle … 🙂

      1. Whoa, one more tiny stroke of the pen and you’re deep in the jungle. Thanks for the Norwegian lesson :-). I would never have guessed it was just 3 additional letters – how interesting. You guys should just change the language – kidding! 😀

        Well, if I “passed” it was only on English clues and pictures. This time it’s you who speak the opening post language fluently – and those of us who merely speak fluent Scientologese are far more in the dark than you ever were 😉

      1. Oh wow. Brilliant of you to include that concept 😀

        Really looking forward to your post about the conference and your speech. I forgot to mention in my comment the part of the drawing with the eyeball looking toward the philosophical – curious what you had to say in the speech about it.

        You also got me curious about Endesh and how you came to be involved with it, and what your purpose for it is by now. 🙂

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