Creating value on this blog

My reasons for blogging are manifold;

  1. To get stuff out of my head in order to make room for more stuff in there,
  2. to inspire others and create some value for my readers,
  3. to remind myself of certain aspects of life (it works best when I write reminders down or say them out loud),
  4. or to inspire others to help me (re)form my viewpoints.

When I post about geeky stuff like HP calculators, there is usually silence or a handful of comments. When I post about the meaning of life, of beliefs or some such, the comments can stack up beyond a thousand.

I try to stay focused on creating some sort of value also during discussions. And sometimes I fail. When I engage myself in arguments to prove another wrong, then I fail. I can come across as hard-nosed and snarky. And I apologize for that. I don’t want any of that on my blog. What I want is friendly discussions with good manners, good netiquette.

I want to see this blog create value for every reader, every contributor. There are some notable examples of people who contribute great value to this blog, like Maria, Marildi, Dennis, Chris and several other high contributors.

You may consider this blog post in the light of points 1 and 3 above.

107 thoughts on “Creating value on this blog

  1. From a personal point of view I appreciate arguments coming from an approach of dialectics (a more reasoned, polite approach) than the debates which sometimes occur. I am interested in hearing other viewpoints but I am quite willing to allow things to end at an agreement to disagree. I think that incessantly trying to push an argument is minimally counterproductive and maximally can be very damaging to the how the argument is viewed by the onlooker.

    From an interest point of view I have appreciated discussions that have related to understanding and sorting out tech points from the bridge, especially upper levels tech points. Those discussions may be undesirable to insiders and lurkers but they provide an invaluable way of attaining an understanding of the mechanics of case, or case improvement, or development. To that end I would appreciate seeing a thread that was clearly marked as “exploratory” and “not suitable for insiders” that could be enjoyed by those with an interest in discussing advanced concepts.

    1. 2ndxmr, I agree with your observation that certain viewpoints have been repeatedly pushed to the point where the repetition – at least on the very same thread – is unnecessary and actually damages the argument.

      As for discussions of tech points, I heartily vote with you! They should also include the underlying philosophical principles (but maybe that’s obvious). I would even like to take certain LRH writings, especially the basic books of the 50’s and 60’s, and discuss them (one at a time) to sort out the ideas they put forth – and clear the MU’s which I’m sure I and others do have!

      Some people might at first not be in favor of focusing on Scn, but the fact of the matter is that a sizeable portion of posters (and I would bet readers too) are former Scn’ists, and that gives us common reference points and a common language. Scn principles can easily be a starting point for any datums of comparable magnitude.

      I think most would agree that the value of such discussions is what has been known to occur for people in many, many instances – which is that simply having good data about some particular aspect of life puts a person at higher awareness and cause levels. This for sure has happened with me personally at different times in the discussions here. 🙂

  2. I don’t recall any snarky comments from you Geir, you’ve been remarkably calm in the face of provocation actually!

    When you say you need to get stuff out of your mind to make room do you believe the mind has limited storage space?

    1. hehe – not really limited storage space, I believe. It’s more the fact that if I get stuff out, I seem to get a resurgence in creative power to attack new ideas.

      As for the snarky comments – there are a few during the past 7 or 8 threads. Not that I necessarily intended them to be snarky, but I can see how they can come across as such, and that mandates an apology.

      1. I see what you mean about getting things out.

        It’s good you hold yourself to a high standard Geir – that sort of self awarness seems rare on the web these days

  3. Well, as you know Geir, I really enjoy your blog and all the various postings made. I even forget to post myself as I read some of the discussions — they are so interesting!

    I have to confess that I too have been posting things I don’t want to forget — for some reason typing them out in a comment serves to clarify and remind me of insights. Odd how that works.

    And snarky? Well, I think you have the patience of Job at times! But I get your point and if you want to apologize that’s good too. Apology understood and accepted!!

    Thank you.

  4. Maria and Geir,

    Ditto for me on postings that “for some reason typing them out in a comment serves to clarify”.

    There is something about the writing down of ideas that clarifies them. I think it is partly the same principle as trying to explain something to someone, even out loud with speech, which then makes it clearer for yourself. Actually, explaining pretty much falls in the same category as teaching, so whether we say “expressing oneself”, “explaining” or “teaching” – they all sort of force us to put our thoughts into the condensed symbols of words.

    And with writing, seeing those condensed thoughts before you makes them not only clearer but easier to clearly “put there” in your own mind. I’ve thought about this subject before and wondered if it is the same appeal as that of keeping a written journal.

    Ha ha! Geir, you have created a group journal. 😀

  5. You run one of the best blogs around for the discussion of these issues, Geir.

    And before that, you ran one of the best natter boards.


  6. Geir, thanks for acknowledging all our efforts to contribute. Validation is always further inspiring :). As for your other point – even if you did stray at times from your own principles, you have way more than made up for it, I assure you. You even did so alone by stating openly what you felt wasn’t okay. In particular, not too many people can admit that they tried to prove someone wrong, although all of us have been guilty of it. So that too was inspiring, and I wanted to not forget it (hence this post ;)).

    The OP reminded me of a post of Maria’s not long ago that had to do with using the Auditor’s Code in life, and she quoted from Notes on the Lectures. The idea there was that applying the Code would make for very smooth communication and enjoyable relationships. That in itself would be a great discussion topic! It could start out with how to actually adapt those points, or some of them, to a discussion – and probably would end up with some good ideas and agreements. As you know, policy has to be known and has to be based on agreement.

    Speaking of comments from previous threads, I also wanted to ask if it would be possible to have not only the blog posts but the comments text also included in the search bar results? Sometimes I want to look back at someone’s comment on a certain point (like that one of Maria’s) but I can’t remember which thread it was on. (You know how we veer off topic, LOL.)

    Also, while I’m thinking of it – can you put back the comments links? That was a very useful feature. 🙂

    1. Searching of comments… not possible from the search bar (since I cannot configure the software itself at, but you may try in Google:


      (without the angle brackets)

      This limits the searching to this site.

  7. Geir,

    You and the rest of the crew have become true friends. Before I became so involved writing on your blog, I would have laughed if anyone told me that my cyber-acquaintances would become friends but for every way that matters to me, I consider you and the contributors to this blog to be true friends. The stimulating conversations have vivified and informed every part of my life, and I have changed in ways that are pleasing to me.

    Thank you.

  8. Marildi wrote:

    Geir, thanks for acknowledging all our efforts to contribute. Validation is always further inspiring.

    Teacher’s pet!

    1. Nah! She’s sweet and funny and smart and kind and she is so very willing to communicate and explore just about any idea in any direction. She brings a very real warmth, personal touch and a sense of friendliness to the written medium of this blog. I feel very lucky to have her posting here!

      I second her thank you!

      I also feel what Chris says about finding true friends on this blog. I can tell you that when Geir was suggesting the idea at one point of shutting down comments, I experienced a very real sense of loss and I was so glad when he found a way to continue the blog that is good for him.

      I thank you all!

      1. Maria, our replies to Alanzo seem to have crossed in cybersphere. What can I say but that your generosity of spirit is only matched by your vast knowledge, and that’s no exaggeration. Love you, girl!

        And yes, the blog solution seems to have worked out well for Geir and is actually better for the rest of us too. 🙂

    2. Aw, c’mon Al, don’t be jealous – you are loved too. In fact, in some ways you’re my favorite adversary ;).

      Or maybe you’re just trying to get me to talk to you, huh? I think you like to try cajoling or irking me into another debate :). Actually, I meant to answer a question you asked in a comment above. So it’s good that you reminded me.

  9. Although I have only participated in discussion a few times, I have gained real value from your blog, Geir. I thank you for tolerating other viewpoints and being willing to explore ideas. I feel free to express thoughts that might be disagreeable because it is a safe space where dissention is encouraged. And I, too, feel a real connection with the others here who seem to be kindred truth seekers.

      1. Geir — you are having a confusion — you are Geir, he is Grateful. (read silly teasing and chuckle humorously!)

    1. Welcome! I have been censored on each blog I have posted on EXCEPT this one. You are truly free to express your thoughts and can feel safe to do so.

  10. I have been snarky on this blog and apologize. I also agree with Alanzo (one of the “highest contributors” listed above) that this is the best blog in its circle, and very well run.

    Chris, I was a member in Second Life of the “Skeptical Buddhist Sangha.” And from that group I too have lifetime friends. We may not share meals, face time or walk in the same social circles.

    But we share a social circle in a house of ideas and they keep me honest. Recently, you did that to me on a post.

    So thank you.

    This Sunday, one of those friends shattered an old delusion I carried for decades and I was grateful for the revelation. I still thought the Biblical Exodus from Egypt ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Not with the whole splitting of the Red Sea thing mind you, but I thought some kind of mass exodus happened.


    You can’t have a MILLION PEOPLE WITH ARMS FULL OF GOLD AND BOOTY leave a country, travel hundreds of miles and live in a desert for 40 years without leaving ANY archaeological evidence behind. Plus, the language, pottery, major historical contradictions and other key clues indicate that the Israelites came from their own home town.

    Have you ever been to the Exodus museum and gazed at all the artifacts of the Exodus with fondness?

    That’s the point.

    If an exodus did occur, it was probably a few dozen slaves who returned to their homeland who gained some leadership role in the religious circle, and eventually the story grew to Old Testament proportions through generational story telling.

    And it took me HOW LONG to learn that?

    I am sometimes a THICK person. But one keeps sanding away.

    1. Hi KG,

      Your passion, keen wit, and passion are benefits to me. (I mention passion twice since I like it twice as much) You anchor a type of thinking for me that I like to keep tabs on, keep within my medium to long range sensors. I cannot study it as I already have a full load but I validate its worthiness and like to ping my ideas off that old wisdom. Anyway, at moments like this when I apologize, I appreciate an acknowledgement so consider yourself acknowledged. Also understand that you created no offense to me. Like the rest of the crew, I consider you a true friend. These discussions are a major reason for the gains that I consider that I’ve made these past two years. It has been quite the catalyst and you are an important ingredient.

      Regarding the post, I don’t remember. Remind me? Use FB if you don’t want to post it here.

    2. May I disagree on your view of the Exodus ?

      I actually saw a program on English TV years back about this scientist doing research on a tribe living at a different side of the desert and claiming they were remnants from the Exodus …

      I never got the see the end where he was trying to some DNA analyses of the tribe comparing them to the Israelites, but thought is an interesting one … They most likely strayed off in different directions … … and I think that 40 year idea is quite symbolic, maybe meaning like 20 generations or whatever …

      But I’d like to know if you have other sources on this …

      1. Tor, you may always disagree with me.

        There is a Bad YouTube Video with 70’s music you find when you type “Did the Exodus really happen” that has some good facts on it.

        And that should open the rabbit hole. Of course, a lot of people invested in the story will go to great lengths to find evidence. The Mormons are suspected of putting in “ringers” in American Archaeology to prove their Book of Mormon “history” happened in North America.

        In a thousand years, who knows. Maybe we’ll believe it.

    3. I love this line: “we share a social circle in a house of ideas…”

      A house of ideas.


  11. With reference from the last two threads before this;

    I asked Vinaire for the permission to post here an exchange we had back channel.:

    First I got an e-mail from Vinaire titled “Bye Geir”, and the total content of which was:

    “Geir, keep playing your aberrated game of forced control. Have fun.”

    To which I replied:

    “It is surprising to me that everyone on my blog manages to be rather polite and respectful – except you. You seem determined to uphold your stubborn Self and incapable of looking at how your behaviour affects others. There are a handful of posters on my blog that has pointed out to you how you preach instead of communicating, how you belittle other’s viewpoints and dismisses them as mere “considerations” and also how you invalidate others because they are “stuck on the subject of Self”. This while you seem the most “stuck on Self” among all the posters. You preach “Looking” while at the same time refuses to apply those principles to your own behaviour. You have received much the same on ESMB, and I predict this will haunt you until you honestly do take a real Look at this.

    I will have no such disrespect and rudeness on my blog – just like Marildi also pointed out, and Valkov, and Chris, and Elisabeth, and Maria, and others back channel. You have been the one single poster I have had the most complaints about. You may take this as a cue for improvement, or you may stubbornly carry on being attached to yourself at this point.

    I remain in awe of your earliest KHTK work. It is a stroke of genius.

    I would love to have you contributing on my blog, but only as long as you can remain polite and show good manners. Just like I require of myself and other contributors.

    The choice is yours.”

    And lastly Vinaire replied:

    “Geir, I am afraid I find you to be a seeker of praise and admiration. You have surrounded yourself with some sycophants.
    That is my perception.”

    And thus I believe we have seen the last of Vinaire for a good while.

    1. wow. I am truly sorry to hear all this, and I find it very sad that Vinaire sees you as a seeker of praise and admiration, surrounded by some “sycophants.” I personally have not seen this to be true, quite the contrary. As far as I am concerned, acknowledgment is due when acknowledgment is due and everyone has their own sense of what is truly valuable to them.

    2. “I would love to have you contributing on my blog, but only as long as you can remain polite and show good manners.”


    3. Well, I have called quite a few names in my life, many of them unflattering. This is the first time I have been called a sycophant. Not bad — much less earthy and more sophisticated.

      Awwww, Vinaire will rest up a bit and come back. Who loves him more than us? We should all pay him visits on his blog and give him the razz-berry! (I already do this…hehe) Oh wait! Vinaire’s is one of the blogs that I was most severely censored on… oh well… all in good time.

        1. Maybe it’s a macho thing – he might be looking at it as a matter of “crying uncle” or “backing down” or something. You men! 😉

        1. Usual type of interaction that we have on this blog. When he felt that he was being unfairly ad hommed, he deleted the posts.

          Same thing on others posts.

          You may not realize just how liberal and fair-minded you are toward allowing wildly diverging points of view here – with the only criteria being that there is a measure of respect in the language used – it is the only place I’ve run across like it. It is an oasis of permissive thought.

          1. I would have thought that he was quite liberal regarding posts on his blog. This actually puts his actions here in new light.

            1. I stay with him over there because how hard he works at his research and it helps me challenge my status quo. It used to be worse, but then I lightened up using TOLERANCE and just went with it. (picture the residents on the TV show “House”) Vin should use his KHTK to take off a whole layer of seriousness. Funny thing being that it works fine for that. I worry that he is preoccupied with some other matter and it is bleeding over to his blogging. That’s ad homme I know but it is meant to be in order to manifest tolerance for his odd comm cycles.

            2. Oh yeah, he would never tolerate himself on his own blog. hahaha Neither would Elizabeth. You are very fair with all of us weirdos. I like how you leave the door open, just wipe your feet policy. It’s the sanest way to run a blog, though it must be difficult to let things slide sometimes.

              I dig around for information for my research on scientific blogs, etc.,. but haven’t run across one with the comradery that we enjoy here. I attribute this of course to the interesting thread topics, but equally to the freedom.

        2. I also appreciate and enjoy that once “post comment” is pushed that there are no corrections made. I feel that screwing around with the posts once made is degenerate and causes the blog to lose potency and confidence through loss of accuracy. I should have mentioned this before now as I truly feel that leaving these posts untouched lends an important sense of credibility and fairness to your blog. You should not change this.

            1. Your “typos” are no problem to me Tor. You have my admiration to write in multiple languages. I would be too intimidated to write from my heart in Norwegian. Ha en glatt dag!

            2. Thank you, that’s very kind of you. And please do in “norsk”, it’s one of my soft spots to jave people bring üp heritage etc., it’s really part of one’s roots. …

              But I still hate my typos, mainly because I am convinced that I had less of them before (if I may be so bold … 😛 ) and I do them in “norsk” too, I’d hate to realize they were a “side”-effect …

              Actually we are very fortunate i Norway – we start out with spoken english school already when the kids are six, and it really give good results …

              Ha en hyggelig kveld, Chris, and all of you others as well !

    4. In Scientology, Hubbard made it a custom to publicly humiliate people who he wanted to be seen as “out-ethics” by broadly and publicly issuing their “crimes” to the group, along with his condemnations of them.

      In the real world, this kind of thing is considered private and to publish back-channel “handlings” by moderators is not considered polite. Public humiliation is social coercion technique, not really an “ethics handling”.

      1. Further, people who have been kicked out of Scientology, sometimes after decades of service, and who have had all their friends and family taken away from them, have quite a chip on their shoulder when being threatened with declare and expulsion from any later group.

        Just hint to someone who has been declared and expelled from the Church of Scientology, as Vinaire has, that you are going to declare and expel him for what he writes and says. You are not likely to get a very warm response.

        If we really want to be polite here on this blog, then these continued dramatizations from Scientology should be thoroughly inspected. And with new eyes, one should decide what is really polite, and what is not.

        1. Agree we should be polite Al, but Vinaire isn’t kicked out. He took his ball and went home. He is welcome back under very mild prerequisite not requiring anything more than usual civility. Not a public apology, not anything. I love Vinaire and continue to blog with him on his site. This isn’t Scientology, this is quite common sense. Vinaire quite possibly has created an A=A view of this blog compared to his unhappy experience with Scientology and it is up to him to just let it drop.

          Having personally been publicly humiliated and exorcised from Scientology away from my friends and ripping apart — permanently — my family, I do not agree with your comparison. It is not of a comparable order of magnitude nor does it have any similar color of intention.

          If Vinaire is still charged up about his treatment in Scientology, and I agree that is a possibility, then he must reach down within himself and talk to us about that and not target us irrationally. Better yet, he is the author of KHTK which would work very well for him to use as a tool to unravel his mixed feelings.

          Possibly you, having experienced a similar unhappy experience with Scientology, are looking at this exchange through that unhappy filter that causes you to see this exchange as similar. I’ve been there as you have and this is not similar. In fact, you making that comparison is locating my own similarly charged items for me as I write. I will take a look at this and get back to you.

          1. I’m just saying that it is not considered polite anywhere but in Scientology to take private conversations like this and make them public, and then use these privacies to:

            – discuss the person’s behavior while they are not here to defend themselves
            – to publish private comments made about others to the group so we can all be offended
            – to behave as another’s “ethics officer” in public in front of others – even if it is your blog

            If this really is an extension of Geir’s home, and it is if Geir says it is, then we would only be here through discrete invitations. We would not show up unannounced in Geir’s home and give our opinions on things Geir is saying at the kitchen table. Also, I’m sure that Gier would speak privately about problems he had with a guest, and not berate them in front of all the other guests – if this was Geir’s home.

            People who have been in a cult were taught manners and morays very unique to that cult. These cult teachings often do not correspond to the manners and morays of the wider culture or society. This is one of the factors that make the cult a cult and the culture the culture – the differences in what is “polite” or “moral” .

            So manners and politeness is often a confusion for people who have become used to living under the dictates and manipulations of a cult. I’ve often joked that I used to be in a cult so I have no idea what is socially appropriate behavior.

            But since getting out of Scientology, I have never met a person who felt it was polite to act as my ethics officer in front of others. In fact, I have never met anyone who would ever think it was polite to act as my ethics officer at all. People out here in the wider world tend to believe that if you are an adult, then you can make your own decisions and you don’t need an ethics officer to “get your ethics in”.

            I don’t mean to target Geir or Vinaire or anybody here.

            Rather than Geir’s home, I see this as a discussion group with Geir as the lead chairman or moderator. He has the right to censor people, and to make sure the discussion remains on topic and productive. And if someone is disruptive to the conversation, then it is totally Geir’s perogative on how to handle it in any way he wishes.

            But if the goal is politeness, then being someone’s ethics officer is not considered polite in the wider world around us, And forwarding communications said in private to the public world is definitely not considered polite.

            1. Hey Alanzo, Nothing is being done behind Vinaire’s back. These conversations are being piped directly into both his home and office. He is only a keystroke away from rejoining after he walked away.

              What do you suppose would be the best thing to happen going forward?

            2. As 2ndxmr pointed out — you missed that it was published with permission:

              (Geir) “I asked Vinaire for the permission to post here an exchange we had back channel.”

              And quite frankly, I take offense to your inference that people here post out of some kind of misguided thinking from “cult” experience.

              And yes, people are welcome to come to the table. Anyone can at this blog. But, there is a community here and there is a camaraderie, and there is respect. And this blog IS an oasis for free thinking BECAUSE there is respect and courtesy required.

            3. 1. I asked Vinaire if it was OK to publish this in order to let him clarify why he decides to leave. I believe in openness of debate. I believe Vinaire should be open about what he calls others, and not tell me, but tell them.
              2. Vinaire got the final word in our exchange
              3. Vinaire is free to comment on this here if he wish to.
              4. I do not censor posts on my blog as opposed to any other blog I know of.
              5. I do whatever I please on my blog. If you like it, you stay. If not, you leave. Simple. I owe no one the right for them to post here.

            4. I see this more as Geir’s pub/bar, an open house but with rules. Cheers 🙂

      2. Its good that you have brought up this point. However NO ONE has been banned on this blog. Nor has there been any kind of “ethics handling.” The problem with back-channel communications being “private” comes into play when an individual is expressing judgments that they do not wish anyone else to know about, such as labeling others as “sycophants,” a demeaning and extremely derogatory term: “A person who acts obsequiously toward someone in order to gain advantage; a servile flatterer.” No coercion has occurred here, however, there has been a level of insincerity exposed.

        You can’t have it both ways — if the behavior of one group or individual is seen to be open to exposure, then the behavior of all individuals must be open to exposure, not hidden on back-channels, producing mystery and a situation where people disappear and no one knows why or what happened. I have seen this in the Church far too many times — an individual is the subject of back-channel and hidden communications that he/she is unaware of and cannot respond to. Its called a double-standard.

        Vinnie has made it very clear in many comments on this blog that he does not like the way the individuals on this blog interact and feels that their ideas are not up to par. He has made it clear that he does not wish to consider the effects he has on others, feeling that it is not sincere or that somehow the others are not valuable enough or smart enough or right enough to take into consideration. He has made many public statements in his comments that can be seen to be humiliating — comments that others have responded to with tremendous sincerity, asking him not to do this.

        Finally, it is ironic that we now learn that Vinnie does not uphold the same standards he requires of Geir, based on what Chris wrote on having his posts deleted from Vinnie’s blog.

      3. Al, you missed that it was published with permission:

        (Geir) “I asked Vinaire for the permission to post here an exchange we had back channel.”

        There was no effort to humiliate with this posting. Vin has a viewpoint and I expect he was trying to deliver it personally to save Geir some imagined embarassment at being called out.

        I would also expect he was happy to see the viewpoint published and not censored.

        That no one else seems to be in agreement with his viewpoint should not be suprising. The admiration posters have for the amount of energy Geir demonstrates between being successful in life and maintaining a busy blog should not be confused with sycophantism.

        To use Vin’s own logic, the conclusion of sycophantism is inconsistent with the free-will level of the posters. Vin, please apply some Looking to that. And also re-consider that your handle borrows a part from the great name Voltaire. Let the significance of that name guide you once again.

        1. Al, you missed that it was published with permission:

          (Geir) “I asked Vinaire for the permission to post here an exchange we had back channel.”

          When the conversation began, and when Vinaire made those statements, was there an agreement between Geir and Vinaire that whatever was about to be said would be made public? Or did Viniare have every right to believe that what was about to be said was being said privately and would remain that way?

          Or was it a case where once the conversation was over, and Geir asked if he could make this conversation public, Vinaire was so fed up with being “disciplined” that he said “yes, whatever” in order to avoid looking like a hypocrite who says one thing in private and another to the group.

          If politeness is the goal, then being “unreasonable about getting another’s ethics in”, despite that person’s feelings, is definitely not polite. Since human beings are basically social, politeness is based on the social vulnerabilities we all have.

          Scientology exploited those social vulnerabilities and used them to control us. Is it polite to continue to ignore those social vulnerabilities that we all have?

          1. Al, let me first say that I respect your personal integrity in expressing a minority viewpoint on this. I really do. As well, I can also recall times when you yourself have been called out on something or other by someone – and your response was to confront it, admit where you had been in error, and apologize. I’ve seen this a number of times and have admired you for it. You rose to the occasion.

            Vinaire may not be all wrong in this and I appreciate your efforts to understand him. But he needs to take responsibility for his part in what happened. Even now, he could initiate a sincere comm cycle with Geir privately or here with all of us and it would be welcomed with nothing less than a desire to be fair. The most unfortunate thing about the situation, IMO, is that he would actually like to be here and the rest of us would like him to here too.

            1. All right, Marildi. I understand your point and I appreciate your post.

              But it is the politeness angle here that I am finding full of inconsistencies, as Vinaire would put it.

              If you really look over Geir’s posts to Vinaire, repeatedly brow-beating him, calling him to task, and even threatening him in an attempt to “discipline him” in front of everyone on the board – especially in the Assumptions thread, I think you will see why Vinaire got fed up, too.

              Only in Scientology is it considered polite to take on the “hat” of an “ethics officer” and browbeat and publicly discipline someone in front of others. In every other culture or society that I know of, except for maybe the military, it is considered very rude and degrading and it is highly likely to cause the exact kinds of blowups that we have just witnessed.

              Geir can act however he wants on his own blog.

              And people can put up with it or not as they see fit.

              But you can’t also say it is “polite”.

            2. Al: And I have publicly apologized for being snarky and hard-nosed in the one post after that Assumption-thread – namely the OP right here.

            3. Marildi –

              I’m not going to list out all Geir’s posts.

              I realize that Vinaire (and anyone, really) can be trying for a person whose job it is to enforce politeness on a blog which frequently discusses something as highly charged as Scientology. Like I said, he has a fantastic track record of running the best discussion on Scientology on the Internet.

              Scientology is a cult that leaves many people with scars. These scars are no different than the ones you would get if you were married to someone who secretly maintained another family in another town, or if you had a fire that you were not insured for that destroyed everything you owned and killed a family pet, or even a family member. Scientology leaves a few people unharmed, and even fewer better off. But the ones who are badly affected are badly affected for real, and they don’t need any more “ethics officers” or even “auditors” telling them how to act and what to say and how to say it. I am not saying that Vinaire was badly affected by Scientology.

              I am saying this:

              Some people, because they were one of the few that were not badly affected, refuse to believe that Scientology is as destructive as it is for others. They use the make-wrongs that Hubbard put there for them to use on his victims, and they refuse to acknowledge what they are seeing in front of them. I’m not saying Geir is one of those, or anybody here, I’m just saying that not everything we learned in Scientology is a good way to handle life or other people. Some of the things we learned in Scientology are very bad for people, and we should be on the lookout for those habit patterns, instilled by Scientology, which are harmful to others.

              You can not use a fixed ideology to handle the infinite variations of life. All Scientology valences and solution sets must be inspected as they arise in a new unit of time, and inspected so hard that they disintegrate and are never again allowed the automaticity of certitude that once powered them. In their place, you must substitute NO PRE-CONCEIVED HANDLING, just the secure confidence that you can see and respond to each totally unique moment as it arrives, and check each result for its intended manifestation, and correct accordingly – all without relying on any fixed ideology or systematized philosophy or cult religion to tell you how to respond.

              That’s all I’m saying.

            4. Okay, Al, I appreciate the thought you put into your post and it was well written even though I might not agree with everything. I do agree with your reply to Tor Ivar about not beating a dead horse, and if you had started quoting Geir’s comments I would probably have then listed out what was said before and after – and it’s all unnecessary at this point. Good call on your part. 🙂

            5. Marildi; You are one of the few people I know who are outright amazing at granting others beingness.

          2. I agree with Marildi above, it’s quite brave to bring this up.

            However I, who know Geir from other settings, would not think twice about this as I am quite sure that Geir would not post this at all unless he was 100% sure that he agreed with Vinaire on what to publish or not and that he was 100% sure that Vinaire knew and accpted the whole process.
            Some peope just do have integrity and one knows it and Geir is one of them.

            I could eg find an article in Norwegian about a very anti-Scn-person explaining how he learned to respect Geir … etc. etc. ….

            But I am also sure that over time maybe you as well will get to that conclusion …

            … and this is not meant mockingly or sarcastic, only that I respect that you may not know Geir from the side(s) some of us do.

            But again, I also respect your opinion and viewpoint …

            1. I have a real sense of who Geir is, and I have admired and respected him since the first few times I engaged with him on the Internet. I also saw an anonymous video where Geir spoke with and bought 2 members of Anonymous beer and pizza at a time when it wasn’t really clear who the good guys were. This shows the kind of guy Geir is.

              He has also shown himself to be extremely honorable repeatedly in many different interactions that I have had with him.

              But – he has his ethics officer beingness that he whips out when he sees fit.

              This is not politeness. This is being an ethics officer.

              I am asking if it might be time to examine that set of solutions and see of something can be done to make it more consistent with the values of politeness on his blog.

            2. “I am asking if it might be time to examine that set of solutions and see of something can be done to make it more consistent with the values of politeness on his blog.”

              I don’t know Alanzo — it seems that there are those that will invariably push the limits either deliberately or not, no matter how nicely they are asked to do otherwise and no matter what phrasing is used, demanding that others be unfailingly polite while they act in ways that are not. Abuse can also go in the direction of taking advantage of good-willed individuals who try to act respectfully being subjected to antagonistic and demeaning behavior, behavior that continues because no one says no. And there is a point where someone must say no. If you want to call that an ethics officer beingness, okay, but to my mind it is having the courage and the integrity to say no to behavior that is either abusive or bordering on abusive.

              As an example, +100 and you get a microwave. Completely unnecessary, uncalled for and disrespectful of what you had to say and my wholehearted agreement.

              I think that the simplest way to gain more consistency on all of this is to understand that there are going to be things people say that rub the grain, tweak tempers and upset others. The way to deal with it is to recognize that it has happened, sort it out and attempt to put it back into a state of respectfulness. Sometimes only an apology will work towards, sometimes a simple explanation of why it rubbed the wrong way, sometimes just letting it be as a possible time of difficulty for another and allowing that they may come back into discussions in a better frame of mind. Perfection is a wonderful idea, but rare in reality!

            3. Maria, you may have just come up with an approach that everybody can accept and agree to. I think it is worth repeating and listing out the points you made. To quote you:

              1. Perfection is a wonderful idea, but rare in reality.

              2. Understand that there are going to be things people say that rub the grain, tweak tempers and upset others.

              3. Recognize that it has happened, sort it out and attempt to put it back into a state of respectfulness.

              4. Sometimes only an apology will work.

              5. Sometimes a simple explanation of why it rubbed the wrong way.

              6. Sometimes just letting it be as a possible time of difficulty for another and allowing that they may come back into discussions in a better frame of mind.

            4. I agree Marildi, and when they do show up again, sometimes it’s best to . . . 7. Just let it drop.

              People using tolerance can usually do this with success.

            5. Chris, I posted this reply in the wrong place, Here it is again:

              Good addition! And if a change of heart can be seen, all is well. If not, we can always re-assess the list.

            6. OK, I cannot vouch for this “Ethics Officer” thing as I am no Scn myself …

              Else to Maria and Marildi : Amen to that !!!
              An apology isn’t that hard to give even if you don’t understand why and what ….

              Else this is outdebated from my side …

            7. OK. I’m done with my point now.

              I’m not going to continue to beat and belabor this particular dead horse when there are plenty of other dead horses for me to kick and thrash and plead to.

          3. And who is lecturing us on “politeness” here? And from what kind of beingness?

          4. Geir wrote:

            Al: And I have publicly apologized for being snarky and hard-nosed in the one post after that Assumption-thread – namely the OP right here.

            I am sorry this has gone on so long. You do not deserve it.

            Vinaire is a very good friend of mine, and a very unique and brilliant *individual*. I simply want to make it understood that if he is not here to defend himself, then I will.

            Human groups can be corrosive to unique individuals, even when each individual in that human group does not mean to be. Cults are even more corrosive to unique individuality, and I really hate that.

            As I know you do too.

    5. Well, I am sorry too … I like having Vinaire around.

      I have noticed that his comments as of the last 2 months have changed … not as understanding or ‘ARC-full’ as before. I thought maybe he was going thru something with his research and that it would work out as time went on. Even so, poor manners should be pretty easy to keep in check even in moments of adversity. TRs …

      As for the moderating of this blog, no apology needed there at all. The free flow of communication in other blogs is rare, and if it is free flowing, it is quite often degraded communication.

      This blog is truly an open forum where ideas can be looked at and taken apart for the betterment of all.

      Personally, I never know when that little jewel of a piece of info will spark a truly life-changing cognition.

      I look for it, I expect it.

      And I want to thank each and every one of you for simply being here and communicating.

  12. Needless to say, I am thrilled to be able to post on this blog – the open & honest communication, the exchange of such interesting viewpoints, and the quest for a higher existence – it is all good.

    Aside from spending a day with the wonderfull Elizabeth, I have never met any of you. But, you are family to me – sincere, compassionate, and a willingness to allow each of us to be and communicate.

    I look forward to meeting all of you at some time.

  13. Geir, Maria, Alanzo, Mirildi, and all the rest of you: Yours is probably my favorite blog that maybe started on the subject of Scn, but often goes off into many interesting other directions.

    Thanks for keeping it here, Geir, and thanks to the rest of you for your smart smart observations and comments!

    1. Hey there Mr. Doe,

      Good that you are posting.

      There have been some really good previous posting … we’ve covered a lot of territory over the past few months.

      Have read of some of the old posts, ask questions, originate … we love to yap 🙂

      1. Ahh … my 2-fingered typing is terrible

        ” previous posting ” should read ‘previous postingS’

        ” Have read ” should read ‘Have a read’

      2. Hi Dennis,
        I have always felt welcome here, even when arguing with Geir about Intellectual Property! I just like to pipe up when I feel I have something to add. You all are so smart and witty and observant, I often feel I’d just be “dittoing”.
        But thanks, and keep it up please!

  14. Here’s a song for Vinnie –

    This has been covered by a lot of artists – even Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) sings it. It seems very universal to me.

    Baby, do you understand me now?
    Sometimes I feel a little mad
    But don’t you know that no one alive can always be an angel
    When things go wrong I feel real bad.

    I’m just a soul whose intentions are good
    Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood

    Baby, sometimes I’m so carefree
    With a joy that’s hard to hide
    And sometimes it seems that, all I have to do is worry
    And then you’re bound to see my other side

    I’m just a soul whose intentions are good
    Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood

    If I seem edgy, I want you to know,
    That I never mean to take it out on you
    Life has its problems, and I get my share,
    And that’s one thing I never mean to do

    Cause I love you,

    Oh, oh, oh, baby – don’t you know I’m human
    I have thoughts like any other one
    Sometimes I find myself, Lord, regretting
    Some foolish thing, some little simple thing I’ve done

    I’m just a soul whose intentions are good
    Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood
    Yes, I’m just a soul whose intentions are good
    Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood
    Yes, I’m just a soul whose intentions are good
    Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood

    Yes, I’m just a soul whose intentions are good

  15. I reckon that’s true, Al.

    But do you understand the song? Or why I associate it with Vinnie?

  16. This song is about a girl, but the tone of it to me represents Geir’s blog – it’s all “good vibrations” here!

  17. Good addition! And if a change of heart can be seen, all is well. If not, we can always re-assess the list.

  18. To me, this provides a little insight into Vinnie’s style, if not his current difficulty, whatever it is. I hope he is well.

    “Mercury in Leo speaks with style and authority. Some may come across as know-it-alls, but they really just want to share their knowledge with everyone else. They have a talent for seeing the big picture; but may miss the details. They are very persuasive, using warmth and goodwill. They know how to promote their ideas and get their message to the masses.

    They hold their opinions very dear and take pride in their beliefs. They tend to be idealistic. Mercury in Leo has a good intellect, and they love to express themselves. In fact, creativity is very important to them. They excel in presenting themselves with drama and style. Passionate and enthusiastic when speaking, Mercury Leo is usually successful in getting their point across.

    They may be oversensitive to anything they consider less than praise. They can appear rather arrogant due to their natural detachment. Mercury in Leo has their ego tied to their intellect, which sometimes makes it difficult for them to separate fact from fiction. They may be considered boastful.

    Mercury in Leo is wonderful at story telling because their sense of drama is so well developed. Performing or public speaking are both good outlets for their creativity. They have a strong will power and stick to their purpose.”

    1. And lastly Vinaire replied:

      “Geir, I am afraid I find you to be a seeker of praise and admiration. You have surrounded yourself with some sycophants.

      That is my perception.”

      Pot/kettle, in light of the above partial personality analysis pertaining to a person having Mercury in Leo at birth……

      It’s not the first time I have thought there is something to the astrology of personality.

  19. We’ve established a sophisticated relationship with all that is logical, and good reasoning and analytical ability. Logic comprises the science of reasoning, as well as an art, that should rely on both intuition and reason in making an important decision.
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    Finally, the appeal of a well-constructed argument can be sensed even it is more important in relation to some disciplines than others? Is which are most relevant in reason? A chain of reasoning is no stronger than its weakest link example, history, the human sciences, ethics and the arts?

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