Amazing person: Ole Wiik

Creativity, abundance of great ideas, caring. Ole Wiik is engaged in so many projects and for so many people, I’ve simply lost the count. Charity work, work for the local community, the man behind “Pinåsløpet” where top athletes start off in his garden, runs straight up and many kilometers later passes the goal line in his back yard…

…and the “Trollfoss” adventures.

Ole gives without thought of reward.

Ole is the quickest person I have coached – he instantly (and I mean instantly) made visible and valuable improvements. He is a very good friend, listener and fellow brain stormer.

18 thoughts on “Amazing person: Ole Wiik

  1. Well this article is really something, Geir, and I have to explain some things for non-Norwegian people (like me), who maybe cannot understand the exact value of Mr.Wiik’s activities.
    Because of my knee injury I could never do things which for people like Ole Wiik seem to be the second nature: marathons, diverse running events on short or long distances, outdoor climbings etc. But as a therapist working for 3 years 8 hours daily with Norwegian customers I can firmly assert that Ole’s activities are a real contribution to the nation’s health. This is exactly what shocked me when I arrived in Norway: people are really fit! And I don’t mean for instance Kristin Steira, who’s a professional, I mean normal, ordinary people. I remember a lady from Radisson’s kontor who was the financial brain in the hotel and a respectable grandmother home. But I’ve seen the same lady walking in the mountains like an army ranger, without any single hint of feeling tired, sweat or complaining about the effort. With an effort of imagination, I can see that lady depicted from these photos posted by Geir with Mr.Ole Wiik.
    I will also never forget the former manager of the Bergo Hotel in Beitostolen, a mid-40’s year old lady who loves cycling. Nothing spectacular at first sight, but I have to mention that her habit was to cycle from Beitostolen to Oslo, that means 227 km. Every week! Except winter, of course…Alone, just for fun and for own health. When I asked her “How exactly manage your muscles to come back another 227 km?” she laughed and said: “No way, on my return home I’ll always take the bus” 🙂
    What’s the link between this kind of people and our article? It’s easy. Outdoor activities like Mr.Wiik’s are part of education for Norwegians. Winter or summertime, doesn’t matter, they are outside in the nature. I’ve worked in 5 different countries and Norwegians seemed to me to be the most fit and healthiest, generally speaking.
    That old lady walking in the mountains like a soldier or the cycling manager (without doping, trust me!) reached their performances because somewhere in time, in their childhood or teenage, they’ve had themselves an Ole Wiik to put their adrenalin on work to keep their health.
    The contribution of people like Mr. Ole Wiik for their beloved country, Norway, is maybe unknown or underestimated. But please believe me, it’s priceless, because their work simply keeps the biological fiber of the nation in a healthy condition.

    1. Nice addition to the OP!

      Hey, if you don’t want to write a book maybe you should consider a blog. 🙂

      1. hahahaha, a book about what? 🙂 My profession? Impossible! I have a job in which privacy and discretion are the first rules. My early life? I was born in 1972. Dark ages of communist Romania, when people who thinked different from the regime could easily dissapear. Nothing fun at all 🙂 That’s why my happiest day in my life was when Berlin Wall went down.
        A blog? Why should I? Geir’s blog, Time, Newsweek, Deutsche Welle, Le Point ( a French magazine), football and handball sites, my regular Gmail, these all are just couple of examples of web destinations when I’m online. So…when exactly to write on my own blog? 🙂

        1. Dragos, I’m sure you know there’s never a problem with time when the desire is there ;). But I confess I’ve been sort of kidding you, since you have been “resistant” to the idea of writing :P. And partly I thought maybe you were a “closet writer” :), because you’ve come up with some pretty nice images (a natural ability not everyone has) and some interesting thoughts. 🙂 Besides, I always like to acknowledge it when I observe something praiseworthy in a person ;). (Ever notice how some people use a lot of emoticons to make up for a lack of ability to put their thoughts into words? 😦 😀 :))

  2. Ole has a nice visage (meaning his face in reference to character). I wonder how you met him and what you coach him on (if it isn’t personal).

    1. I met Ole a year ago at a conference where Brendan and I did one of our Sing&Dance shows. Ole got the message and eagerly grabbed hold of us after our presentation and wanted us to do some magic with his team (he is an IT director). We did some ITIL-work with his team, but it quickly branched off into coaching of him and other individuals in his team. We coached him as a team leader. And with Ole as such a responsive individual, it has been a real joy.

          1. Then I would break with what I usually strive for and choose to be in the literal audience. 🙂

  3. I love spending time with Ole talking about crazy projects, things that would be fun to do. Then we start doing them and I just love that!
    If you know Ole, he has probably introduced you to amazing people. He just makes it happen. No clear agenda other than “you guys should meet”. This is a fantastic quality.

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