Beitostølen 2012

Brendan, Niklas and I are at Beitostølen at the opening of the 2012/13 ski season cheering on our superstar Kristin Størmer Steira.

Our company, A-circle is a main sponsor (you can see our logo down where you usually wouldn’t stare at a girl’s body). Driving around in our new go-carts, we’re pretty visible here.

We’re having lots of fun 🙂

In a couple of days I will write a post that may generate some interesting action. Stay tuned.

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26 thoughts on “Beitostølen 2012

  1. Have a nice time there and good luck Kristin! All my best regards to Beitostolen too, icy but very friendly. 3 years of my life there and nice memories… PS. That car is fantastic, a bit retro but both cool and classy:)

  2. Geir, in your next article, please explain the connection between your company logo and the car. It’s really great, logo, colour and most of all, the car! That car is mesmerizing, really! Maybe not so fancy like Mini, but definitely that Fiat touched an entire era in mid ’60’s. It reminds me of “La dolce vita” :). Maybe I’m crazy, but In the last 4 hours I’ve seen that picture at least 10 times:)

  3. There isn’t any connection between the logo and the car beyond that it is decorated by some cool professionals that wanted to make the top circle on our logo into a bullseye on the car 🙂

    As for my next article, it will either be covering my divorce and some interesting thoughts I have on this – or it will be a full blown article on the Scientology OT levels… all revealed, including OT 8 and my current views on it. I will decide on which goes first tomorrow.

    1. Thanks for answering, very looking forward for the next article. About the theme, it’s your choice, of course. I’m sure it will be something very profound…But for now, as a former Beito resident, I have one simple question: how many Celsius degrees are outside? I can check on the net, of course, but it’s not the same. Below 10 or more?

    2. Geir, I imagine I speak for many of us when I say that either subject will be of great interest! Btw, will the article on the OT levels include the other thing you mentioned recently – your views on other workable paths?

      I also wanted to say sorry to hear about your divorce, but I get that you are doing well so I’m sure it is the right thing overall. Looking forward to your thoughts. 🙂

        1. I feel the same. Sad and rough on people, but sometimes has to be. Such is life.

        1. I really got that but glad you confirmed it. 🙂

          Now, hurry up with those articles! 😀

          1. My parents divorced when I was 2 years old. And now I’m 40 🙂 It wasn’t a tragedy, nor for me, my mother or my father, just a fact of life. Show must go on, isn’t it? 🙂

            1. That’s okay, Dragos, I don’t tell my age either :D. (But you sort of gave yours away when you commented above on the mid 60’s ;))

              Btw, I’ve noticed that when the subject is something other than Scientology we can usually count on you for some interesting comments. Actually, by now you are probably qualified to join in on the Scn exchanges! 🙂

            2. Dear marildi, Scientology is for me something like mathematics. A territory in which I prefer to read, not to comment:)

            3. Marildiv,
              You don’t tell your age, but based on the freshness of your comments, you look like a young lady.

            4. Dear Ferenc, if that’s true it’s because your own comments are so re-freshing ;).

              Dragos, I don’t know what “Bacs” means but you and Ferenc are a couple of warmly charming Latins :).

            5. Thank you.
              Dragos meant Ferenc bácsi (Hungarian).
              Bácsi is used as a polite form: to show respect, to address a significantly older non relative, or for children and teenagers to address non relative adults.

            6. Okay, thanks! I never would have guessed. After I posted that comment I thought maybe Dragos was saying a name, Ferenc Bacs. So I googled it and found out there’s an actor by that name. One of those good-looking Hungarians, still nice looking in his older years. 🙂

            7. It looks like Dragos could have meant either of both.

            8. If my guess was right and he meant the old-movies actor, then we can call him Dragos bácsi ;).

              (Kidding. 😀 )

            9. I’ve used the term “Ferenc Bacsi” as a sign of friendship, due to the border our countries share. Nothing to do with age at all.

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