Key success factors in business

From an article I stumbled across over at Harvard Business Review:

The secret to being a great manager at Bell Labs is hiring the right people, giving them the tools they need, pointing them in the right direction, and staying out of their way.

It aligns perfectly with my article, “Processes, Automation and Human Potential“. It sums up succinctly how you do not rely on policy and micro-management to get things done. Whenever I see an organization relying on dictations, I know they fail on a) recruitment, b) training or supplying the right tools for the employees to freely use, or c) setting clear goals for delivery.

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2 thoughts on “Key success factors in business

  1. As simple as you write! This is exacly why I have been working at the same school since I started work…the place has been successful and has been expanding inspite of any “outside influences”. Also, I apply the last two points when I “coach”. Just yesterday I had a new student, a top manager of a Telephone company who was speaking almost exactly about these points…the last point she emphasized. Also, I am glad you put here your article which I “went through” with two people who had successes from it both personally and in their business lives.

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