Real change

is uncomfortable.


9 thoughts on “Real change

  1. Uhum….me do not understand it. Great state.
    Understanding, magic…mind. Inception. Great to wander in it knowing that it is just a short look around….

    1. MT – You must get out of your comfort zone to experience where the magic happens.

      1. SA, thanks! The way I now see the comfort zone is: one’s universe, ‘wandering’ a little in ‘another’s’ universe and agreeing heavily to the physical universe. Magic can happen in all three or at their meeting point(s). It seems now that magic is also
        an illusion – beautiful but nevertheless it is. All three universes are fine to experience no matter what happens in them. Me, seeing it much deeper than before, looks to be very close to what is said in the video you generously posted for Geir. The challenge is to stay and live its simplicity.

  2. Real change is exciting according to your adaptability. Hmmn? Uncomfortable? Depends on your view. Even losses have an up side. Comfort Zone is what you make it.
    OK I’m finished! Let the magic begin 🙂

      1. Thanks darlin’. Sometimes I leave my position of ‘interested observer’ and expand my speaking comfort zone and just go for it. 🙂

          1. 🙂
            Chris, btw, I’m really enjoying your comments on these posts. I admit to mostly comment so I can get all the notifications. Which are like a nice book to read and possibly participate with a comment on most evenings. I so enjoy the discussions and are valuable to me. So tho I am not here every day I do keep up. Those hugs really work wonders don’t they? (((group hug)))

  3. ‘Do what you’ve always done and you’ll get what you’ve always got.’
    In the beginning of the Ninetees I was wild for changes. At the time I was scared that suddenly I’d be old and regret not having started more experiences in my life.

    I consciously moved out of the comfort zone in different ways. I also started an adventure by involving myself with a certain group (confidential which one 🙂 ).
    Huh … Sometimes it’s nice to stay in the comfort zone. Not every kind of magic is what we want.

    A few weeks ago I started a new adventure: It is my goal to terminate a dangerous cult. I’m sure life will become very exciting again.

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