Anette is on the move

My Anette has got her blog up and running. Well, it’s a bit more than running, because this seems to be the start of something big. Check out this blog post.

15 thoughts on “Anette is on the move

      1. Back in AD34, when I first got involved in Scientology, I would have never thought that this would be what we would be celebrating in AD63!

        But here it is!!

        I don’t know if you have seen today, but he has three and maybe even four extremely awesome posts of breaking news today on the Scientology front – including this one about Lori Hodsgon’s Covert Op to re-connect with her disconnected son!

        Yay! Scientology’s deception and lies are falling all around the world!!

        And law enforcement is becoming very interested in Scientology the United States.

        That – and your new blog! – is what makes this a great Dianetics Day AD63!!


  1. She’s gorgeous! Brave and forthright.
    Geir, PLEASE tell her not to include Scientology links for those who visit her blog. Not only does it provide them with stats, they then have visitors’ IP addresses and thus their personal information.

    1. Thanks, Sheila!

      I carefully chose those links. It’s good for people to see both sides and make a sound decision for themselves. And to see the Scientology definitions from their source.

      The Church of Scientology is way busy with other things rather than collecting visitors’ IP addresses. And if they did, what in the world would they do with your IP address anyway?

  2. Anette, I wish you a lot of inspired and inspirational visitors!
    I’m sure, your blog will become sensational.

  3. Anette – Love your blog. Another jump into the world of communicating truth. I feel you and Geir are an example of a breath of fresh air in a world going more insane. I appreciate both of you and what you stand for.

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