Video: David Miscavige, the creative genius

24 thoughts on “Video: David Miscavige, the creative genius

  1. In the original SOS, LRH said that EVERYONE below 2.0 on the tone scale should be locked up away.

    LRH wrote it in Cuba, dedicating it to his young daughter that he’d kidnapped from her mother (wife #2, he’d already abandoned wife #1 and their two kids although failed to divorce her), deeply paranoid that the Russians or communists or FBI (I forget which) were after him. That may be why the punctuation is bad.

    Anyway, it’s not a cult if the leader isn’t a prophet or otherwise without flaw, incapable of wrongdoing. A group with a leader that is human, flawed and held accountable for his actions doesn’t make for a cult.

  2. Geir and Anette spent an enchanting couple of days with us in Los Angeles. Asking Geir to speak on video was a spur-of-the-moment thing and this is the 4th video in the series. I highly recommend you watching Geir speak in the other videos on the channel. We so look forward to their return for more. We found Geir to be incredibly articulate with an effortless expertise on the subjects he addressed. Hurry back Geir and Anette !

  3. One aspect

    The master says to the student:
    I am still so that you can notice stillness and your own motions (life, which is YOU).
    I am silent so that you can notice silence and your own speech (life, which is YOU).

    If something is kept complete and consistent (even if it is an illusion) and one notices it, one can also be aware of which is incomplete and inconsistent (life).

    When one is still, this stillness also starts to ‘move’…that is creativity.

    When the mind is fixed and rigid in one area and one is asked to repeat over and over which one is not aware of it being fixed, one first notices which is fixed which
    automatically results in its disappearance and one notices fluidity (life). It is a technique in martial arts. By observing fluidity, one knows what and how to act (ability practised in the everchanging flux of life….this is also spontaneity).

  4. I am a woman but I risk it. Some of you use the word ‘mindfuck’. Also, that the mind is the male part of life. The processes are fixed to get a ‘fluid’ (water) result. So, this ‘fuck’ part is not necessarily bad…as what happens when the penis is stiff……..?
    Finish the sentence…..If this analogy is not good, some of you who are better at using their analytical minds than me, can make it better.

    1. WOW, that comment was really something. I can’t stop lol here. *A STIFF PENIS* in the middle of a David Miscavige Marketing Genius thread, sorry you lost me completely there … πŸ˜€

      1. I am glad you liked it! Also, thank you for the experience! Reading your comment I felt an instant stop of the flow of life. So, I looked at what it was. What I have is in the beauty of the tech (=theta) itself. I have given you a misunderstood word! So, what is it Anette? As my intended com was not what was reflected in your comment, the clearing of any misunderstood is advisable to get the smooth flow back. Also, I may have skipped a gradient, as my com meant to touch a finer reality.

        1. Golly, I agree that “mindfuck” is a rude expression. I avoid using it myself.
          Might I suggest that the definition of the term be looked up. In this usage, the term “fuck” means forceful disruption.

          1. Thanks. Actually per the urban dictionary ‘mindfuck’ means: an idea or concept that shakes one’s previously held beliefs and assumptions about the nature of reality. As an example, quantum theory is given. So, it looks positive.
            This comment if added to my first two shows that the whole thing is completely
            positive. My view of it.

  5. Watching the video. My experience so far, based on some people I met. When one
    has a solution, successful, rich in this life-time, also can be ethically so, it does not mean that that person wants to know and experience what we call ‘spiritual’, also ‘life’ in its totality. One can be at ‘conservative’ on the tone-scale. A very good, able human being. This person can be very difficult to ‘get to’. An example came to mind, this movie I saw long ago.

  6. David miscaviage is the supressive person. He may be a marketing genious but it will not save him in the end. Karma is a bitch and it is coming soon .

      1. The grace of karma is that it does not know about opinion. It is pure energy that keeps up the theta harmony of the universe. The more I observe in life, the clearer I see the subtleties of the tone scale which looks to be accurate.

          1. Thank you…what I call as the flow of life is creative in lots of ways, not only with words. I thought I would put here a little action.
            I think this post is well worth reading again.


            In the comments Geir writes: ‘The reason I put forth an attempt to understand Miscavige is that noone else seems to…’ . Geir also writes as an answer to a comment that says that the tech works 100%: ‘ pure theta would be the SURE whatever – since it would be the creator of conundrums…’. Yes and the creation is also theta.

            1. MT, thanks for the link suggestion but I will tell you about me on that subject of re-reading links. I know you can say “number of times over the material” but I read and get what I want out of it and don’t have to go back and re-read, instead I move forward to the new and many exciting, more inspiring things, opinons and thoughts available. That’s just me anyway, and you are kind to suggest,but why I don’t know.

              Your second post comes across very Sicentological with some other stuff thrown in which works for many. Here’s a story. I was completely out for 25 years and lived a meaningful happy life until I lost my loved one. I thought the tech or church would help and it did some, but after learning how things changed I could not, on my honor ever call myself a scientologist any longer. I studied and played with other things and really got way beyond the cult think, altho, only found that out upon returning to the same old and worse I found.
              I do not use the language when thinking or talking unless it’s a couple words. When I talk to people I talk plainly and like the same for best understanding.

              I do admire your persistence in doing what you love and growing in the way you desire. Your creative abilities in words is like art and not everyone likes or understands all art. I am just speaking for me since I don’t comment on this blog much and it is in response to your long reply.
              There is so much new news, blogs, action and life going on in this world, found on the net. I am happy to be part of it and helping people in other ways. I’m sure that you are doing your part in your way to make the world better too.

              That’s all darlin, thanks for the prompt. πŸ™‚ Be well, happy and prosper, to be sure!

            2. Dear Dee, thanks for your answer, I can feel that it is coming from the bottom of your heart. I get it that you don’t reread the posts. The only reason I do it is, especially on this blog, that Geir has put here lots of bits of treasure-pieces of a picture, kind of parts of a mosaic which I find an interesting game to get to full completion. Besides that I also move forward to other exciting things like you.
              Thank you very-very much for talking about yourself! I feel closer to you now that
              you did so. To lose another, especially someone who is close to you or the closest
              is a huge loss. For me the deepest of all losses was to face death. As I experienced it, to go through one’s own death in a past life is one thing but to go through our loved one’s is much more difficult….for me nothing else helped when my mother died than when I cognited and eventually saw that it was my mother’s decision to pass away…only then could I get peace. The bottom line is that there is
              no birth and death as a spirit but to go that deep, also to fully let go……….
              I also play with lots of things, how fun it is! I would love to read more about your views of any topic you love! If you like and if you have time for that.
              Thanks for reminding me of plain words, I also prefer to use them, when I don’t, it’s
              because sometimes it’s simpler to use a scio word here on this blog. And yes, mixing is not good. Talk to you later, until then have a beautiful time with lots of fun, the care you give and love!

            3. Under stand MT and thanks again for sharing. Really got all you said. Glad you play with other things too as we don’t want to get bored. Hee hee!
              Regarding death yes, I think each will finally make their own decision in the end. My hubby when ready, just let go. But until then did what he could, mostly to help me. Actually he is still helping or being around, somehow. We won’t go there, but I think you know or believe the spiritual aspect, or not, doesn’t matter really.
              Have a good weekend love. πŸ™‚

          2. Dee, a very practical, very active handling of karma. When one is static-theta and another is creating energy and throws it at another to harm , it won’t reach the theta-static as there is nothing to reach. So the creation will go back to its creator as the balance of theta and energy is a law of Life. This is why, for instance, there are some, who miraculously survive a disaster. Also, one can have a postulate that one wants the best for all. One example: I was once responsible for a group of students abroad. I slipped on the top of a high stairs (of course it was preceeded by a thought and a slight overt, which was the invalidation of another, which of course I handled later). I had the postulate that I couldn’t be hurt because I was responsible for the group. So, my body literally flew over the stairs, slightly touching them. I landed on my left wrist which got hurt a little but did not break. What I did was: time, place, event, form. Also blew the thought. Handled the invalidation. Coming home got a little reiki. Injury perfectly handled. To an ‘outsider’, what I am writing about is Greek. Without knowing then about some parts of the tech, I am not sure that it would have ended this way.
            A subtler version is when a 1.1 is polite and kind while ‘throwing’ killing thoughts (subtle energy balls) towards another. When one is theta-static, they will either get as-ised (given enough theta), or ‘go back’ to the owner-creator, having an effect on him/her…as the intent of such a being is to ‘die’, one is so fulfilling one’s own intent.
            Another practical action is to say NO to stupidity. As it is indeed a YES to Life. I do it, like being theta and at the same time stop incoming entheta words or actions. As I see it, expressing one’s emotions is one of the best and truest handling of life, also an exciting game. Do you want to share some practical tools and a story from your life?

  7. I am also trying to figure out why I can never understand Marianne Toths comments on this blog.

    1. Hi gretchen,
      Thank you for telling truthfully that you don’t understand my comments. Can you give an example so that I can improve my communication?

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