1984 – New pages

To facilitate open commenting and questioning regarding my book, I have created three new pages here on my blog:

  1. The main page for the book
  2. A page for questions and answers
  3. A page for comments and book reviews

Since the book is in Norwegian (for now), these pages are in Norwegian. Time for a crash course in my language 😉


8 thoughts on “1984 – New pages

  1. ‘Time for a crash course in my language’. Me: time for communicating messages without the via of language as a barrier! Joking, of course! Norwegian sounds nice as I can hear from Midnight Magic.

  2. Trenger du hjelp så er det bare å gi spørre; jeg har bodd 5 år i England.

  3. Jeg misforsto tydeligvis litt av hva du skrev 🙂
    Jeg trodde du kunne trengt hjelp til å oversette de ovennevnte sidene til engelsk. Ved nærmere ettertanke er du jo sikkert i like god stand til det som meg.
    Likevel, jeg hjelper gjerne til om det er noe jeg kan bidra med for å redde verden fra Scientologi.

  4. Good morning Geir…long time no speak. Congrats on all the awesome things you and Anette have been up to! Any idea on when we can expect an English version?

  5. A little off topic, but did you know that the World Bridge Championship series (The Bermuda Bowl, as it’s called), just concluded in Bali Indonesia? And that a pair of players rated as arguably the best partnership in the world helped their team, Monaco, place second”

    Ye, they would be Geir Helgemo and Tor Helness. Guess where they are from.

    They and a couple of Italians played on the Monaco team and did very well, coming in second to only the Italian team. Italy has been a perennial winner in world-class Bridge tournaments for decades.

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