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“Nittenåttifire” (1984) is the only book revealing the secret levels of Scientology written by a person who has actually done the levels. For the first time, The Church of Scientology cannot brush this off claiming it is only “heresay” or “rehashed urban myths scraped up from the fringes of the Internet”. No – this is the real deal. Told by a person who did it all.


The room was packed. I believe it was the largest gathering of people on the subject of Scientology ever in Norway. The Church can’t get 100 people to come for an event here even when they threaten their parisoners. We made history yesterday. “Magic Bjørn” did a headcount, and at one time there were 88 people in the room. With some people coming and going, it was around 100 attendees on the event – a good number for a book release.


Torgrim Eggen did an excellent job interviewing me. Smart questions. Funny. Deep. He covered many angles and the audience responded well. It was a fun hour where the attendees got an insight into the strange, the good, the bad and the hilarious of Scientology.

Thanks to all the people that came, to Torgrim, to my publisher (especially Bente and Pål Espen) and to those who shot these pictures.


23 thoughts on “From the book release

  1. Hi everybody! Impressions from an online attender, who saw live the event:
    1) Never imagined 100 people were there, cause webcam covered only 2 or 3 rows of guests.
    2) I was impressed by the location, those shelves full of books, the specific furniture and the relaxed attitude of both the hosts and the attendence created warm mood, even for me, 3000 km far away.
    3) I understand Norwegian and I agree with Geir that the Mr.Eggen did his job as an interviewer in a very pleasant way. He was neutral and remained in the background, allowing the audience to focus on Geir’s answers, not on his own questions. I appreciated he never interrupted him in that stupid commercial way, as we see everyday on TV.
    4) The internet live coverage was a failure, unfortunately first 35 minutes were lost.
    5) The price of the book, 369 NOK is not cheap, but it’s a fair price in Norway for such a unique book.

  2. Listening last evening event, I’m curious how will the Church of Scientology will react after this, cause they have to do something… This book can be an earthquake for their image, and if the book will appear also in English version too, they cannot keep it secret. Scientology members will finally start to put some questions.
    In my opinion the Sci management will work hard to hide the book from English speaking members and I will not be surprised if they, for instance, will buy the whole delivery on North American market and then burn it in a secret place. They can try also to isolate the event strictly on Norwegian soil. (“It’s a book in Norwegian, for 100 people only, the whole event was a joke” etc, etc…)
    But the most difficult task is for the Sci propaganda staff.
    The Church of Scientology have a lot of educated members and it’s not exactly easy to manipulate them when a book appears, a book which reveal with evidences that the truth they believe in is in fact a lie.
    So they have to create a diversion using ideology in a perverse way, just to preserve their member’s brain as washed as it is now.
    Geir was and still is a big name in the Church. Too big to consider him a rookie, a schoolboy or a newcomer in Scientology. They cannot alter his image in a primitive way (alcoholic, drug addicted, lunatic etc), so it’s very possible to admit his name and role in the Church, even to praise him!, but to change the nature of his ideas.
    That means kind of: “Yes, our beloved members, Geir Isene wrote a book about us and against us, he’s not a lunatic, we respect his points of view, but he’s heretic. His book is not against us, doesn’t matter the content, his book it’s just a heresy, a deviation from the main line, nothing else”.
    They cannot burn Geir at the stake as Giordano Bruno, they cannot burn the book either :), so they can try to intoxicate their members in a pervert way.

      1. I am not sure, Geir. It may very well be the case that quite a few persons’ consciousness are beyond orders of magnitude and characters. That is, beyond playing games and have the power of theta to affect the emotion levels. People will respond/react or not in accordance with their tone levels. I think those in the know do not worry a second as they can and have predict(ed) the outcomes of actions.
        So, it may also be the case that there will be silence from the top but a lot of movement under that. More energy, more life.
        Btw, that white sweater is a nice start to write your next book….I have an idea what it
        could be about. So, what’s next? What will come after the ‘hunch and the key’ and ‘tone 40’?

  3. Those in the church are not allowed to read literature written by SPs. I am sure a few will anyway and that may wake them up. I hope it comes out in english soon, so I can read it , plus the market here is probably a lot larger than Norway.

  4. Good for you, Geir! So many OTs are so afraid of the Cof$, and look at you – speaking out and living to tell about it!

  5. You will be heralded as an insane hater apostate; however, this tactic has begun to wear thin on the public at large. “Bodies in the shop,” etc., will be at an all time low and it won’t rise from this point. Over to the next generation to make what they will of these remnants.

    What have I learned from my experience of all this? That the world is dynamic and that technologies meant to be tools to deal with that world must be as dynamic. Regardless of other failings, this was a great failing of Scientology.

  6. Hei Geir.
    I finally got your book today at Norli in Ski. They hadn’t unpacked it, but I used some kind of crazy shit OT power on the clerk to go find it for me!
    I’m on page 12 now. Looking forward to finding out who dunnit 😉
    Hilsen “Johnny”

        1. And ‘hold steady’ is FAITH. Then, ‘shooting’ with theta at one’s projected ‘Mr Smiths’
          that have caused the inner division, the ‘cognitive dissonance’.

          As it looks, everything is SELF. Order. There are ‘characters’ to play different games.

          As it also looks, there is Life without an inner division. At 1.30, 3.28…(‘games’ of Life, I guess up the Bridge also, until the Top), 5.12…reaching out with impersonal theta, 8.0…indiscriminate love….

          Sure adventure with you here on your blog, Geir. You are the only ‘OT8’ courageously exposing your thoughts, ideas, views and works here. Just to look deeper and deeper. Thanks for that.

  7. Congratulations to the release of your book, Geir! Very very curious to read it.

  8. The phrase ‘personal integrity’ is used in some exchanges. It implies duality, the ‘world’ is still divided into two. Right-wrong, good-bad….so, there are conflicting values.

    An example of the disappearance of the ‘me’ illusion.

    An example of Faith, the disappearance of inner conflict, of ‘cognitive dissonance’.

    Can Life be lived without illusions?

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