Thanks to Scientology

I would like to express my gratitude to Scientology and what I have learned from my 25 years as a Scientologist. Since it is now 9 years since I left the organization and 12 years since I completed the highest Scientology level, OT 8, I can calmly reflect on what gains I got from it. There are many years since I stopped considering myself a Scientologist. I am of no religion, of no particular faith. I am somewhat anarchistic at heart, not believing in any set methods and always trying to look at simpler truths. The scientific method is perhaps the most successful of human methodology, but even that has its limitations.

Lighthouse: Dedicated to my mother, Turid Isene

Some Scientology gains are short, fleeting, impermanent. Some are more lasting, and some have grown stronger over the years. The short-lived gains are uninteresting. The lasting gains have helped me throughout my life.

Perhaps my most fundamental gain from Scientology is leaving Scientology. Graduating with a sense of simplicity and on a quest for ever more simple solutions. It has taught me to trust my own senses, to reflect on my own actions and personality and to self-correct. A self-scepticism based on a healthy doubt and interest in finding out deeper truths. I am calmer from Scientology and much better at not giving a fuck about stuff that really doesn’t matter. Life is less serious.

An interesting tidbit is that I used to have nightmares. Several times per month I would wake up from one sweating. During just a few days, when I did OT 8 back in 2006, they completely disappeared and for 12 years I’ve had none. Given that I would have no nightmares only 1 out of ten months before, the probability that it is pure luck that I didn’t have one since is less than picking out one particular particle of matter in the whole observable universe. So I can with confidence say that this was a gain specifically from OT 8.

I am currently learning how to “Lose without a loss” – to be able to lose in a situation and not carry on a loss afterwards. And I’m getting quite good at it. It’s incidentally an exercise that will ultimately help me when I die, as that is the ultimate loss in life.

Scientology is a polarizing subject. Most people who care to discuss the subject view it as a black-or-white proposition. It quickly degenerates into a good vs bad, either-or, Republicans vs Democrats, Cowboys vs Indians or US/them discussion (pun intended). I view it differently. There are good and bad in everything, and while the Church of Scientology is a fascistic cult, I have gotten invaluable gains from my years studying and applying the subject. Maybe I could have gotten the same or even better elsewhere. I wouldn’t know. I only know what I did get, and I’m grateful for that.

Hva er Scientologi?

Også i år holdt jeg en forelesning ved Menighetsfakultetet ved UiO. En gruppe studenter skulle skrive artikler om Scientologi, og jeg ble invitert som en kilde for deres arbeide. Studentene hadde allerede besøkt Scientologikirken i Oslo. De stilte med åpent sinn og flere gode spørsmål. Det ble en to timers forelesning som dekket alle nivåene i Scientologi med detaljer fra hele “Broen til Total Frihet” – fra Diantetikk og engrammer til Purification Rundown, Clear, OT-nivåene, Xenu, eksorsisme og OT 8. De fikk høre min historie, om hvordan jeg kom inn i Scientologi og hvorfor jeg gikk ut. Flere andre viktige elementer ble dekket i løpet av de to timene. Du kan se hele forelesningen her:

Invitation to critique my OT VIII success story

Just found the success story I wrote when I completed OT VIII in June 2006. Since then I have evolved and my viewpoints have changed considerably. It is interesting to look back at what I wrote at the time. I would like to invite the readers of this blog to comment on my views at the time. I will answer any questions you have. Let’s roll 🙂

I never imagined that there could be so much gain available in such a short amount of time. There are no words to describe the massive amount of gain on this level.

My viewpoint is dramatically different. Everything has shifted. People around me are brighter, the sky is clearer and the birds sing more in harmony.

Barriers are removed from me being Tone 40. My creative thrust and ability has increased immensely.

I am stripped of must-haves. I don’t need to be in action. I don’t need to be productive. This makes me free to be more in action and more productive. I do not need to perceive, neither do I need to know. I can simply and freely perceive and know.

I have never experienced such a boost on the tone scale, in awareness and in productivity.

I love life. My love for others is profound. My respect and admiration for other people is deep and sincere.

Let me share a secret with you: If you are not OT VIII; If you had just one minute of my existence, just one minute, you would spend every hour awake to get yourself to OT VIII.

To the crew of the Freewinds: You are an amazing team, spearheading existence itself by making sure the first OT level is available to all. The eligibility was the most thorough I have seen. Since withholds makes a being not have, it also makes him not have gains. The OT VIII eligibility is indeed needed to make it possible for me to have such massive gain.

To RTC: You set the standard for what a standard should be. By meticulously ensuring the tech is standard and applied to the letter, you safeguard the future for all.

To LRH: There are no words invented to describe the respect and admiration I have for you. This I will make up for in action. I will not let you down.

Update: See my current views on this success story.

Særoppgave om Scientologi?

Skal du skrive om Scientologi i en særoppgave på skolen? Vanskelig å få noen fra Scientologikirken i tale? Vel, jeg stiller mer enn gjerne opp og svarer på spørsmål.

Jeg er den eneste i Norge som har gjort alle nivåene i Scientologi helt opp til “OT 8”. Jeg kjenner alle delene av emnet og organisasjonen – og jeg snakker fritt og åpent om alt – både de positive og de negative aspektene. Du kan spørre om hva som helst, og jeg gir direkte og ærlige svar. Du får det du trenger for å levere en heftig god oppgave – ikke bare mengder av informasjon om Scientologi og hvordan Scientologikirken fungerer, men tips til hvordan du kan bygge opp særoppgaven til å få en god flyt, gode poenger og en bra form.

I boka “Nittenåttifire” får du mengder av stoff du kan bruke, mens et direkte intervju vil gi deg ennå mer. Ta kontakt dersom du vil ta hjem en god karakter 🙂

From the book release

“Nittenåttifire” (1984) is the only book revealing the secret levels of Scientology written by a person who has actually done the levels. For the first time, The Church of Scientology cannot brush this off claiming it is only “heresay” or “rehashed urban myths scraped up from the fringes of the Internet”. No – this is the real deal. Told by a person who did it all.


The room was packed. I believe it was the largest gathering of people on the subject of Scientology ever in Norway. The Church can’t get 100 people to come for an event here even when they threaten their parisoners. We made history yesterday. “Magic Bjørn” did a headcount, and at one time there were 88 people in the room. With some people coming and going, it was around 100 attendees on the event – a good number for a book release.


Torgrim Eggen did an excellent job interviewing me. Smart questions. Funny. Deep. He covered many angles and the audience responded well. It was a fun hour where the attendees got an insight into the strange, the good, the bad and the hilarious of Scientology.

Thanks to all the people that came, to Torgrim, to my publisher (especially Bente and Pål Espen) and to those who shot these pictures.


Book: 1984

1984Today the book, “Nittenåttifire” (ISBN 9788282820592) became available for sale:

Link to the publisher

The main media coverage:

The main book release event will be held on Wednesday 18:00 the 18th (UTC+2, daylight savings) at Litteraturhuset in Oslo, Norway.

Video: Me on Scientology

Here’s the full video of the interview J. Swift did with me this summer at Karen De La Carriere’s. It covers many aspects of Scientology. Although some parts have been released earlier, such as the part where I talked about how the church tried to manipulate Google, the full video covers many more aspects of Scientology. Feel free to leave comments also on my YouTube channel.

Update: David St Lawrence has an extensive analysis of the interview.