My life in the moment

Trying my best, and increasingly better, to live in the here and now with no shame, blame or regret. Working hard to do only fun things and learning to like and then to love those things I have a hard time enjoying. Hunting and shooting down my preconceived ideas and lazy classifications – especially regarding others. Eradicating expectations and planning less every day. Letting go of the past and leaving tomorrow to come, but doing what I can to improve now and what comes. But above all enjoying the moment. Chillaxing.

8 thoughts on “My life in the moment

  1. what’s with all this peace, love and hapiness? what is this a repost from facebook? lol, omg geirs going to become a hippie!

    i think you’re headed in the right direction, i’m in a similar place except i tend to have too much attention on the future instead of the moment, which is a really hard habit to break for me anyway…

    one of my motto’s

    “it’s not having what you want, it’s wanting what you’ve got”

    -sheryl crow

  2. Hadn’t heard of ‘chillaxing’ but sounds good. Seems to me that you are in a very good spot in life and enjoying it.

    I’m very happy for you and Anette. Watch out, you may enjoy that yoga and become a teacher.

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