Letting Scientology give meaning to your life

A brilliant comment by Rafael on my previous blog post deserves a blog post all on its own:

When I was a Scientologist, I KNEW everything…… or, at least the IMPORTANT things in life.
I was CERTAIN, I had all the answers, where I came from, where I was going, why I was here, what I was, Who I was…….

Scientology gave meaning to my life. Rich, beautiful meaning.

Now that I’m not a Scientologist, I’m just an old sock who knows almost nothing and struggles to make ends meet.

My life might be insignificant in this enormous universe which I’m not saving anymore………

But now I am the one who is giving meaning to it.

30 thoughts on “Letting Scientology give meaning to your life

  1. Love Rafael. His lack of pretentiousness and simplicity make for beautiful and interesting comments. His journey has been sincere and I think fruitful. His excellent command of both Spanish and English (that I know of) make me feel I should have paid attention in school and done more with language.

  2. Interestingly to me, this commentary on where comes the meaning in life parallels my own experiences in Scientology. One of the things I most loved about learning to solo audit was the unadulterated way in which the auditing session came under my own control… This was very meaningful to me in its own right and affected the way I took control of and responsibility for my own case, which is to say the well being of my own psyche. Oddly, this was a return to the way I felt about my life as an adolescent until I was turned into a victim by learning about the “reactive mind” in Scientology. LOL.

    1. ‘the salt and pepper’ i don’t quite get it..you mean your hair (age)
      or a relationship (opposite attract and can have hard times too)…
      or a different meaning? Would you care to give yours?

      1. Marianne :It was meant as a joke but I left the punch líne out 😦
        Sorry but I can’t be very serios about lífe anymore: It loses most of it’s meaning 🙂

        I guess the Window of opportunity is lost but it should have read something like this :

        Struggle is what gives zest to lífe!!!………….i guess😣.

  3. ZARATHUSTRA: “To redeem what is past and to transform every ‘it was’ into ‘Thus would I have it,’ that only do I call redemption.”

    Chapter 42 – “Redemption” from “Thus Spake Zarathustra”

    1. But how is that done? My best guess:

      ABSOLUTE TRUTH: (defn) An absolute system of mythology, science or philosophy that is both consistent and complete – an impossibility.

      ABSOLUTE FALSEHOOD:(defn) Believing a system is absolute truth when it is not.

      REDEEMED FREE WILL: (defn): The ability to choose what was and declare “Thus HAVE I willed it now and like it!” and the ability to choose what IS and declare “Thus DO I will it now and like it!” and the ability to choose what is TO BE and declare “Thus SHALL I will it now and like it!”

      1. (Upgrading to 2.0)

        MY DEFN OF REDEEMED FREE WILL: (defn): The ability to choose what was now and declare “Thus HAVE I willed it now and THUS DO I LOVE IT!” and the ability to choose what IS and declare “Thus DO I will it now and THUS DO I LOVE it” and the ability to choose what is TO BE and declare “Thus SHALL I will it now and THUS SHALL I LOVE IT.”

  4. Recovering your first dynamic can be huge, especially if you were on staff where the first dynamic is almost erased from your life.

    For me losing these same aspects was difficult until realizing most of the certainty, importance, purpose and such were false and now I can replace them with the real thing.

    Getting out and pulling my head out of the sand, reading the confidential scripture and the unbiased history from other people that worked with Hubbard and started Scientology personally I can see it for what it is: a pyramid scheme, lot of enforced reality that is most likely false, it’s being slowly moved from self-determinism toward miscavige-determinism. Scientology focuses way too much on the bad times in our past with very little attention on the present and provides very little to no ideas for a better future.

    Scientology was designed to be used to help and to harm, so it’s as much a weapon as it is a tool. Scientologists are taught that Scientology is the only tech to handle a suppressive case or people below tone 2.0 yet their real solution for those is disconnection or quiet disposal, if they ever succeeded there would be a mass genocide or imprisonment based on their assessment of people. This would make an interesting dystopia movie.

    Probably the biggest boost in false importance besides the pampering you get in auditing is from things like events or graduation where certificates are handed out and everyone gives a speech about how much better than the rest of the wog world they are now, applaud each other and bond and pretend to be best friends, but only as long as you don’t ask challenging questions and you keep the money coming in, keep signing up for the next level otherwise you’re instantly considered a piece of shit and are treated that way.

    1. “”Scientology was designed to be used to help and to harm, so it’s as much a weapon as it is a tool.”
      that totally depends on every individual what they do with any information regardless the source of that information.

    2. I have found a wonderful technique while studying this subject: every time you are confused or distressed, just look at what enemies you have and if necessary, discard them by naming a new enemy, choose anything that makes better sense to all, get cognitions about it, raise your tone by realizing something big is happening and.. congratulations!, now you made the OT 8.

  5. May I tell a joke before I forget it?
    Rabbi goes to visit Pope. They chat, and Rabbi notices a phone with a big red button on it, so he asks, “Direct line?” Pope says “yep.” Rabbi asks to make a call and say he’ll pay for it. Pope says “Sure”. After the call, Rabbi asks “how much?”, Pope says $8.25.

    Later in time, Pope goes to visit Rabbi, and notices Rabbi also has a phone with a big red button; Pope says “Oh! You have a direct line too?” “Yep”. Pope says “well, let me make a call, too. I’ll pay you for it”. OK, so Pope talks for 20 minutes and asks “How much do I owe you?” Rabbi says, 25 cents. Pope is surprised and says only 25 cents! How come? Rabbi says, “It was a local call.”

  6. Had to take a break from Marty’s blog. Vinaire is running rampant over there. I’ve been playing ping-pong with him. It’s been quite a workout. He is pretty good at changing up his serves and his returns. He’s getting more creative, which means the bs is really flowing at times….. marildi is in it too getting a few good pops at him. We’ve got him to where he’s cheerfully antagonistic at this point, rather than just going off in a sulk. we’ve got him to where he’s violating his own discussion policy pretty freely, too. He is buoyed by finding some appreciative people over there. But over 50% of the posts on recent threads are his, offering up his own blog for appreciation.

    1. I’m going to make a freely observation from what I think is a very neutral viewpoint, at least not biased in some sort of previously seen controversies, and my take on this is:
      The ‘bug of the guru’ has gotten into many people along all times and among all cultures, is an old-order feature, the old theaters in the circus of society which still continue to happen up to this day and which needs to be transcended. That old-order feature has evolved recently to new concepts and has infiltrated in many areas, now it carries credentials as “coaching”, “consultant”, “counselor”, “alternative”, on what is advised to be careful as one can confirm that the men, as they would still be the same they were on the past, they lack of properly scientific background and/or of an indisputable honesty which is very relevant on what matters.

      1. Well, it’s hard to say. He has been modifying his articles in response to feedback he’s been getting. And he hasn’t gone off in a snit. He’s loosened up a bit. He is of course still Vinaire. But who else would he be?

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