Facts or inspiration

David wondered how he could best present the strategy to the board. Did they want pure facts or did they want inspiration?

While some of the board members were science types and driven by facts and figures, others were people-oriented and motivated by emotions.

If he were to be succinct and sum everything up as terse as possible, he knew of no better way than using a HyperList. If he were to relate the strategy with inspiration and emotion, the best way was to tell an old fashion story. He could sum everything up in half a page using a HyperList. Or he could write a short story a couple of pages long that took them on an inspirational journey. The story would describe how the company would be when the strategy was fulfilled using a fictional character to relay the points.

He decided to give them a choice by summing up the two forms in a simple HyperList:

    Pure facts = HyperList
        The most succinct presentation of data
    Inspiration = Short story
        Words painting pictures and inviting emotions

And then he wrote this story.

12 thoughts on “Facts or inspiration

  1. I see what you there Geir – you posted an infinitely recursive blog article 🙂

        1. You sound like Mrs Splog 🙂 She used to say “thingamajig” as placeholder for anonymous objects. Now she says, literally, “dollar stuff”…

          Back to Hyperlist; I don’t know much about it – yaml and json suit my needs – but how to you do recursion in Hyperlist? I’d go looking for a “self” or “this” keyword. Just not a labelled jump, please tell me it’s not done with labelled jumps!

            1. I read the .pdf – interesting doc.

              Hyperlist claims to be able to describe anything – state, process, transition or anything else, and it works for data and code. Recursion is an important part of everything and many processes in nature are most easily described using it. While any recursion can also be described using for/while/until loops, recursion is often the most elegant choice, and I feel without it your system is incomplete. Some examples off the top of my head:

              – factorials
              – daughter/mother universes
              – discovery of organizational charts (or any tree structure)
              – fractals
              – perfect rectangle
              – nautilus shell
              – all tree operations I’ve ever seen

              The syntax for the jump, initial condition and halting state I leave up to you. Hyperlist is your creation and obviously mirrors your mind; you’ll know best what glyphs get the concept across best

            2. Recursion in HyperList is done by simply referring to a parent item. I am unsure how implementing a Self would improve that or even make it possible… What would Self refer to?

    1. Or a a person with a strong math background – they have even a more terse method of description – called mathematics 🙂

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