Conclusion (so far)

My current conclusion goes like this:

The purpose of life is to enjoy the ride


27 thoughts on “Conclusion (so far)

  1. Absolutely! It took me some 65 friggn’ years to REALLY discover that!!! 😀

  2. My current mentors are two Danish-Swedish Farmdogs. They live in the moment and seem to be perpetually happy, most especially when there is food or a ball around. I can truly say I have learned from them. Also, it is like having two hot water bottles in bed on a winter’s night.

  3. Geir, this conclusion seems to me very non-scientific due to the fact that many enjoyable things in life are very plain and fool-like; as an example there is this video that I personally find enjoyable:

    As well, it opens a new dimension for the lower tone levels.

    1. Hi 🙂

      This is a nice video showing devotion, union, connection, love, reverence for ideas, beliefs and values. I see he/art, complete, whole beings, with access to whatever realms they desire, out of classifications, labels, divisions and differences. I see peace and respectful co-existence.

      What are “lower tone levels”?
      Whatever that is I am sure it can be danced away

      Rafael is such a beautiful name!
      It means “God heals”, doesn’t it? 🙂

        1. lol, “dear person” 😀 love it 🙂

          it is, really? that is amazing! what a lovely coincidence 🙂

          it feels like a wonderful celebration, may we all rejoice in it!

  4. To elaborate; Let’s look at the OP in detail:

    Enjoy the ride

    First we have enjoy. This is a verb, an action, a choice. You may choose to enjoy something or not. You may choose to enjoy life.

    Then we have the which points to life as a whole, meaning – you may choose to have the attitude toward life that you seek to enjoy it.

    And lastly, we have the word ride alluding to the fact that you cannot control life. You can control parts of life and influence other parts – but you cannot control all or even the majority of life (because that would suppress the free will of others and hence suppress the game of life itself).

    So to sum up; One may choose to bitch about life or one may choose to enjoy life (or any point in between).

    And then I posit that this is indeed the purpose of life – to gain enjoyment out of it, emotions based on the value you put in and on life.

    1. On this breakdown, I would agree (intuitively) that free will exists; and that life is a ride which proceeds according to the physical laws of cause and effect along together with a certain amount of the cause stemming from free will.

      As for purpose, I agree with the poster (I forget who it was) who recently said each individual has a life purpose of their own. That would be with regard to the purpose of “life” (as per the OP) i.e. the purpose of “living.”

      But as for the purpose of “the” universe, I currently doubt that there is any purpose inherent in it at all – other than the “secondary” purposes of beings. The universe – including both physical and non-physical aspects – just “is”; it “exists.”

      1. I tend toward the idea of having such a game at all is in fact to reap enjoyment – like with any game within. = conclusion so far…

        1. Crikey, oh yes indeed! And sure as hell beats the ‘game’ of turning everything into figure, figure, figure, figure, figure, figure, figure, figure! Hey? 😀

        2. My conclusion in PT is that whatever meaning or purpose there may be to life is “injected” into it by beings, and different beings inject different purposes. But perhaps enJOYment is basic to all purposes IF joy is basic to all beings.

  5. “Do not strive for comfort or to be good. Strive only to be free and true.” –Mooji

      1. Well, after thinking about Geir’s idea that we seek enjoyment, I’m going with JOY. It’s similar but more intense – more fulfilling, it seems to me. 😉

  6. Hi Geir. Good to see the recently suggested input from Rafael, (videos) adding some “flesh” to the bare bones, eh? 🙂

      1. “Wonder”, away! 🙂 — Though ANYTHING ‘provocative’, generally serves as ignition to those potentially explosive (life) “buttons” (– always ready pickings for interests’ sake, hey?) 😀

        MORE, (not less!) JUICY bones, lobbed into the frey, keep the ‘hounds’ 🙂 from just digging friggin’ unsightly holes ‘n mounds of dirt, all over the place too! 😡

        Plus ++, it tends to keep ’em from wondering off into less than satisfying playgrounds, where they just get into silly dogfights over a whole bunch of ‘nothing’ (That’s when they show up back here, with an assortment of bite- marks and chunks taken out of their hides. ) — Had a few of those too, btw! 😀

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