Listening – Superpower: Tune in, really understand (OnePageBook)

The 6th OnePageBook™ tackles the skill of listening. Learn to tap in to your superpower with simple and effective concepts.

Understand others better. Your wife or husband, your kids, your family, your boss or collegues, a random stranger. Listen, and listen good. Get in there and really get it. And let the other person know you truly understand. Lift personal relationships to a new level.

As usual, this is a straight-to-the-point one pager with no beating around the bush.

Head on over to the OnePageBooks and get your copy (as an e-book on Amazon, or as a downloadable pdf).

6 thoughts on “Listening – Superpower: Tune in, really understand (OnePageBook)

  1. Geir, your books are really adding to my book counts for the year!

    “Yeah, I’ve read four books from Geir Isene this year. Some cool stuff there …”

        1. The note on the white board says: “It is our choice of basis that makes us perceive reality as this or that.”

          Anyway, his ideas may help you in your coaching.

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