What’s brewing?

coffee As I sit here in Café Rousso in Spetses, Greece, sipping a double espresso with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, I thought I should write a short post on what’s in the pipeline.

Wednesday the 18th is the big day with the release of my book. But before that, there will be a 4 page article in the biggest Norwegian magazine (Se & Hør) featuring Anette’s story, our relationship and the release of my book. The magazine will be out on Tuesday.

Shortly before that, on Monday I will release the full interview that I did at Karen’s. J. Swift did a great job as an interviewer, asking very pertinent questions. Until now, parts of the interview have been released in shorter videos over at Karen’s Youtube channel. The full 54 minutes of video covers pretty well my currents views on Scientology, the church and its future.

Stay tuned.



Now that Anette is headline news in both online and printed media, I thought I could serve the media hunger by adding a bit from an insider’s view.

I already did a blog post titled “Amazing person: Anette Iren Johansen“. At that time, we had been a couple for only a few weeks. After another several months, my understanding and love for this amazing girl has deepened considerably.


She’s a geek in a blonde wrapping. Being a student of chemistry and other natural sciences at the University of Oslo, she recently inspired me to take up a subject there as well. Today I attended the second lecture in Observational Astronomy. Since we are planning to start with astrophotography soon, and since I want to add a spectroscope to my telescope, this course should prove inspirational.

Anette is a multi-talented girl with skills ranging from a performing musician to chemist. Since the Church of Scientology managed to side track her from her university studies, she is now wrapping up the geek education she was coerced to leave many years ago.

Anette is always focusing on helping others, even to the detriment of herself – something the Church of Scientology knew to exploit viciously… as they so often do. But the girl has balls, taking on the church in several different ways. I bet she’s moving up on their harassment list pretty fast.

Most of all, Anette is fun to be with. Light and playful and a great “bonus mother” for my three boys. Although she experienced heavy suppression from her time in the church and an abusive relationship, she is on a path of recovery and life is brighter every day. It’s an honor to be able to help her in this progress.

If you haven’t yet visited her blog, you should. She’s an amazing photographer, and she’s got some interesting stories to tell – not just about her audition to be Tom Cruise’s next wife.