Overleaf: Finally LaTeX editing online! & my revised CV

Brendan pointed me to Overleaf – an excellent tool to create high quality documents using LaTeX. It boasts automatic rendering of the output, collaborative editing and lots and lots of templates to start from. I’m crazy happy I found this. And I decided to remake my CV/résumé with one of the templates I found there. And here it is: Geir Isene’s CV.


Check out Overleaf. It’s a real treat.


And, if you have any suggestions for improving my CV, please leave a comment.

My “hashtag” CV

I came up with this idea of using hashtags in my résumé or CV (Curriculum Vitae).


I also toyed with making the whole thing into a HyperList, but that would probably be taking it too far.

It would be interesting to get my readers take on this – both the use of hashtags, the layout and the content.

Get my hashtag CV here (pdf).

Update: Reworked the CV using LaTeX for better typesetting and to more easily work with it in VIM (bliss :-))